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Xian Dumpling Dinner
 Pictures of Dumpling Dinner
Whether you are traveling in the north or the south of China, one delicacy you are almost sure to find on the menu is the dumpling. A universal favourite, the Chinese dumpling has a long history and is an essential part of celebra-tory meals such as those prepared for the Chinese lunar Spring Festival. The dumpling can be anything from a quick snack to a delicacy with which to entertain family and friends or the basis of a veritable feast.

A well-loved story tells how long ago during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) a doctor named Zhang Zhongjing travelled back to his hometown in the county of Nanyang. He found the people were suffering from an outbreak of typhoid and dying from hunger and cold. In fact the weather was so cold that many had frostbitten ears to add to their troubles. The kindly doctor set about concocting a mixture of mutton, cayenne and a special medicine that he wrapped in a piece of ear-shaped dough. The dumplings he created were fed to the starving people and by New Year's Eve, not only were they saved from the typhoid epidemic but also their frost bitten ears were healed. The doctor's fame became legendary and thus the dumpling became a favourite addition to the Chinese diet.

Xian food - Fish-shaped dumplingsXian, an ancient city that has been the nation's capital during no less than eleven dynasties spanning more than a thousand years is regarded as the home if not the birthplace of the great dumpling tradition. It was here that the art of creating the most tasty and delicate of dumplings was refined and no visit to the city is complete unless you partake of a Dumpling Dinner.

This is an experience for the dumpling connoisseur, the flavours, shapes and colours will tempt the palette, while the elegant names and stories attached to each variety are truly amazing. It is no less amazing that a simple way of preparing food has become so very popular and sophisticated that it is now considered to be as much a work of art as a tasty morsel.

It is said that to visit Xian without seeing the fantastic Terracotta Army as well as having a Dumpling Dinner means that you have not really been here at all!

 Well-Known Dumpling Restaurants

De Fa Chang
Chinese name: 德发长
Located in the city center, the time-honored De Fa Chang Restaurant is the first choice for visitors to enjoy the traditional Shaanxi dumplings, especially the well-known Dumpling Banquets. Xian food - Shrimp-shaped dumplingsBesides of experience the dumplings' various kinds of flavors, the banquet is indeed a feast for the eyes both in color and in variety. On the other hand, on its first floor, a series of family style dumplings are also served at reasonable price.
Average cost: CNY20-CNY200 per person
Location: No.3, Xi Da Jie, Lianhu District(nearby the Bell Tower)
Bus routes: Nos.4, 7, 15, 32, 43, 45, 201, 205, 206, 218, 221, You8, etc (get off at the Drum Tower)

Jie Fang Lu Jiao Zi Guan (Jiefang Road Dumpling Restaurant)
Chinese name: 解放路饺子馆
This restaurant is so favored by the local Xianers for many years, enjoying the equal fame with De Fa Chang for its delicious family style dumplings. If you would like to try the flavors brought by different stuffing as much as possible, it is suggested to order every kind of dumplings less in quantity. Here, a series of unique Dumpling Banquets are also available. However, this restaurant is often complained by consumers for its not so satisfied service.
Average cost: CNY20-CNY30
Location: No.168, Dong Xin Jie, Xincheng District
Bus routes: Nos.5, 14, 16, 20, 30, 32, 40, 46, 602, 603, K605, You6, You7 (get off at Min Le Yuan)

Wang Jia Jiao Zi (Wang's Dumpling)
Chinese name: 王家饺子
It mainly services two kinds of boiled dumplings. One is stuffed with beef and hotbed chives, and the other one is stuffed with mutton and shallot. It is advice to tasty the sour but fresh soup, too.
Average cost: CNY10-CNY15 per person
Location: Da Pi Yuan, Lianhu District
Bus routes: Nos.502, 702, 707 (get off at the People's Government of Xian City)

Pi Bo Li Jiao Zi Guan (Li's Dumpling Restaurant)
Chinese name: 皮薄李饺子馆
Just as its name says, the dumpling served here is characteristic by its thin wrapper. Located nearby Xidian University, it is often crowded by students at the dinner time although its service is just so-so.
Average cost: CNY10 per person
Location: Guanghua Lu, Gaoxin District
Bus routes: Nos.106 (get off Gongjiao Wu Gongsi)

Da Niang Shui Jiao (Niang Dumpling Restaurant)
Chinese name: 大娘水饺
This chain restaurant operates a series of Chinese food in the fast-food mode in order to meet consumers' urgent needs. Therefore, the price is a little higher but the flavor and service both are good.
Average cost: CNY10-CMY30
Location: 3F of the Carrfour, No.26, Xiao Zhai Xi Lu, Yanta District
Bus routes: Nos.504, 721 (get off at Zi Wu Lu)