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Xian TrainWith a reputation as 'the Gateway to the West', Xian is one of the most pivotal terminals of the domestic rail system in China. It is the key junction between the southwest and the northwest, and forms a connecting link between the east and the west of the country.

At present, there are about 190 scheduled trains passing by or stopping here daily. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Harbin, Lhasa, Dunhuang and Mt. Huashan as well as some other big cities and tour destinations in China can be reached easily. Passengers can also take trains directly to Haikou through the cross-sea Yuehai Railway. For passengers traveling to other cities and counties in Shaanxi Province, the main Railway Station supplies frequent rail service all the year round.
 Xian Train Schedule

 Xian Railway Station
It was put into use in 1935, combining the Chinese and western architectural styles. It is located in 151 Huancheng Bei Lu, Xincheng District, close to the business center.  Except for Xian-Zhengzhou high-speed trains, it undertakes the most passenger transportation task. The station consists of the Main Building, the Anterior Square, the East Square and the West Square. The two-storey Main Building which is about 7,425 square meters (1.83 acres) includes four waiting halls with the Ticket Hall to its east and the Exit of the Railway Station to its west. The Anterior Square is used for taxi parking and a temporary waiting hall in the peak time. The East Square and the West Square assemble a great of number of city-buses, long-distance bus stations and car parks. Tourist city buses to Terra Cotta Warriors, Mt. Huashan and Famen Temple set pick-up stops at the East Square.

 Transportation of Railway Station           Special Tips
Xian Railway Station
Xian Railway Station
Waiting Hall in Xian Railway Station
Waiting Hall inside the Station
 North Railway Station
It has been in service since Jan. 2011.  It is said to be one of the biggest passenger rail transport stations in Asia after its completion. It is located at the joint area of the 3rd Ring Road, axis road of northern Xian and the city's loop expressway. It is about 12 kilometers from the city center and 20 kilometers from the Airport. In the city's master planning, North Railway Station is the principle railway hub. In the first phrase, 5 ticket halls, 6 ticket windows, 29 automatic ticket windows and 38 check-in machines have been opened initially along with the south square and south part of the waiting hall (north square and north part of the building are still undergoing construction). 15 pairs of high-speed trains to Zhengzhou, 16 pairs to Luoyang Longmen, and D140/d141 to Wuhan (Hankou), D132 to Beijing West and D5090 to Yan'an are operated here. Xian-Baoji high-speed trains maintain the same in Xian Railway Station. In the near future, high-speed rail service can start from here to Lanzhou, Chengdu, Taiyuan and Shanghai.
Xian North Railway Station
North Railway Station
Waiting Hall of Xian North Railway Station
Waiting Hall of North Railway Station
 How to reach North Railway Station from downtown area?
• By Bus: There are 4 new bus routes available nowned. 
Bus No. 263 (06:00-19:30): East Gate - Daming Palace area - North Railway Station
Bus No. 264 (06:30-19:30): Laodong Road - Yuxiang Gate - North Railway Station
Bus No. 265 (06:30-19:30): Zhangjiabao - North Railway Station
Bus No. 266 (06:00-23:00): Xian Railway Station West - North Railway Station

• By Subway: Subway Line 2 runs from Chang'an District in the southern part of the city to North Railway Station via the city center. 

 Free shuttle buses between North Railway Station and Lintong District, Xian
Passengers reaching Xian by high-speed train can take a free shuttle bus at the North Railway Station to Lintong to have a visit. They are allowed to board by showing their train tickets on the arrival day and the entrance tickets to any attraction in Lintong, such as Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Huaqing Hot Springs and Mt. Lishan (the tickets for thse attractions are available at the Tourists Service Center on the underground floor of the railway station) . These buses running for 53km (33mi) for the whole journey to take passengers to Lintong within an hour. They leave the North Railway Station from 08:00 to 16:00 and depart from Terracotta Warriors and Horse Museum from 10:30 to 19:30, with the interval of 60min. 

 Buy Ticket at Railway Stations or Ticket Outlets around the City
At present, the ticket can be bought at the Ticket Hall of  railway stations and the other 87 ticket offices scattered throughout the City. The Ticket Hall of Xian Railway Station is east of the waiting hall. Usually, you can get the tickets 3-10 days in advance in 24 hours daily. In the other 87 ticket offices, you can buy ticket 3-10 days in advance with CNY5 service charge per ticket. Some ticket offices are listed below: 

Ticket Office Chinese Version Address Working Hour
Long Hai 陇海 No.1, West 5th Road (500 meters south to the railway station) 24 hours
Dong Li Da Sha (Dongli Mansion) 东立大厦 No.187, North Huancheng Road 24 hours
Wei Er Jie (Weier Street) 纬二街 At Yanta Culture Plaza 24 hours
Guang Dian Zhong Xin (Shaanxi Radio Film and TV Center) 广电中心 No.336, South Chang'an Road 8:00 ~ 12:00
12:30 ~ 18:00
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 中国工商银行 More than 20 branches in City have ticket halls 8:00 ~ 12:00
12:30 ~ 18:00

 Self-Service Train Ticket Machine
In the No. 1 and No. 2 Ticket Selling Hall of the Xian Railway Station, there are seven self-service machines for passengers to purchase tickets or get the tickets they have bought previously on the internet or through telephone service. Passengers can follow the instructions to select tickets and make payment by Visa card. Such self-service machines can also be found in the following places:
Longhai Ticket Agency: No.1, West 5th Road (500 meters south to the railway station)
Luyi Business Hotel: No. 33, East Youyi Road
Xiaozhai Harbor City: No. 177, Middle Chang'an Road, Yanta District
Dongxin Street: No. 94, Shangqin Road, Xincheng District

 Buy Ticket through Travel Agencies
China train tickets are not easy to buy during the peak seasons like the Golden Week (October 1 - 7) and Spring Festival. It is advisable for visitors from other countries to purchase tickets via a reliable agency like This is a very efficient and secure way. 

FAQs on Purchasing Train Tickets:
Exit of Xian Railway Station
Exit of Xian Railway Station
Is it necessary to purchase ticket in advance?
 Please reserve your tickets as early as possible especially during the tour seasons and public holidays. During these periods, you will find that there are long lines in front of every ticket hall all the time. What's more, although the holiday of Chinese Spring Festival is just 7 days, the station is always busy for more than one month around the holiday. Finally, because there are so many universities in the city, the beginning of July and the end of August are also very crowded in the station annually.

Is it safe to purchase ticket from any private sellers?
 Please don't purchase tickets from any private ticket sellers around the station.

Can I purchase the ticket by using my credit card?
 Only cash payment was feasible on the spot of purchasing the ticket before. For the convenience of passengers, payment by bank cards has been available at 256 train stations nationwide since January 19, 2011. To use a card, passengers should notice that the departure and arrival stations must be among those 256 stations. Each of them has some ticket windows installed the Point-of-Sale (POS) machines. Xian, North (CHR station) and South train stations are available to offer the card payment service, together with other twelve stations in Shaanxi Province: Weinan North (CHR station), Weinan, Huashan North (CHR station), Huashan, Baoji, Xianyang, Yangling, Yulin, Yan'an, Hanzhong, Shangluo and Ankang. In early stage, it only applies to the cards of Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Am I entitled to return the unused ticket? Can I demand a refund?
 Yes! The ticket can be returned before the train's leaving at the Ticket Hall of Xian Railway Station. However, there is a 5% cancellation charge. During travel peaks, the time for returning tickets may be limited. Please note the return of tickets may not be allowed if you book the tickets through an agency. You'd better confirm the regulations of the specific agency before booking.

Can I exchange my ticket for a different date or time?
 You are allowed to change your travel date and time before the scheduled departure. For bullet trains, a ticket change is still allowed in two hours after the scheduled departure time. The office to change the ticket is located to the west of the entrance to the Xian Railway Station, Ticket Hall No. 3 of North Railway Station.

Where to buy the platform ticket? How much is it?
 The platform ticket can be bought at the window near the exit of Xian Railway Station. When buying the platform ticket, you are required to show your valid ticket of that time and pay CNY1 per ticket. Please note that one valid train ticket can only be used to buy one platform ticket. After getting the platform ticket, the worker will mark your ticket. During the travel peaks, no platform ticket is provided, for example during the Spring Festival Travel Rush.

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