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Red Wall Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 31, Sha Tan North Street, Dongcheng District.
Enjoying the favorable geographic position, it is close to many famous scenic spots. There are the Forbidden City, the Jingshan Park, the Beihai Park,...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 8   3Overall ratings: 3.2out of 5

King Parkview Hotel Beijing
Address:No. 55, Shatan Houjie, Dongcheng District (60 meters east of the East Entrance to Jingshan Park)
It is a foreign related accommodation opened at the end of 2008. Designed in Chinese style and independently, It provides a quiet and pleasant environment....
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 20   6Overall ratings: 3.4out of 5

Days Inn Forbidden City, Beijing
Address:No. 1, Nanwanzi Hutong, Nanheyan street, Dongcheng District
It is an independent courtyard-style accommodation. With very advantageous geographic location, it is situated in the ancient Imperial Inner City, on ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 10   1Overall ratings: 4.3out of 5

Scitech Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 22, Jianguomenwai Avenue
It sits in the central area of Being commercial activities and foreign exchanges, bordering Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Ancient Observatory and ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 5   1Overall ratings: 4.4out of 5

Beijing Traditional View Hotel Chinese Courtyard
Address:No.33 Juer Hutong, Annei Ave., Dongcheng District
It is located in Nanluogu Alley, one of the most famous Beijing Hutongs. It adjoins many famous attractions, such as the Shichahai Bars Street, Bell &...
Guest reviews (1)Recommend: 6   2Overall ratings: 4.3out of 5

Beijing Eden Hotel
Address:No. 343, Dongsi Bei Dajia, Dongcheng District
It went into operation in 2005. It is a modern business accommodation. It is located in the centre of Beijing, Wangfujing business district, 500 meters ...
Guest reviews (1)Recommend: 4   3Overall ratings: 2.9out of 5

Beijing Exhibition Center Hotel
Address:No. 135, Xi Zhi Men Wai Street
It is a sino-foreign joint venture, which was redecorated in 2004 and is situated in the famous Beijing Exhibition Pavilion next to Xizhimeng overpass ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Sunworld Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 88, Dengshikou, Dongcheng District
It provides perfect equipment for customers, such as central air conditioners, mini bars, satellite televisions, safe boxes and California Hot-pot ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 3   0Overall ratings: 3.7out of 5

Chinese Culture Holiday Hotel (Wangfujing)
Address:No. 1, Dafosi East Street, Dongcheng District
Stood in the most luxurious Wangfujing tourism, shopping and commercial area, it enjoys great location with walking distance to the Forbidden City, ...

Regal Court Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 23, West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District
It is located on West Dawang Road, Chaoyang Distrct, Beijing, nearby central business district such as Huamao Centre and National Trade Centre. The ...

Jade Palace Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 76, Zhichun Road, Haidian District
Opened up by Capital Group in 1998, it was redecorated in July, 2003. And it is located at the Chinese famous high-tech zones: Zhongguancun Science and ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 2   0Overall ratings: 3.6out of 5

King Wing Hot Spring International Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 17, Dongsanhuan Nanlu, Chaoyang District
It is investigated and managed by Capital Airport Company. It locates in commercial Center and next to 3rd ring road in Beijing. It is 20 minutes' ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 2   0Overall ratings: 4.3out of 5

Liaoning International Hotel, Beijing (Former Royal King Hotel)
Address:No. 2A, North 4th Ring West Road, Haidian District
It is located in the Golden Miles on the fourth ring road of Beijing. You can reach it directly by the Capital airport bus. It is near to the Peking ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 3.6out of 5

International Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 9, Jianguomennei Dajie, Dongcheng District
It is located in the business section of Chang’an Road in Beijing, next to the Beijing Railway Station. It was founded in 1987. There are 916 rooms in ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 5   1Overall ratings: 3out of 5

Jianguo Garden Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 17, Jianguomennei Avenue
It is located in the East Chang'an Avenue in the center of Beijing. In the west of the it is Dongfang Square while in the east there are Guanghua Chang'...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 5out of 5

Presidential Plaza, Beijing
Address:No. 9, Fuchengmenwai Road, Xicheng District
It is located in the commercial and cultural center of Beijing. Opened in 2001, it has 16-storey which contains 486 guest rooms. All the rooms are ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 4.4out of 5

Prime Hotel, Beijing
Address:No. 2, Wangfujing Avenue
Situated in the Wangfujing Street, it is a five-star business accommodation. Adjacent to business district as the Fenglian Square, Oriental Square, ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   2Overall ratings: 2.8out of 5

Hilton Beijing Capital Airport Hotel
Address:Terminal No.3, Capital Int’l Airport
It lies closely to the Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport. Taking the 24-hour free airport bus will take you about one minute from it ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 2   0Overall ratings: 3.9out of 5

Red Wall Garden Hotel Beijing
Address:No.41 Shijia Hutong, Dongcheng District
It is located in Shijia Hutong, Dongcheng District of Beijing, only one lane away from Wangfujing and the district of competitive products in this ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 4   1Overall ratings: 3.6out of 5

Best Western Grandsky Hotel Beijing
Address:No. 5, Lanting Garden, District A, Tianzhu Airport Industrial Area, Shunyi District
It situated inside the Beijing Tianzhu Kong gang Industrial Park, it lies adjacent to the New International Exhibition Centre and Capital Airport, close ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 4   1Overall ratings: 3.6out of 5
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