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Booking FAQs

Before Booking

How can I find a hotel on your website?
www.travelchinaguide.com provides more than 24,000 hotels in over 700 China cities for our guests' choices. On the homepage of our website, you can easily find the list by filling in your destination city name, and stay period in the 'Search' form. After logging into the page of the specific city, you could also filter them by the price, area, star rating and etc. Please feel free to click on hotels search, your target or expectation could be easily met.

How do I make a reservation online?
To make a booking, you need to follow the four steps: searching for a hotel, check the room rate, submit a form online and then confirm it. Our webpage designer devises a Booking Form for you. When you locate it, you will easily find the form under the price table. Then you need to complete several items, including exact reservation period, check-in guest(s)' name(s) as well as the check-in and check-out time, then we offer you the room availability and the details by e-mail.

How do I booking accommodation for someone else?
Making a reservation for someone else has the same procedure as making a reservation for you. The only difference is the registration name(s) should be the check-in guest(s)', instead of yours.

Is the hotel room rate for per person or per night? Are taxes included in the room rate?
Normally, room rate is quoted based on per room per night. The room rate has included hotel service charge. The government taxes, old town maintenance fee and the city construction fee applied for a few cities, such as Guilin, Haikou, Sanya and Lijiang are extra charged. The taxes shall be paid when you check out.

Can I reserve a hotel room that is not shown on your webpage?
Our answer is yes, definitely. All you should do is to send us an email at booking@travelchinaguide.com to let us know all necessary information related to your reservation, such as the accommodation name, room numbers, check-in and check-out date and room type. You can also easily reach us by Tel: (+86) 29 8523 6688 ext 555, or Fax: (+86) 29 8526 1922. Another online support MSN and Skype are available for service as well. Please feel free to contact us online.

Can I specify which type of bed I prefer and where I would like my room located (Non-smoking room, King-sized-bed, Twin-bed, preferred floor, etc.)?
Yes, of course you can. You only need to fill in remark on the form with your booking requests and submit it online. Once receiving the form, we will try to book the room based on your requests. Generally speaking, requests for King-sized-bed, high-floor and non-smoking room are submitted to the room availability on your arrival day, therefore, we are unable to 100% guarantee these sorts of requests arranged.

Should I inform you my arrival flight No and arrival time at the time of making reservation?
Yes, if possible, please inform us. Generally, the hotels keep your reservations available till 18:00 of your check-in date. If you need the room to be kept later than 18:00 on arrival day, please do inform us at time of making reservation so that we can male a better arrangement for you.

May we check in before 06:00am or check out later than 12:00pm?
Generally, the accommodation will charge you one night room rate, if you check in before 06:00 am or check out later than 12:00 pm. You had better wait at the lobby till 09:00 am to check in, if you arrive earlier.

What is the most suitable time to make a booking?
Reservation can be made from several months in advance to a few hours before your check-in time. In surely guarantee your rooms, we highly recommend you to make a booking as early as possible, especially when your traveling time will be during the Chinese legal holidays, such as Spring Festival, Labor Day holiday, Chinese National Day holiday, and some exhibition period like Canton Trade Fairs (Apr 15 - May 05; Oct 15 - Nov 04).

What should I do if the rooms I prefer are not available?
We will reserve the rooms according to your enquiry as soon as we receive your booking form. Our replied email with your reservation details will reach you within 12 hours. We would like to provide you with several options to help you locate a satisfactory one, in case the accommodation you prefer cannot be confirmed. Or, you can select another one you preferred from our website instead.

What should I do if I can not submit a booking form online?
The internet may not always be accessed due to various factors. Under these circumstances, you can reach us by an email, fax, telephone or MSN/ Skype with your reservation requirement.
Tel: (+86) 29 8523 6688 ext 555, or Fax: (+86) 29 8526 1922;
Toll Free Tel: 1-800-315-3949 (Available for US & Canada)
1-800-665-977(AU Toll Free)
0-808-189-1339(UK Toll Free)
800 840 9555 (Available inside China only)
Skype ID: tcghotel

How do I make the reservations of more than one hotel?
One Reservation Form serves reservation of one accommodation only. On the condition that you need to make a succession of reservations, you have to complete all reservation forms one by one and submit them to us. On the other hand, you can send us an email with all detailed information.

Is there any special requirement for us to make a reservation in Lhasa?
Since your destination is Tibet, Tibet Permit is required by the Tibet Tourism Bureau to visit Lhasa and the surrounding cities. Besides, foreign tourists are not allowed to visit Tibet individually; they must take a guided tour there. Please make sure you have got the Tibet Travel Permit ready before traveling. If you prefer a tour to Tibet, please visit our Tibet Tour Package.