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Booking FAQs

Group Booking

What is a group?
For a group, it should meet two items: 1. consisting of 16 adult guests at least or occupying 8 or more paying rooms with the same type(s). It varies with hotels. 2. check in and check out of the hotel(s) in a group.

Is there any discount for a group booking?
You are right. Basically, most of the hotels offer a competitive price for group bookings, but the total room rate should be prepaid or guaranteed.

If we decrease the room number or group number, will the price be different from group price?
Yes, definitely. The price we quote is applied for a group only, if you change the group size or the room number, the group will be collapsed accordingly, and then the group price will be invalid.

Do we need to offer the whole group members' names to you?
Yes, if possible. As a group, it will always take long time to handle the check in procedure. If you can offer us all your names in advance, especially the room assignment list, we can transfer them to the hotel and they will make the arrangement well before your arrival, which will save you much time for check in.


Hong long will my reservation be confirmed?
Generally, once receiving your room request, we will confirm with the hotel and reply you as soon as possible. However, your confirmation may be delayed if your request reaches us after 18:00 (Beijing Time), because the staff at the Sales or Reservation Department of the hotel will be off duty after 18:00.

How could I know my reservation has been confirmed?
After you send your confirmation email to us, we will immediately send you a replied email with booking details and hotel voucher and address enclosed. Please make sure your email address is correct and available. If you have not received our response within 24 hours, please contact us by e-mail, phone, fax, Skype or MSN, because it is unavoidable to experience the transmission failure through internet sometimes.

Do I need to confirm my reservation with the hotel directly?
The advantages of reserving rooms through us are not only to save your time and money, but also to avoid language obstacle and any other weary trouble. We promise you the hotel confirmation from us by email is absolute valid. In the confirmation letter, we will provide you the hotel voucher and address in Chinese for your check in purpose.

Does it matter when the registration guest's name and stay period differ from that on the reservation form?
Yes, it does matter. The registration guest's name and stay period should be in accordance with the information on the booking form. Otherwise, the hotel has the right to refuse your check in requests if the registration guest's name and stay period differ from that of the reservation form, especially during high season, important meetings and fairs.

About Hotel

Does your hotel description reflect the real condition and service of it?
The introduction on our website is the general information and the first impression given to our guests. Basically, all the information is for reference only, and we bear no responsibility for any difference to the real condition of the hotels. Since this sort of accommodation information is constantly changed and updated due to the hotel itself, we may not revise the information on our website in time if we do not receive any notice from the hotel. If there is any discrepancy between TCG and the hotel, please comply with the real situation in the hotel. As long as you need any additional or special service, please let us know in your booking form.

I want to know whether the hotels in China offer English service.
Generally speaking, hotels of three-star and above offer Basic English service. However, since different hotels have different management, the English level of the staff varies greatly. Normally, for those of the same star-rating, the ones in coastal cities and major cities can provide better English service than those in the interior and small cities; those of a higher star-rating offer better English service than those of lower star-rating. Besides, if you feel it is rather difficult to communicate with the staff, please feel free to call us to help you communicate with them.