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Booking FAQs

Payment Policy

Are there any hotels require prepayment?
Yes, there are some hotels listed on our website require prepayment instead of paying upon arrival. They are always under very great demands and in order to assure the room occupancy, they will require prepayment for the booking. Besides, prepayment is also required during large meeting, festival and travel peak season, such as Canton Trade Fair, Chinese Spring Festival, Labor Day holiday and Chinese National Day holiday.

How do I pay for the room charge, to you or to the hotel?
The total room charge can be paid by the following two ways:
Pay at hotel reception:
If you are informed by our email to pay the total room charge upon arrival, please pay it at the hotel either by credit card or cash. Some of them accept the cash only.
If you are informed by our email to pay the total room charge to us, that means you must prepay the room charge to us several days prior to your check in day. For the hotel booking during the Canton Fair or other international conferences, you need to arrange prepayment within the hotel's stipulated time.
We accept the prepayment by following ways:
  • Western Union --- swift and safe way of payment
  • Paypal --- instant online payment
  • Credit Card --- way of payment, fast and safe;
  • Wire Transfer --- if dislike using above payment methods;

You will be guided further after you confirm the reservation with us.

What type of credit cards do the hotels accept?
Generally speaking, international credit cards, such as Visa, Master, AMEX, Dinner Card and JCB are accepted in most four-star and five-star hotels. Some three star hotels, comfortable inns, serviced apartments and Chinese courtyards also accept these cards. However, even so, you are suggested to consult us or the hotels about this question before check in since sometimes there will be some discrepancy between the hotel information on our website and the real condition of the hotels.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
Please take easy. We take this matter seriously into our consideration. In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients' credit card information, we suggest you fill in a Credit Card Information Fax Form with correct data, print it out and fax it to us. Our hotel booking center will inform you as soon as we receive your credit card information. TravelChinaGuide Booking Center promises that we will not reveal our clients' information to the unrelated third party at any time or in any condition.

Does the room price always change during holidays?
Yes, during Chinese public holidays, the peak travel and conference season, the room rate of many hotels always has a sharp rise, few ones remain unchanged. Generally, the room rate will be published about 30 days before holiday, and we, in turn, will update the prices on our web at the time of receiving hotel notification.

Is there any discount to book the hotel with TCG?
Of course, as a leading tourism operator, the hotels always give a more preferential price to TCG guests. The room rate we offer is much lower than the rack price of the hotels.

Change/Cancellation Policy

How can I cancel or change my confirmed reservation?
If you want to cancel or change your confirmed reservation, written requests by E-mail: hotel@travelchinaguide.com & booking@travelchinaguide.com or Fax: (+86) 29 8526 1922 is necessarily required. In case that you have no access to internet or fax machine at hand, you can make a phone call by our Toll free number 1-800 315 3949 (US & Canada), 1-800-665-977 (AU), 0-808-189-1339 (UK), or by international toll call (+86) 29 8523 6688 ext 555 to cancel or change your reservation.

Is there any loss for me to change or cancel my confirmed reservation?
If you have to change or cancel your reservation, please notify us in advance to avoid unwanted troubles. For a guaranteed or prepaid booking, you are permitted to change or cancel the reservation within the stipulated period; otherwise a financial penalty will be charged from your credit card or the total prepaid money will not be refunded.