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Booking FAQs

Checkin & Checkout

Do I need to debit deposit at the hotel reception when I check in?
Yes. When checking in, the hotels also normally require a certain amount of deposit. You will need to present some cash or a valid credit card issued to the guest name for guarantee of any incidental charges (e.g. phone calls or room service) you may consume during your stay. Please note that not all of them can accept credit card as guarantee, some of them only accept cash since cash is more popular in China. We advise you to check this information in advance. When checking out, the hotel will calculate your total consumption during your stay and then refund or charge the balance between the total consumption and your deposit. Be sure to take good care of the room facilities and the room card since they will require compensation if there is any damage to the room facilities or loss of your room card.

What should I do if the hotel has no record of my booking when I check in?
If you booked accommodation with TravelChinaGuide and received our confirmation, your booking would be input into the record of the reception. You should check in with the name submitted to us or listed on the hotel voucher we sent to you. If your reservation is still unavailable, please call us at 800 840 9555 (Available in China) or (+86) 29 8523 6688 ext 555 immediately. We will try our best to contact with them to solve the problem for you.

Can I exchange currency at the hotel? Is it safe?
Yes, of course. Most of the star-rating hotels offer currency exchange service. However, some of them require a service charge or the exchange rate will be slightly different from the official exchange rate. You can contact the reception for final confirmation.

Basically speaking, there will be no problem for you to exchange currency at the reception. But we here highly suggest you use the money detectors for testing when you get the cash at the reception. Anyway, the safest way is exchanging the money at the Bank of China directly.

How do I get to the hotel?
Once your booking is confirmed by us, we will provide you the hotel voucher and address in both English and Chinese to you via email. You could show the printed address to the taxi driver to take you there smoothly.

Could you arrange airport pick-up for me?
Yes, we can. If you need airport pick-up, please leave words in your booking form with your exact flight information (Flight No, Arrival Time which should be Beijing Time). We will quote you the charge for airport pick-up in the reply email.

What is the check-in and check-out time?
Usually, guest is supposed to check in after 14:00 and check out before 12:00 at noon. Please feel free to let us know as early as possible whether you need early check-in or late check-out, because the early check-in is subject to the hotel room availability, while the late check-out may cause some extra cost.

How do I check-in?
Upon arrival, please just show the hotel voucher and your passport to the receptionists, which has well arranged your room beforehand.

Service Charge & Tax

Is the breakfast included in the price?
In the price table, the note below the price line will indicate whether the room rate includes breakfast or not. Specifically speaking, "N/A" means the listed price does not include any breakfast; while "2per." or "1per" for short, means the listed price includes two or one breakfasts for each room. For any additional breakfast required, there is separate Breakfast section beside the room rate for you to check.

Is there any extra charge for the hotel stay?
The room rate on our website excludes hotel service charge. All the other taxes such as the government tax, old town maintenance fee and the city construction fee (for instance: Construction Fee of Dalian City is $1.0 per night per room) are not included in the price column. The taxes shall be paid at the hotel reception when you check out.

What is the City Construction Tax?
The City Construction Tax is launched by the local government, aiming to raise money for the maintenance of the tourism resource. Usually, with the government authorization, the tax is charged by local tourism facilities, including hotels and tourist sites.