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Booking FAQs

Hong Kong & Macau Hotels

When is the best time to book accommodation in Hong Kong or Macau?
Since all the hotels in Hong Kong & Macau are always under great demand and all the reservations are required to be guaranteed by credit card or prepayment. You are advised to book accommodation at least one week before your check in date.

Why do the room rate of Hong Kong and Macau hotels always change?
Every year, there are many meetings and exhibitions held in Hong Kong and Macau. Besides, Hong Kong is widely regarded as the "Shopping Paradise", therefore, hotels are always under great demand, and thus the room rate changes daily.

The room rate on our website is only for your reference. Since the hotel price fluctuates greatly in Hong Kong and Macao, you have to check it whenever you want to reserve a hotel. The rooms and their price can be confirmed after you guarantee on your bookings.

Is there any extra charge for the hotels in Hong Kong and Macau?
For accommodation in Hong Kong and Macau, the price quoted on our website excludes the hotel service charge (10%-15%). The service charge varies with the hotels.

Do the hotels in Hong Kong and Macau need guarantee?
Yes, the hotels in Hong Kong and Macau require guarantee bookings by check-in guest's credit card or by prepayment. Without guarantee, the booking could not be confirmed.

How should I cancel such a reservation?
You are required to cancel the reservation by email or fax within the hotel's stipulated cancellation period. The cancellation charge of one night room rate up to the full will be charged from your credit card by the hotel as a penalty.

Do we need to pay for the rooms if I do not check in the hotel as scheduled?
Once your booking is guaranteed, the hotel will keep the room for you till 12:00 of the next day and you need to check in the hotel as scheduled. If you are no-show, the amount of penalty equals to one night room rate up to the full will be imposed on your credit card or prepayment, regardless of any cause.

Canton Fair Booking

Is there any restriction for a Canton Fair booking?
Yes, your reservation can only be fixed after prepayment or being guaranteed. Besides, all of the hotels have strict cancellation policy for the Canton Fair booking. You can change or cancel your reservation only within the hotel's stipulated period.

When is the best time to book the hotel during the Canton Fair?
For a booking regarding to the Canton Fair, you would better arrange your accommodation one month earlier in order to leave enough time for the money transfer or guarantee.

Children Involved

Are there any special price policies catering to children?
According to the International Guild Regulations of Hotel Business, people younger than 12-year-old are defined as children. Price policies for children are:

Free of charge for children who share the same room with their parents without extra bed; children with extra bed will be charged as the price listed on the webpage. Breakfast for children usually charges half of one adult fee.

Travel Tips / Others

When is the best time to go to Tibet?
It is recommended to visits Tibet around May to July, and September to October. Lhasa, Tsetang and Shigatse are suitable for sightseeing tours all-year round. The harsh climate makes it unsuitable to visit the Everest Base Camp area from October to April. During winter, roads might be blocked by heavy snow in east Tibet and Ngari. While in August, heavy rainfall makes travel in those areas very difficult.

Is the tap water in Chinese hotels drinkable?
It is unwise to risk your health by drinking the tap water, although some luxury hotels claim that their tap water is purified and safe to drink. Usually all rooms in the hotels are equipped with electric kettles. Some hotels provide bottled water daily free of charge. Bottled water is also widely available in stores, restaurants and street kiosks.