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Eva Inn, Guilin
Address:No. 66, Binjiang Road
It was invested and constructed according to four-star standard and now it is a new style tourism foreign-related accommodation. Located on NO.66 ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 8   1Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Elan Inn (Zhongshan), Guilin Comfort Inn
Address:No. 40, South Zhongshan Road, Xiangshan District
It is close to the city center, train station, and bus station. It not only has a convenient geographic location but also possesses unique and modern ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Guilin Bravo Hotel
Address:14 South Ronghu Road
It is located in the famous Two Rivers & Four Lakes Scenic Area of the downtown and it is only 10 minutes' walk to the busiest street. It has 480 rooms ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 4.4out of 5

Guilin Ronghu Lake Hotel
Address:No. 16, Ronghu North Road
Founded in 1953 and renovated in 2008, it has been the default choice for many celebrities and travelers. Characterized by its villa-styled buildings,...

Dazheng Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, Guilin
Address:No.47 Chongxin Road
It is located in the city of Guilin. Comprised of 310 guest rooms, the star-rated property was a pioneer in the spring-health concept. Opened in 2010,...
Guest reviews (1)Recommend: 1   1Overall ratings: 2.3out of 5

Royal Garden Hotel, Guilin
Address:No. 186-1, Yanjiang Road
It is a five-star accommodation for business, conferences and tourism. Located by the side of the Li River, it overlooks the Fubo Hill and Diecai Hill ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 2   0Overall ratings: 3.9out of 5

Lijiang Waterfall Guilin Hotel
Address:No. 1, Shanhu North Road
Surrounded by the most recognizable landmarks in the downtown, it is steps away from Lijiang River, Shanhu Lake, Elephant Trunk Hill, Central Square ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 3   0Overall ratings: 4.5out of 5

Guilin Homeland Riverview Hotel
Address:No. 17, Binjiang Road, Xiufeng District
It is located on Binjiang Road in the central business circles, with the bustling Zhengyang Road behind it. It is near to the Wangcheng Department Store ...
Guest reviews (1)Recommend: 5   1Overall ratings: 3.7out of 5

Guilin Plaza
Address:No. 20, Lijiang Road
Located in the central area of Guilin and adjacent to Guilin International Convention and Exhibition Centre, it provides an enchanting view of Guilin ...

Guilin Sapphire Hotel
Address:No. 9 Xicheng Road, Xiangshan District
It is located on the busy Xicheng Road, a few steps away from Peach Blossom River, Ronghu Lake and Elephant Trunk Hill. It is truly a boutique business ...

Vienna Hotel (Zhongshan Road), Guilin
Address:No.3, Zhongshan Middle Road, Xiangshan District
Under the Vienna Hotel management Group, it is a business accommodation located by the Peach Blossom River in Zhongshan Road. With the convenient ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 5   0Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Guilin JingGuanMingLou Museum Hotel
Address:No. 9 Ronghu South Road, Xiangshan District
It is located to the south bank of Banyan Lake, with two rivers and four lakes surrounding the area. It is also close to the office building of municipal ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Starway Hotel Grand 0773, Guilin
Address:No. 31, Wenming Road
It is located in the bustling downtown. The Lijiang River, Peach Blossom River and the Elephant Trunk Hill are in the southeast of it within two minutes'...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 11   2Overall ratings: 3.7out of 5

Guilin Osmanthus Hotel
Address:No. 77, Zhong Shan South Road
A quiet world in the prime location of the city,it is the first sino-foreign joint venture accommodation in Guilin. With Taohuajiang River nearby, it ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 4   0Overall ratings: 4.2out of 5

Hotel Universal Guilin
Address:No. 1, Jiefang East Road
Located at the western end of the famous Liberation Bridge, it is set right beside the beautiful Lijiang River with convenient traffic. Surrounded by ...

Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin
Address:No. 111 HuanCheng Bei Er Lu
Located at the bank of Lijiang River and with an area of 68,000 square meters, it boasts 449 spacious and luxurious guest rooms (each one is no less ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 2   0Overall ratings: 4.5out of 5

Sheraton Guilin Hotel
Address:No. 15, Bin Jiang Road
Enjoying a strategic location, it is located in the city center, along the picturesque Lijiang River and close to famous scenic spot Elephant Trunk ...
Guest reviews (1)Recommend: 2   0Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Guilin Park Hotel
Address:No. 1, Loushishan Road, Diecai District
Situated in Guilin downtown area, facing Baoxian Lake and leaning against Laoren Mountain, it is a four-star Sino-foreign joint venture accommodation ...

Jinwan Hotel Guilin
Address:No. 53, South Section of Zhongshan Road
Located on Zhongshan Road in the central business district of Guilin city, it is within easy reach to the Central Bus Station and South Train Station....

Jinjiang Inn (Qixing Road), Guilin Comfort Inn
Address:No. 50, Qixing Road, Qixing District
It is located in Qixing District - a time-honored place with unique local customs and beautiful landscape of Guilin. With convenient transportation, ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 3.6out of 5
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