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Hotel Rating

Star ratings are systems that rank hotels according to quality. Star rating systems are intended to serve as a guideline for guests when making reservations. While star ratings can be helpful when booking rooms and there is no standardized star rating system. In Europe, they are ranked from one to five stars, with five stars being the highest rating possible. The same applies in the United States, but an incremental half star may be given where for example two stars is better than standard but does not warrant three stars, etc.

In order to promote the development of tourism and protect the interests of tourists, some relative unified standards have been formulated to designate hotels. Thus, they are compared and classified according to facilities, scale, service quality and management. In China, they are generally classified into star-rated hotels, boutique accommodation, service apartment, comfort inn, Chinese courtyard and hostels.

Star Rating

The star-rated hotels are those which have been approved by the National Tourism Administration in the star-rating hotel assessment. Normally, they provide better facilities and service than non-rated ones. In China, accommodations can be rated as one, two, three, four or five stars.

Quasi Star Rating

The term 'quasi- star' rating is not a true rating. In some cities, the use of 'quasi- star' rating is forbidden by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Tourism Administration.

The quasi-star system is ambiguous and may refer to an accommodation built according to a certain star standard but has not been assessed by the National Tourism Administration. Therefore there is no guarantee that it meets the criteria for such a rating. However, the travel industry widely uses quasi-star ratings. It is a fact that there are differences between a quasi-star rated and a true star-rated hotel. Generally, a quasi-5 star one can be considered as 4 stars or a little better. A quasi-4 star one can be considered as 3 stars or a little better, and so forth.

Until an accommodation has been operating for one year, it has no right to apply for the star-rating hotel assessment. Consequently, even if it has been built according to the five star standards we can only consider it as a quasi-5 star one at most.


They offer only the highest level of accommodation and services. The properties offer a high degree of personal service. Although most five star hotels are large properties, sometimes the small independent (non-chain) property offers an elegant intimacy that can not be achieved in the larger setting. Their locations can vary from the very exclusive locations of a suburban area, to the heart of downtown. The lobbies are sumptuous, the rooms complete with stylish furnishing and quality linens. The amenities often include: VCR's, CD stereos, garden tubs or Jacuzzis, in-room video library, heated pools and more. They feature up to three restaurants all with exquisite menus. Room service is usually available 24 hours a day. Fitness Centers and valet and/or garage parking are typically available. A concierge is also available to assist you.


They are mostly large, formal accommodations with smart reception areas, front desk service and bellhop service. Usually, they located near accommodations of the same caliber and neighbor shopping malls, dining areas and other major attractions. The level of service is well above average and the rooms are well lit and furnished. Restaurant dining is usually available and may include more than one choice. Some properties will offer continental breakfast and/or happy hour delicacies. Room service is usually available on a 24 hour basis. Valet parking and/or garage service is also usually available. Concierge services, fitness centers and one or more pools are often provided.


Typically they offer more spacious accommodations that include well appointed rooms and decorated lobbies. It is not usual for them to provide bellhop service. They are often located near major expressways or business areas, convenient to shopping and moderate to high priced attractions. Usually, they feature medium-sized restaurants that typically offer service from breakfast through dinner. Room service availability may vary. Valet parking, fitness centers and pools are often provided.


Usually denotes independent and name brand hostel chains with a reputation for offering consistent quality amenities. It is usually small to medium-sized and conveniently located to moderately priced attractions. The facilities typically include telephones and TV's in the bedroom. Some of them offer limited restaurant service; however, room service and bellhop service is not provided as a rule.


Typically smaller hostels managed by the proprietor. It is often 2 - 4 stories high and usually has a more personal atmosphere. It's usually located near affordable attractions, major intersections and convenient to public transportation. Furnishings and facilities are clean but basic. Most will not have a restaurant on site but are usually within walking distance to some good low-priced dining. Public access, past certain hours, may be restricted.

Boutique Hotel

Different from the traditional star-rating ones, Boutique Hotels emphasize individuality. Successful ones always have three characteristics, namely, independent spirit, personality traits and cultural heritage. And generally this kind of accommodation boasts both the rich flavor of local culture and a unique historical memory of it. When staying in such accommodations, guests can have unparalleled enjoyment which is lacking in the star-rated hotels.

Service Apartment

Service apartments, originated in 1994 in Europe, provide hotel-style services and apartment-style management. It was used to be leased to tourists for temporary resting in Tourist Area. With the nature of an accommodation and the function of 'temporary dwelling', the service apartments took shape.

Service apartments provide separate bedroom, living room, bathroom and an equipped kitchen to facilitate self-catering. Staying in such accommodation enables the guests not only to enjoy its attentive service, but also enjoy the freedoms of home.

Comfort Inn

The moment you walk into a Comfort Inn, you'll feel at ease. You'll notice the warm atmosphere and the personal, helpful service. You'll appreciate the good night's rest and start the next day refreshed. Comfort Inns differ from hostels and reception centers as they are a new kind of chain-operated establishment providing an internationally standard service. They pay attention to budget travelers who now expect value for money. Here, you will always receive satisfactory service at a moderate price.

Chinese Courtyard

Chinese Courtyard, which is peculiar to China, is a typical quadrangle dwelling as used by ancient Chinese. A courtyard always consists of a central main building and two wing buildings on either side. Recently, more and more courtyards have converted into hotels to accommodate guests from all over the world. A Courtyard generally has the beauty of classical oriental buildings, where guests can not only enjoy the traditional atmosphere but also learn more about the history of China.