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Skytel Hotel, Xian
Address:No. 32, South Avenue
It is located in the middle section of South Avenue, the commercial center of the ancient capital city, Xi'an. It is near the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower,...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 14   1Overall ratings: 4.1out of 5

Bell Tower Hotel, Xian
Address:No. 110, South Street
It is situated aside the Bell Tower, which lies in the central part of Xi'an city. The direct distance to the Bell Tower is only 50 meters while only ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 4   3Overall ratings: 3.4out of 5

City Hotel, Xian
Address:No. 70, South Street
It is located in the prosperous business area of the city center and very close to the Bell Tower. It is a modern three-star tourist-oriental hotel, ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 5   1Overall ratings: 3.5out of 5

Citadines Xian Central Service Apartment
Address:No. 36, Zhubashi, Beilin District
It is the first international apartment in Xian. It is located at the Bell Tower commerce area in the city center and adjacent to the famous Muslim ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 8   0Overall ratings: 4.3out of 5

Canaan International Hotel, Xian
Address:No.132, East Avenue
It belongings to the Canaan Hotel Group is located in the golden area of the ancient Xi'an City where the East Street and the Dachaishi Crossroad meet....
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 5   4Overall ratings: 2.8out of 5

Rongmin International Hotel Xi'an
Address:No. 126, West Avenue, Lianhu District
Boasting elegant and artistic atmosphere & decorations with rich Tang Dynasty Culture, it locates in the luxurious city center adjoining to the noted ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 4.4out of 5

Meihua-GoldenTang International Hotel, Xian
Address:No. 79, West Avenue
It is a newly completed accommodation in Xi'an, it is located in Bell and Drum Tower commercial circle of the West Avenue. It is only two minutes' walk ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 2   1Overall ratings: 3.7out of 5

Ci'en Hotel Xian
Address:Ci'en Town, Northwest corner of the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda
It is a luxury business accommodation located in the largest music fountain plaza of Asia and next to the Tang Paradise. The hotel was opened in 2008 ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 3   1Overall ratings: 3.9out of 5

HNA Business Hotel Downtown, Xian
Address:No. 258 Dongxin Street Huang Cheng Mansion
It is a comprehensive accommodation offering room, office, restaurant, entertainment and conference service. HNA Business Hotel Downtown, Xian started ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 4   0Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Melody Hotel, Xian
Address:No.26,West Avenue
It is a three-star international business accommodation which has a favorable location and convenient transportation. It is located in the Square of ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 8   1Overall ratings: 3.8out of 5

Garden Hotel, Xian
Address:No. 40, Yanyin Road, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
As a member of PATA, It is the first international restaurant as regards experiencing Tang Dynasty culture. With the classical Lotus Palace of Tang ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 3   0Overall ratings: 4.1out of 5

Grand Soluxe International Hotel (former Diamond International Hotel), Xian
Address:No. 177, Jiefang Road
It is a business accommodation located at Jiefang Road and close to the Railway Station. It is well-located and easy of access. The hotel was opened ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 0   1Overall ratings: 3.2out of 5

Grand Metropark Hotel Xian (former Hyatt Regency Hotel)
Address:No. 158, East Street
Located inside the historical ancient City Wall and in the center part of the shopping and entertainment zone, It is an ideal place to stay for both ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 2   0Overall ratings: 4.3out of 5

Grand Noble Hotel (former Royal Garden Hotel), Xian
Address:No. 334, East Avenue
It is a luxury five-star accommodation providing guests with first-rate facilities and comprehensive services for business and leisure. Located in the ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 7   3Overall ratings: 3.4out of 5

Xian International Conference Center
Address:No.6, South Section of Yanta South Road, Yanta District
Situated in Qujiang Tourist Resort and Development Zone of the southern suburb and just to the south of the famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda, it is the ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 1   0Overall ratings: 4.2out of 5

Days Inn City Centre Xian
Address:No.99 North Avenue
It is located on the North Avenue of the prosperous city center, which is around 27 kilometers away from Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. Besides, if ...
Guest reviews (1)Recommend: 1   1Overall ratings: 3.1out of 5

Shaanxi Aviation Hotel, Xian
Address:Xianyang International Airport (200 meters opposite to the Waiting Building), Xianyang
It belongings to the Eastern Air Hotel Group, is a luxurious accommodation catering for foreign visitors. It is located in Xianyang International Airport ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 0   1Overall ratings: 2.2out of 5

Jinjiang Inn Xian Jiefang Road Comfort Inn
Address:No. 110, Jiefang Road, Xincheng District
It is located in the bustling Jiefang Road. It is in the business district surrounded by the ancient city wall, next to the most famous Bell Tower and ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 4   0Overall ratings: 4.2out of 5

Super 8 Hotel(Bell-Drum Tower in Xidajie),Xian Comfort Inn
Address:No.8 Zhengxue Street, Xidajie
It is located in Zhengxue Street in center of Xi’an. Located in prosperous business district, it is next to the Muslim Street, Coffee Street of Defu ...
Guest reviews (0)Recommend: 4   1Overall ratings: 3.4out of 5

Han Tang Yi International Youth Hostel, Xian Comfort Inn
Address:No.7, Nanchang Lane, Nanxin Street, New City District
Opened in 2010, it is located in the city center which enjoys 10 minutes’ walking distance to the Bell & Drum Tower. Neighboring the Beilin Museum, it ...
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