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How to Vacation in Zhuhai

by Richard Thomas, Demand Media
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As one of China's "special economic zones," Zhuhai is part of the modern, economically booming face of that country. For that reason alone the city sparks travel interest among those who are curious about China, but Zhuhai offers so much more. Situated on the Pearl River Delta and sometimes knicknamed "the city of a hundred islands," those islands and the surrounding coast are home to several beautiful beaches. Zhuhai is also adjacent to the former Portuguese colony of Macau and right across the bay from Hong Kong.
Step 1
Visit the Jintai Temple, probably Zhuhai's most historic feature. This imposing-but-picturesque Buddhist temple was built during the Song Dynasty and is over 1,000 years old.
Step 2
Explore the New Yuanming Palace. This is an imitation of the Yuanming Palace in Beijing, so it is worth your time especially if China's capital is not part of your itinerary.
Step 3
Take a sea ferry out to one of Zhuhai's "hundred" islands. Islands like Wailingding and Dong'ao have white sand beaches, clear waters and even some snorkeling and scuba diving. Zhuhai has multiple sea ferry ports with lines connecting to dozens of islands, some of which have only fishing villages or almost no development at all.
Step 4
Relax and the Yuwenquan Hot Springs, a Japanese-style spa with open hot springs bathing, saunas and massages. Yuwenquan has won national awards and ranks as one of the best spas of its kind in China. It is part of a resort hotel, but non-guests are allowed to use the facilities.
Step 5
Take a day trip to either Macao or Hong Kong. Americans traveling to either city will receive a tourist stamp at the border, and do not need a visa to enter. Macau is especially easy, since you only need to take a taxi to Gongbei, walk across, and take a shuttle bus from the other side. Sea ferries also connect Zhuhai to Macau, as well as to Hong Kong.
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