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The most biodiverse African country with breathtaking mountains and deserts!
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Angola, neighboring the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Namibia, is located in Southern Africa bordering the South Atlantic Ocean. It is home to a large number of different cultures and languages. From the highlands of Luanda to the wetlands of Benguela. Its diverse geography makes Angola an exceptional destination that offers a pure and authentic experience for tourists. Join us to explore this undiscovered pearl!

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What to See in Angola for First Time Travelers?

Angola has a wide range of tropical forests, pasture lands, reserves and parks, and abounds in a vast area of coastline and beaches. The scenic and authentic beauty of Angola attracts many travelers with adventurous spirit. Some of the best places to see are listed as below.

► Luanda:  Luanda is the capital of Angola, a modern city overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The city has many seaports. Kissama National Park is within easy reach of Luanda. This park is home to an increasing variety of wild animals.

► The Kalandula Falls:  Do not miss the Kalandula Falls in Malanje, one of the largest waterfalls by volume in Africa. The falls spread along 400m and fall over 100m from the forested clifftops. The Waterfalls capture many hearts of the visitors to Angola.

► The Tunda Vala Gorge:  The Tunda Vala Gorge is at a height between Lubango and Namibe, being one of the Angola’s most spectacular sights. The gorge has abundant savanna and forest landscapes, and is a great place for hiking. It is a wonderful destination that should not be missed out in your Angola vacation.

► Benguela:  Benguela retains its colonial charm, making the most of its bay location. There are many sandy beaches and the Portuguese architecture is the main thing to see in the city, such as the Governor's Palace.

► Lobito:  Known for its exports and its ports located in the area. Lobito has many beaches, and it is the ideal place to enjoy sunset and have a good time. Seeing Portuguese architecture is also a treat. Lobito is a must-see in Angola.

► Namibe Desert:  Regarded as the oldest desert on Earth, the Namibe Desert is a spectacular expanse of sand dunes and rock formations. The Namibe Desert, bisected by the Cunene River, is covered with red sand stretching across the coast.
Tundavala Gorge
Ethnic Tribes in Angola

When is the Best Time to Visit Angola?

The best time to travel in Angola is between May and October, when the weather is relatively cool. Angola is divided into three climate types. The coast and the north are tropical and hot. The central highlands and the south are temperate-tropical, and the southeast is mostly dry and hot, but quite cool at night.

How to Get to and Travel around Angola?

You can get to Angola through Luanda International Airport; ports of Luanda, Lobito and Namibe; roads and railways can also be accessed.

The fastest way to travel within Angola is by plane. Yet the Angolan airline TAAG provides routes connecting all major cities. Traveling by train in Angola has also become easier. The trains are very punctual, but not every destination can be reached by train. Many trains are relatively modern, and snacks and drinks are sold during the journey. But sleeping conditions and air conditioning system are still poor.

Do I Need a Visa for Angola Tours?

You need a visa issued by the Consulate of Angola in your country of origin. E-visa is also available now. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Angola. Please carefully check the entry and exit regulations for foreigners at the Embassy of Angola.

What is the Currency of Angola and the Best Way to Pay for Things?

The official currency of Angola is the Kwanza (AOA). Major credit card can be used in big cities, especially in hotels and restaurants. Cash can also be withdrawn by credit card, or exchanged for Kwanza at the exchange offices.