Siem Reap Countryside

Siem Reap Countryside Cycling and Cooking

Tour Code: TKH205
► Why This Independent Cycling Trip?
In addition to visiting Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, how can you miss the wonderful local rural experience? The Cambodian countryside still retains a simple way of life, and the people there are all enthusiastic with sincere smiles. Cycling to the countryside, you will not only see the beautiful rice fields, vegetable gardens, cows, buffalos, but also experience the authentic Cambodian rural life, which will leave you with good memories!

► Where to Rent a Bike in Siem Reap?
Some hotels and guesthouses offer free bikes for their guests to use, or they can help with bike rental. There are also many rental shops by the river in the east of the Old Market. US$1 to US$2 per day for regular bikes and US$3 for mountain bikes.

► We Kindly Remind You
• Please wear comfortable cycling clothes.
• Please apply sunscreen, wear a sunhat and sunglasses since it is hot all year round in Siem Reap.
• Rural roads are narrow and not that flat, please ride the bike carefully. If you encounter bad road conditions, you can get off and push it through.
• Please choose appropriate outdoor cycling according to your own health.
Siem Reap Countryside Cycling
Cycling trip in the countryside
  Detailed: Itinerary
Today you will first pedal to the beautiful green village of Krobey Riel, which means Wild Buffalos. It is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) away from downtown Siem Reap and takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour by bike. Many ladies in this village are basket weavers, so seeing their weaving proficiency is a great experience. They are always willing to show you how the baskets are made. If feel interested, you can learn from them to weave with palm leaves. Also, you could view the organic vegetable garden here and visit a rural family home to see their living conditions.

Continue to ride to another village of approximately 85 families. Enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of green vegetable gardens and rice fields. You will see the scenes of net casting fishing, rice planting, harvesting, even people climbing a palm tree to get palm juice and children riding buffaloes in the ponds, all which are real Khmer farmers' daily life. Immerse yourself in the beautiful views of the real Cambodia villages with the fresh smell of the greens growing freely everywhere.

Ask the local people for the Echo Home, where you may learn to cook some Khmer gourmet food for your lunch. The organically grown vegetables are grown in the home garden or sometimes bought directly from the villagers in order to support them. The chef will teach you step by step from preparing the food materials to cooking the food. After experiencing this cooking class, you will enjoy your own meal for lunch. Local fruits and snacks will be served.

By this cycling trip, you will gain a deep insight of the Cambodian culture and the real lifestyle of its countryside. Cycle back to Siem Reap and then have a good rest.
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Cooking class
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