Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort

Located in northern suburbs of Shenzhen, Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort is famous as a comprehensive leisure place with the area of 2,000 hectares (4,900 acres). Here you can have a chance to play golf in the world’s largest golf club, experience the exciting archery and shooting games, and enjoy a luxurious spa treatment.

Top Things to Do in Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort

Play Golf in Guanlan Lake Golf Club

As the largest golf club in Guinness World Records, Guanlan Lake Golf Club, inside Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort, contains twelve international-standard golf courses. Over 50 international golf games have been held here, including twelve consecutives years’ World Cup of Golf, The World Golf Championships and Asian Amateur Champion. The 41st World Cup of Golf theme park was built in 1995, attracting plenty of golfers every year.

Exercise and Have Fun in Guanlan Lake Sports & Eco Park

The largest tennis county club in Asia is located in Guanlan Lake Sports & Eco Park. 18 international competition tennis courts contain 3,000 seats, providing you with a wonderful playing and watching experience.

With the whole length of 10 km (6 miles), the BMX track in Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort is the longest in Asia. Except for the dangerous sections, other low risk area is available for amateurs.

If you want to experience the exciting shooting games in The Hungry Games, come to Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort. Equipped with bows and arrows and divided into two groups, all the participants would have a chance to experience The Hungry Game, using all their energy to survive and win. Some would fight bravely by themselves, some fight alongside their friends, some hide behind the tree. Don’t worry about your safety, because the arrows are made of sponges.

Another popular computer game- Counter-Strike is also reproduced here. Different from the equipment in The Hungry Games, it equips you with some modern weapons like laser guns. Then you can employ all the techniques you use in computer games to fight the final battle.

Hike along the Eco-Leisure Trail

Walk along the trail, you've walked into a green world. Lemon-scented gums, eucalyptus robustas, and radix fici simplicissimaes are flourishing here.

On those trees are standing various birds and butterflies. Magpie robin, light-vented bulbul, spotted dove and other birds are composing a wonderful music. Papilio paris, zemeros flegyas, pieris canidia and other colorful butterflies are dancing to the song. You could finish the walking within 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Enjoy Spa in Guanlan Lake Spa Center

As a health-care resort, spa is its most famous regimen project. The spa center provides facials plus body treatments, foot massage, and other physical therapy based on theories of traditional Chinese medicine. The western physical therapy is also employed to give you a thorough relaxation. The projects include Warm Spa, Detoxifying Spa, and Parent-Child Spa.

How to Get to Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort

1. Take bus Long 10/ Shenguan 2 and get off at Golf Course (Golf Qiuchang) Station.
2. Take bus m263/m342 and get off at Guanlan Lake New City (Guanlanhu Xiancheng Zongzhan) Station.
3. Take bus b878/b880 and get off at Guanlan Lake Bus Terminal (Guanlan Lake Gongjiao Zongzhan) Station.
4. Take bus m285 and get off at Guanlan Niuhu Water Plant (Guanlan Niuhu Shuichang) Station.

Guanlan Lake Golf Club Admission Fee Free for entrance; different charges for different courses
Opening Hours All day
Eco-Leisure Trail Admission Fee Free for entrance
Opening Hours 8:00-18:00
Spa Center Admission Fee Different fees for different projects
Opening Hours All day
Guanlan Lake Sports &Eco Park Admission Fee CNY30, excluding recreational and sports facilities
Opening Hours Monday-Friday: 11:00-18:00
Weekends and Holidays: 9:00-18:00

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