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Sai Kung Peninsula

Located in the east of New Territories, Sai Kung is famed as the 'Leisure Garden of Hong Kong'. Covering an area of about 12,680 hectares (49 square miles), it is the second largest administrative district in Hong Kong. It comprises Sai Kung, Hang Hau rural area and Tseung Kwan O.

Sai Kung has many scenic attractions, such as the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum, the Lion Nature Education Center, the Sai Kung Country Parks, the Clear Water Bay Country Park, the Che Kung Temple, the Tin Hau Temple, the Jin Island (Tiu Chung Chau) and the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course.

Sheung Yiu Folk Museum
The Sheung Yiu Folk Museum lies in Pak Tam Chung. Originally, it was a village established by a Huang clan who were Hakkas. They once built a kiln to produce bricks to construct houses. In 1960s, it was abandoned because most of the villagers had moved into cities. In 1981, Sheung Yiu Village was listed as a historical site after restoration and it was renamed as Sheung Yiu Folk Museum.

Lion Nature Education Center
Being as Hong Kong's first Nature Education Center, the Lion Nature Education Center is located on the east of a highway near Sai Kung Town. The center covers an area of about 34 hectares (84 acres) and has an arboretum, a medicinal plant garden, an insectarium and a shell house. Once it was a farm. With the help of the International Association of Lion Clubs, it was established as a nature education center.

Country Parks
The Country Parks covers most of the land of the peninsula. The parks consist of the East and the West park. The East Park has the four most famous beaches in Hong Kong - Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Long, Tung Wan. In the West Park, Pak Sha O is the best preserved old village. The most popular destinations in the park are Wong Chuk Wan, Tai Mong Tsai, Pak Tam Chung, Yung Shue O and Lai Chi Chong. Cheung Sheung Plateau is the favorite of those who like camping and hiking.

Clear Water Bay Country Park
In the Clear Water Bay Country Park, tourists can enjoy a barbecue party at Tai Hang Tun where the barbecue and picnic facilities are provided. Also they can fly kites while enjoying the magnificent vista of the sea.

Che Kung Temple
The Che Kung Temple is situated on the banks of the Ho Chung River. In the temple is enshrined Che Kung who was a great general in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Later, he was worshiped as a deity of Taoism and has been blessing Ho Chung people for more than 300 years.

Tinhau Temple
Facing Joss House Bay, the Tin Hau Temple is where Tin Hau, the goddess of the sea is worshipped. March 23rd of lunar calendar is the birthday of Tin Hau. On that day, thousands of people come here to worship and offer incense to the goddess.

Jin Island and Jockey Club
Exposed to the sea winds and sea waves, various landforms are formed on the Jin Island, such as sea caves, arches and inlets. Tourists can go there to appreciate the natural beauty of the island. Those who are fond of golf can go to the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course. There are two 18-hole Golf Courses, a golf range and other practice facilities and a golf training academy.

Sai Kung also offers various activities. Visitors can enjoy the seafood on the Seafood Street, appreciate the beauty of interior sea and islands or have a sunbath on the beaches.

Getting there

Take No. 92 or No. 96R (only operates on Sundays and public holidays) city buses at Diamond Hill Station.