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Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is a country with multi nations and cultures, as well as abundant natural landscapes. The famous Niagara Waterfall, magnificent Rockies Mountain, charming Jasper and Banff national parks, and the Louise Lake, all these will create a fantastic experience. You will have different feelings when travelling in this large country. The biggest city of Montreal, the pleasant Vancouver, the classical ancient city of Quebec and the Tulip capital of Ottawa are all beckoning to you.

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How Many Days do I Need for a Trip to Canada?

Canada is a big country with plentiful sightseeing spots and heritage sites. For a first time visit to Canada, 10-14 days are recommended. It can cover the famous cities and destinations from east to west of the country.

If you have less than one week, you can focus on the western part of Canada, where there are the Banff National Park, the Rockies Mountain and the Louise Lake, etc. Or you can choose to visit the modern cities in the eastern part of the country, like Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, etc.

If you have more than 14 days, you may visit most of the sightseeing spots. We are ready to customize a trip for you.
Louise Lake, Canada
Quebec, Canada

When is the Best Time to Visit Canada in a Year?

You are suggested to visit Canada between May and October. The Canada land is vast, so there are differences on temperatures and climates in different areas at the same time. But generally speaking, early summer to early autumn will be the ideal season for a trip. It will be the best time to see the maple leaves in Quebec and Ontario from late September to mid of October.

If you are fond of ice and snow, you should visit Canada in winter. You can stay overnight to see aurora at the Jasper National Park, go skiing and play golf at the Whistler Resort Village. The Niagara Waterfall will also have a fascinating look by covering some snow on it.

Which International Airport Should I Land at When Coming to Canada?

There are many international airports in Canada. The three main airports are the Pearson International Airport in Toronto, the Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. If you would like to visit other domestic cities, you can transit at one of the three.

Do I Need to Tip in Canada?

Yes. Canada is a tipping country and people are used to tipping when receiving the service. Normally the average tipping criteria is 15% of your bill. If you receive the excellent service, 20% or more will be welcomed. If unfortunately you get poor service, you can talk to the manger to skip the tip.

Is it Convenient to Travel by Self-driving in Canada?

Yes. Canada is large with lots of highways and roads. It is very convenient to drive around Canada. You can easily rent a car at airport, or you may also rent a car in advance on APPs. Do not forget to download a Google map, which will help you a lot on the way. If you would like to drive in the mountain area or National Parks, you are advised to rent a SUV, which will be safer than the sedan car. Besides, please buy insurance when renting a car in case there is any emergency.