Guangzhou Dining--Where to Eat

Famous Cantonese Restaurants

Steamed FishGuangzhou Jiujia (Guangzhou Restaurant)
Specialities: Wenchang Chicken, Boiled Chicken, Shrimp Dumpling, Durian Crisp Cake, Fried Milk
Wenchang Branch: No.2, Wenchang Road (South)
Bus routes: No.2, 3, 6 (getting off at Daihe Road Stop)
Opening hour: 07:00-22:00
Tiyudong Branch: No.112, Tiyu Road (East), Tianhe District
Bus routes: No.62, 180, 551
Opening hour: 07:30-15:00 17:00-22:00
Binjiangxi Branch: No.20, Binjiang Road (West)
Bus routes: No.8, 131A, 131 B (getting off at Binjiangxi Road Stop)
Opening hour: 07:00-22:00

Taotao Ju Jiujia (Taotao Ju Restaurant)
Specialities: Steamed Bread with Milk and Eggs, Shrimp Dumpling, Ox and Mutton Haslets Soup, Chicken Feet, Roast Goose
Location: No.20, Dishifu Road

Lianxiang Lou (Liangxiang Resturant)
Specialities: Lotus-seed-paste Mooncake, Lotus Bun, Wife Cake
Location: No.67, Dishifu Road, Liwan District

Dim Sum
Dim Sum
Bing Sheng
Specialities: Crispy Barbecued Roast Pork, Goose Intestine in Bean Sauce, Cold Pig’s Stomach, Fried Stuffed Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Original Flavor Chicken
Bingsheng Branch: No.33, Dongxiao Road
Wufeng Branch: No.438, Jiangnan Dadao (South)
Tiange Branch: No.168, Tianhe Road (East)

Datong Jiujia (Datong Resturant)
Specialities: Roast Suckling Pig, egg tart
Location: No.63, Yanjiang Road (West), Liwan District

Other Chinese Flavor

Chuanguo Yanyi (Sichuan cuisine)
Specialities: Shuizhuyu (fish cooked in spicy soup), Maoxuewang (duck blood in chili sauce), Fuqifeipian (spicy lung slices)
Location: 4/F, Nanfang Securities Tower, No.140-148, Tiyu Road (East), Tianhe District

Taoran Ju (Sichuan cuisine)
Specialities: Xianglatianluo (spiced and hot field snail), Yuerjia (chicken with taro), Chuanbeiliangfen (bean noddles in chilli sauce)
Location: No.368, Tianghe Road (North), Tianhe District

Tongxiang Hui (Hunan Cuisine)
Specialities: Duojiao Yutou (fish head with chopped red pepper), Xiaochao Huangjiurou (Stired Fried Sliced Beef)
Location: 3/F, Hongxiang Building, No.613, Tianhe Road (North), Tianhe District

Guangzhou Wumizhou (Cantonese Rice Porridge) (hot pot)
Location: Linle Road, Tianhe Road (North), Tianhe District

Western Food Restaurants

PizzaLa Seine Restaurant Francais
Looking for the authentic flavor from France, please come here! The buffet is also served on Sunday weekly.
Average cost: CNY200 per person
Location: 1/F, Xinghai Concert Hall, No.33, Qingbo Road, Ersha Island, Yuexiu District

Les Trois Gros Bistro
This is another worthwhile French restaurant in Guangzhou.
Average cost: CNY120 per person
Location: No.5, Xincheng Street (South), Tianhe Road (East), Tianhe District

Braxil Sunshine
This is a buffet restaurant which is favored by most locals, also for its reasonable price.
Average cost: CNY68 per person
Location: 1/F, Fangcao Yuan, No.569, Tianhe Road (North), Tianhe District

Tai Ping Guan
This restaurant has been opened for a long while that you will have a memorial dining experience.
Average cost: CNY60 per person
Location: No.342, Beijing Road, Yuexiu District

Yi Fen Wu
This Italy style restaurant coming from Hong Kong supplies you with the tasty pizza, pasta and dessert.
Average cost: CNY80 per person
Location: 702B of 7F, Taihe City Plaza, No.208, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District

37°2 Paradise
The reasonable set lunch served here attracts some locals daily. It is also worthy to try its highly recommended dessert.
Average cost: CNY 50 per person
Location: No.7, Tiansheng Cun, Huanshi Road (East), Yuexiu District

Vegetarian DishParis Jie French Restaurant
Romantic place, good if you want to discover Paris spirit with the decoration and the authentic flavor French food.
Average cost : CNY 150 per person.
Location: No. 110, Bao Lin Yuan, Huajiu Road, Tianhe District

Vegetarian Restaurants

Lianhua (Lotus) Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: No.76, Jianghui Road

Shangshi Zhai Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: No.38, Jinghui Road, next to the Guangxiao Si (Bright Filial Piety Temple)

Buddhism World Vegetarian Restaurant
Location: Niunaichang Street, Tongfu Road (middle), Haizhu District

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