Xi'an Metro Line 13 (Airport Line)


Beikezhan (North Railway Station) – Dong Hangzhanlou (Xi'an Airport East Terminal)

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Xi'an metro line 13, aka Airport Subway Line, runs between North Railway Station and Xi'an Airport East Terminal via 10 stations. Covering about 29 kilometers (18 miles), this subway line covers Xi'an-Xianyang New Area, Qinhan New City and Airport New City, passing North Railway Station, Art Center and Xi'an Xiangyang International Airport. The duration of Xi'an metro line 13 is about 33 minutes for a single way. The ticket price ranges from CNY 2 to CNY 16 according to the metered fare. Besides, the operating hours are from 06:00 to 23:00 daily with the frequency of around 9.5 minutes. As planned, its east extension will reach Olympic Center in 2021.
See metro maps for reference.
Map of Xi'an Metro Line 13. See more Xi'an Metro Maps.

Route of Xi'an Metro Line 13

Beikezhan (North Railway Station) – Shangjilu – Madong – Qinhanshangwuqu – Changling (Changling Mausoleum) – Baiqizhai – Yishuzhongxin (Art Center) – Konggangxincheng – Xianyang International Airport –Dong Hangzhanlou (Xi'an Airport East Terminal)

​Transfers along Xi'an Subway Line 13

 Beikezhan: Transfer with Line 2 & Line 4

​Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations of Metro Line 13

('' points out transfer station)

 Beikezhan (North Railway Station)
Surroundings: Yuanshuo Road, Wenjing Road, Yuanguang Road, North Railway Station, Xi'an International Golf Club, Longdingxiang Fishing Villa, Changle Dongyuan Community, Yurun Agricultural Global Procurement Center
Bus Routes: 238, 266, 360, 362, Airport Shuttle Bus North Railway Station Line

Surroundings: Shangji Road, Mingguang Road, Dongzhan Community, Caotan Jiayuan Community, Changle Xiyuan Community, Evergrande International City, Jingkai District 3rd Primary School, Changle 2nd Primary School, Chang’an University Weishui Campus
Bus Routes: 214, 238, 265, 360, 362, 727, 900, 901

Surroundings: Xiangao Road, Lanchi Avenue, Weihe River, Liangshanzhuang Village, Zhengyang Central Primary School, Tongle Kindergarten, Tsinghus Qinhan High School, Zhengyang Middle School, Lanchi Jiayuan Community, Qinhan Jiayuan Community
Bus Routes: 5, 33, Xianyang Line 103

 Qinhanshangwuqu (Qinhan New City Business District)
Surroundings: Lanchi 2nd Road, Qinhan Avenue, Qinyuan 5th Road, Qinhan New City Business District, Dongdazhai Village, Zhonglong Village, Xinghewan Community, Chateau Star River Hotel, Qinhan Hilton Hotel, Yunda Express, Best Express, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 5, 32, 33, 362

 Changling (Changling Mausoleum)
Surroundings: Lanchi 3rd Road, Qinyuan 1st Road, Lanhuai Road, Dejie Community, Weiliu Jiayuan Community, Weiliu Primary School, Changling Mausoleum
Bus Routes: 5, 32, 33

Surroundings: Xiansong Road, Chaoyang 4th Road, Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway, Sijiazhuang Village, Poliu Village, Chang Yu Rena Chateau, Qishan Temple, Weicheng Jiahe Kindergarten, Shiqiao Middle School
Bus Routes: 5, 38, Xianyang Line 103

 Yishuzhongxin (Art Center)
Surroundings: Tianyi Avenue, Guoqing Street, Anhua Road, Huayang Village, Xi'an International Art City, Xingfuli Community, Zhongshan Hotel
Bus Routes: 8, Xianyang Line 103

Surroundings: Chongwen Road, Pujiazhai Village, Xiguo Village, Nanguo Village, Dongbuli Village, Dizhang Central Primary School, Ledu Shopping Mall
Bus Routes: 8, Xianyang Line 103

 Xianyang International Airport
Surroundings: Yingbin Avenue, Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, Airport International Business Center, Beidu Town Bianfang Primary School, Xijiang School, Konggang Huayuan Community, Jubin Hotel, Ruize Hotel, Qinhan Hotel, Jinsha Hotel, Longting Hotel, Starbucks
Bus Routes: Airport Shuttle Bus Lines to Xi'an & Xianyang Downtown, Airport Long-distance Bus Lines to Nearby Cities

 Dong Hangzhanlou (Xi'an Airport East Terminal)
Surroundings: South Konggang 3rd Road, Airport Expressway, Terminal 1, Airport Business Hotel, Xianyang Airport Stadium, 
Bank of China
Bus Routes: Konggang Xincheng Line 1, 2 & 3
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