Siwa Oasis

4 Days Independent Travel to Siwa Oasis from Cairo

Tour Code: TEG207
Day 1 Cairo - Marsa Matrouh - Siwa Oasis
From Cairo to Siwa Oasis, there are two recommended cheap ways. One is to take the train to Marsa Matrouh, and then change to the Micro Bus to Siwa Oasis. This is the cheapest way, and the whole journey takes about 13 hours. The other is to take bus from Cairo to Marsa Mathrouh, and then take Micro bus to Siwa. The cost is slightly higher, and the whole journey takes 14 hours or so. But because the train from Cairo to Marsa Mathrouh is only available from June to September every year, we will mainly introduce how to travel by bus.

At present, all buses from Cairo to Siwa or Marsa Matrouh depart from Turgoman Station, also called Cairo Gateway Bus Station. But the locals call Turgoman more. The cost of taking a taxi from the city center to Turgoman Station is about EGP20 per cab.

The buses running from Cairo to Siwa or Marsa Matrouh is operated by the West Delta Bus Company. In fact, there is a daily direct overnight sleeping bus from Cairo to Siwa. This bus usually departs at 11pm and arrives at Siwa at around 1pm the next day. However, since the bus is often cancelled for no reason, the reliable travel plan is to go from Cairo to Marsa Matrouh at first, and then to Siwa.

The bus from Cairo to Marsa Matrouh departs every 4 hours. The journey takes about 8 hours and the fare is EGP155 per person. If you take the bus departing at 07:00 in the morning, you can arrive at Marsa Matrouh Station at around 3 pm, and then continue to take the Micro bus to Siwa Oasis. You only need to find the Micro bus to Siwa at the station and buy the ticket directly with the driver. 5.5 hours and a fare of EGP50 per person are spent for this trip.

Tip: The staff at the station will help you carry your luggage, and you may pay EGP5-EGP10 tips according to the situation.

In Siwa, we recommend Siwa Qasr El Salam Hotel which is about 1 km away from the bus station and provides free transfer service from the bus station to the hotel. If you need the pick-up service from the bus station, please note the specific time of arrival at the station when you book the hotel.

Recommended Accommodation: Siwa Qasr El Salam Hotel
Day 2 Siwa Oasis
Because Siwa is a small town with attractions scattered here and there, the best way to travel around is to rent a car. The hotel usually provides car rental services. You may contact the hotel in advance to make a reservation. The following is a suggested itinerary for this day.

You may first visit the Temple of Oracle, which is the oldest historical site in this oasis. Then go to the Cleopatra's Bath Spring, a small circular hot spring pool famous for a legend that the famous female pharaoh Cleopatra once bathed here. Then you are recommended to visit Fetnas Island, about 9 kilometers from the Cleopatra's Bath Spring. After about 20 minutes of bumps on the dirt road and through a long and narrow causeway, you will reach it. There are blue salt lakes, dark green palm trees, and a cafe where you can order a cup of Egyptian mint black tea and watch the sunset quietly.

Recommended Accommodation: Siwa Qasr El Salam Hotel
Day 3 Siwa Oasis
In the morning you are suggested to the Old Fortress of Shali and Mountain Of The Dead, both of which are not far from the hotel. You may walk there or rent a bicycle. The Mountain Of The Dead is located in the north of Siwa town, boasting exquisite murals and mummies. Ticket fare is 20EGP.

In the afternoon, you may continue to rent a car to go to The Salty Lake. Because of the high salinity, although the lake is crystal clear, you can't even see a single fish. Next, go to Taghaghaien Island, another beautiful island as well as a great place to enjoy the slow-paced life.

Recommended Accommodation: Siwa Qasr El Salam Hotel
Day 4 Departure from Siwa
It's time to leave the beautiful and resourceful Siwa Oasis. You may return to Cairo following the coming way. If you want to go to Alexandria, you are advised to take the West Delta Bus at Market Sq. Station. Generally, the buses depart at 07:00 and 10:00 in the morning and arrive at the destination in 8 hours. Please book a ticket in advance, which costs 50 EGP per person. Wish you a pleasant journey!
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