Suez Canal, Egypt

Independent Day Trip to the Suez Canal from Cairo

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The Suez Canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea is reputed as one of the greatest water conservancy projects in the 19th century. It is also one of the busiest canals in the world, as it shapes the shortest sea route from Europe to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Located about 150 km (90 mi) east to Cairo, it needs at least one day to travel forth and back.

How to Get to Suez Canal from Cairo
The three most popular transportation methods are:

• Public bus: Every day, East Delta Travel operates a bus from Cairo Gateway Bus Station to Suez Bus Station. The bus departs at 10:00 and arrives at 12:30. Duration is about 2 hours and 30 minutes and ticket fare is EGP40 per person. 
• Train: A train sets off from Cairo Main Railway Station at 05:00 every day and reaches Suez at around 09:50 with the travel time of about 4 hours and 50 minutes. Ticket fare is EGP68 per person. However, the train timetable may be adjusted any time and you’d better consult the train station for the real-time schedule. 
• Taxi: Taking only 1 hour and 40 minutes on the way, it is the fastest and the most convenient transportation method. And the cost is about EGP400 per cab.

Travel Itinerary
Because there is only one bus available each day, you are recommended to purchase the ticket at least one day in advance from the bus station. Cairo Gateway Bus Station is also named as El-Torgoman, located at 3 Wabour El-Torgoman St., Ard El-Torgoman, Boulak.

Upon reaching Suez Bus Station at Misr Suez Desert Rd., Faisal, at around 12:30, you may take a taxi to the port area to have lunch at first. There are many restaurants nearby and you are recommended to locate a restaurant on the 2nd or higher floor, so you can have a better angle to appreciate the Suez Canal while enjoying your food.

After, go down to the bank to see the giant freighters and supertankers at a closer distance. Maybe one of your future daily necessities is right in one of the freighters. If it is spring, you will also have chances to see griffon vultures, eagles and many other migrant birds flying above in the sky.

If interested, you may also take the free ferry shuttling between Fort Said and For Found to get even closer to the canal. It is a great way to tour the Suez Canal and its banks. The ferry departs quite frequently, with an interval of about 5 minutes.

How to Get Back to Cairo
The bus running back to Cairo from Suez departs at 10:00 every day. In the case, you need to stay one night in Suez. The only way back to Cairo in the same day is by taxi. If you still plan to travel by bus, it is advised to buy the bus ticket once arriving at Suez Station from Cairo, as the ticket is often in demands.
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