Citadel of Saladin

1 Day to Egyptian Museum, Hanging Church, Citadel of Saladin

Tour Code: TEG221
Stop 1: Egyptian Museum
This independent day trip will start from the Heritage Hostel Cairo on Tahrir Square in the city center. The Egyptian Museum is only 300 meters (330 yards) away and you can get there just after crossing the street in front of the hostel.

The museum has two floors. On the first floor, you will see lots of ancient papyrus paintings, coins, large statues, and stone coffins. The second floor is a specialized exhibition zone and the most famous exhibitions are Tutankhamen golden mask and mummies. As one of the world’s best museums, it deserves 3-4 hours to visit.

Open Time: 09:00-17:00

Ticket for Foreigner:
Adult: EGP200; Student with ISIC: EGP100
Royal Mummies Hall: Adult: EGP180; Student with ISIC: EGP90
Inclusive Ticket for Mummies Hall and Museum: Adult: EGP300; Student with ISIC: EGP150

*Free entrance for children under six years old.

Stop 2: Coptic Cairo with Hanging Church
After visiting the Egyptian Museum, walk for about 4 minutes to Sadat metro station, get on the metro line 1 to Helwan. After 4 stops, get off at Mar Girgis Station. The landmark of the Coptic Cairo, the Hanging Church is right outside the metro station.

Open time: 09:00-16:00
Ticket fare: free

• Below the Hanging Church, there is a small road lined with souvenir stores, book shops and restaurants. You may buy some souvenirs or have lunch here. 
• It is said that the Ben Ezra Synagogue where baby Moses was found is right next to the Hanging Church. Besides, the murals inside is very beautiful. So you are highly recommended to pay a visit. There is no admission fee. 
• To the east of the Ben Ezra Synagogue is the Coptic Museum. If interested, you may pay a visit, too. Ticket fare is EGP100 per person. 

Stop 3: Citadel of Saladin
Citadel of Saladin is about 8 kilometers (5 miles) northeast to the Hanging Church and it is advised to take a taxi to get there directly, taking about 20 minutes. The main architecture here is the Muhammad Ali Mosque, plus several small mosques and museums, including police museum, horse cart museum and royal museum. Located at the highest point of the Cairo old town, it is also the best site to overlook the city.

Open time: 08:00-17:00, closed on Fridays
Ticket for Foreigner: Adult: EGP100; Student with ISIC: EGP50

• Before entering the mosque, you need to take off your shoes or wear a pair of shoe covers. The shoe covers are available on site, costing EGP5 for each pair. 
• Females wearing short-sleeve shirts and skirts, the staff will stop you, hand over long robe and scarf for you to cover your body and hair.

At the end of the day, it is advised you to take a taxi to get back to your hotel directly. If you want to further explore local Muslim flavors and time is enough, you may move on to the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar before going back, which is full of dazzling items and various snacks. It takes about 18 minutes from the Citadel of Saladin to the bazaar by taxi.
Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Museum
Citadel of Saladin
Citadel of Saladin
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