Libra Horoscope in 2019 & 2020

Overall Luck

Libra horoscope in 2019 indicates that their fortune is relatively unstable this year, and the key point is to learn to adjust themselves and grasp opportunities in time. This year, Libra will feel more stressful, because there are many things need their decisions. They will become anxious, sensitive and even lose self-confidence when they encounter problems. But at the same time, they also have an opportunity to re-recognize themselves and learn to understand their own feelings and needs rather than just acting and living for the sake of others. In all, Libra may not gain a lot of material goods but in the aspect of spiritual world, they will be more mature. They should remember that stress sometimes brings motivation. 


In 2019, Libra witness a positive career fortune. They can gain what they want as long as they are willing to pay perseverance and efforts. Especially in the first quarter of 2019, they will have more creative ideas in workplace and get good chances if they hunt a job or change their job. Since the second half of the year, Libra's career shows a declining trend mainly in the field of interpersonal relations, which requires them to spend more time on the social occasions and be more careful when dealing with cooperative matters. 

Love and Relationships

As for love and relationship, the key words for Libra are growth and change in 2019. They will have a new understanding of love this year, and will get different feelings from the past in getting along with loved ones. For a single Libra, they will have the opportunity to meet nice people in the second half of the year. But they need to take the first step bravely to participate in more social activities or even dating activities. For those Libra with a fixed partner, they will encounter some crises at the end of the year, which takes time and effort to deal with. If they can get through this period safely, they will embrace a happy ending to get married.


In 2019, Libra’s wealth fortune shows a gradual upward trend. At the beginning of the year, their expenditure is relatively large which will cause some imbalance between income and expense.
After May, their career fortune will be better and they can gain more bonuses form their excellent performance in workplace. In the second half of the year, they will get some unexpected fortunes from investment.  


According to Libra horoscope 2019, it shows a good health fortune. Although they are busy and have a lot of chores for the whole year. Their body is relatively strong without too much diseases. But Libra should learn to work and rest in a healthy way to ensure that they could keep a better state to cope with the challenges of work and life. Especially for Libra who are weak, they should have enough rest to avoid harm from overwork or negative emotions. In conclusion, Libra need to focus on maintaining and improving their physical conditions in this year.


Based on 2019 horoscope for Libra, their overall study fortune is good. They will not live on their achievements and keep learning new things. At the same time, they will really know what the key point of study is. In 2019, their study life will be busy, which means that the whole process will be harder but fruitful. Libra will be willing to learn a new course or skill this year, and the best time to start it is in the second quarter of the year. In addition, their confidence will not be destroyed by one or two failures and they can make great progress as long as they know how to make up their weakness. 

​Libra Horoscope in 2020

The overall horoscope of Libra is at a middle level in 2020. With the guidance of nice people, Libras will gain a nice chance to make a great breakthrough and progresses in work. Being timid, Libras will have a slightly tougher love horoscope in 2020; they are supposed to express their admiration and pursuing true love bravely. The wealth horoscope will be bad at first and later turn to be better in 2020. At beginning of the year, Libras may lose a lot. But they can find problems timely, learn from the lessons, ask others for help and finally stop the loss timely. Due to bad tempers and hard to be persuaded, Libra may mess up their bodies; it is virtual for Libras to control tempers and live a life peacefully. In 2020, study horoscope for Libras becomes better and better; their diligence and hardworking will bring them success.
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