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A maritime country with glorious beaches and tropical islands
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Mozambique’s spectacular beaches and numerous islands make it a major vacation destination in southern Africa. Its marine life and Portuguese towns are also excellent and well worth a visit. The abundant natural recourses and splendid culture will surely make your Mozambique holiday filled with exciting, adventurous and happy moments and you will enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

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What to See in Mozambique for First Time Travelers?

If you're visiting Mozambique for the first time, it's best to travel around the northern or southern coastline, which will offer very different experiences. Among the marine landscapes, the Bazaruto and Quirimbas archipelagos stand out for their classic desert islands and pristine coral reefs. The former is in a more central location in the south and can be reached through the quiet town of Vilanculos, while the latter is in the north of the country, near Pemba. Besides, if you want to add some wildlife game viewing to your coastal trip, you can also go to the remote, exclusive and crowed-free game destinations, such as the Gorongosa National Park in the south and the Niassa National Park in the north.

When is the Best Time to Visit Mozambique?

June to October is the best time to visit Mozambique, when it usually has perfect tropical weather: clear sky, plenty of sunshine, and almost no rain. This is also the best time to see the big animals and enjoy the coastal sun. November and December are the second best choice, which are good times to see bird species.
Maputo City Hall
Mozambique women carrying goods on their heads

Do I Need a Visa for Mozambique Tours?

With an exception of South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Swaziland, most countries need a visa to enter Mozambique. The maximum validity of the visa is 30 days. Besides, all visitors must also have a passport valid for at least six months, and you will need to leave at least two blank pages in your passport.

How to Get to and Travel around Mozambique?

South African Airways operates several daily flights from South Africa to Mozambique, which is the main way to enter Mozambique. In addition, there are also flights to Mozambique from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Portugal and Qatar. You can choose the best one according to your time and the availability.

Due to the long distance between the cities, flying is the best option to travel around Mozambique. Frequent flights are available between the major cities. Once you reach the coast, you can travel to the islands by boat, light aircraft or helicopter. On the islands, walking is enough to travel around.

What is the Currency of Mozambique and the Best Way to Pay for Things?

Mozambique's official currency is the Metical, but the US dollar is also widely accepted by most tourist establishments.

The best way to pay is in cash. ATMs are easy to find in major cities, but in some rural areas, it’s very limited. Therefore, you’re suggested to withdraw a little bit more money before heading to rural areas. In addition, credit cards are also accepted by some large hotels, restaurants and tourist providers.

What are the Travel Tips to Mozambique?

  1. 1. With 17.9 percent of Mozambicans believing in Islam, you don't want to order beer if you're eating in an Islamic restaurant.
  2. 2. You’re not suggested to go out alone at night in Mozambique.
  3. 3. Please do not take photos in sensitive areas, such as the diplomatic areas and the military barracks.