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Explore the windmill kingdom during the tulip season!
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As the proverb says, "God created the world but the Dutch created the Netherlands." The Dutch shaped their landscape by reconstructing land from the sea and keeping previously useless land (wet peat bogs) dry through systems of windmills, arising the country you see today. Thousands of tourists come to this unique country for its windmills, clogs, tulips, canals, cycling and cheese markets every year. Travel with us to explore the picturesque landscapes, canal-ringed cities, and tulip fields through our well-designed Netherlands tours, and you will not come in vain.

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When is the Best Time to take the Netherlands trip?

The weather is fairly moderate in the Netherlands, neither too hot nor too cold with maritime climate. The very best time to visit the Netherlands would be in late spring, also the month of May, as the weather is warming up with less rain and the tulips are in full blossom. The second best time is in December, getting into the festive spirit of the Christmas and the New Year, with food stalls, twinkling lights and outdoor ice skating rinks in the bigger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. July and August are the peak tourist months for the whole Netherlands even with hot weather and crowds, because there are countless activities, including cycling, boating, and picnicking in parks or on canals. Autumn, the closest season to the off-season, to avoid the crowds and travel in silence, without queuing for museum tickets, is also a suitable time to visit.
Local people in the Netherlands
Mauritshuis Museum, Hague

What to See in the Netherlands for First Time Travelers?

The Netherlands effortlessly enchants visitors with its sought-after attractions. Generally speaking, Netherlands tour packages of 5-7 days are pretty enough to travel all around the country. Enjoy Amsterdam for its canals and museums, including the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Travel to Hague to explore the Madurodam Park and the gorgeous Peace Palace. Spend time in Rotterdam for a day trip to this beautiful port city and have fun during a waterbus ride to the windmills of Holland in Kinderdijk.

How to Get to and Travel Around the Netherlands?

The Schiphol Airport, the nation's largest airport, is the main gateway to and from the Netherlands, about 15 minutes by train from central Amsterdam. KLM is the Netherlands' national carrier. Other airports in the Netherlands include Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen and Maastrict Aachen.

Getting around the Netherlands is rarely a problem. The fully integrated network of trains and buses can bring you to even the smallest of villages, and at very reasonable prices too. For some journeys, using the extensive ferry system or the modern roadways might make more sense. If you can't find a train or boat to take you where you want to go, rest assured that you will always find a bicycle close at hand.

Coffee shops or Café in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, coffee shops are places where local authorities allow the sale of cannabis for personal consumption in public. But if all you want is an innocent cup of coffee and a slice of banana bread, skip the coffee shop - those brownies are not the type you're looking for. Instead, find Café to get your hot chocolate fix.

How about the Tipping Suggestion?

Tipping is not required in restaurants, cafés, and bars in the Netherlands. The locals commonly round up to the nearest euro for small bills, and to the nearest two to four euros for larger bills.