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Located in the middle of Latin America, Nicaragua is considered to be the safest place to travel in this area. The abundant cultural and historical resources, the islands and beaches, the lakes and mountains, all make it among the best tourist destinations. In this country, you can not only explore the ancient ruins, but also watch the boiling lava in the active volcano, taste the coffee and chocolate from local plantations, and take a boat on the Nicaragua Lake.

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What to See in Nicaragua for First Time Travelers?

There are several must-see cities and places in Nicaragua, including Granada, León and Ometepe Island in the Lake Nicaragua. Granada and León are two of the most famous colonial cities. In these two cities, you can appreciate the Spanish style architecture and local arts at the museums, and experience the local’s daily life at the markets. For Ometepe Island, it is a good way to explore it by boat, learning the pre-Columbian culture, watching various birds, animals, and hiking on the volcano. Normally, one week will be enough to make the trip.

Do I Need a Visa to Nicaragua?

The visa policy in Nicaragua is very friendly. Citizens from all EU countries, Australia, America, Brazil, British, Canada, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Russia, South Africa and etc. can stay in Nicaragua visa-free for 90 days. Citizens from Bhutan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and etc. can apply for a visa on arrival.

When is the Best Time to Have Nicaragua Tours?

Nicaragua belongs to the tropical climate area. The average temperature is between 20°C/68°F - 30°C/86°F. From November to mid-May is the dry season. The weather is mild and sunny, which is the best time to visit Nicaragua. From May to December is the wet season. In this period, the rainy days increase tremendously. However, they are mainly showers and the rain seldom lasts one day long.

How to Get to and Travel Around Nicaragua?

The only international airport in Nicaragua is the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (ACS) in Managua. Besides the airline, you could also enter Nicaragua by land transfer from its neighboring countries, like Costa Rica or Honduras.

For transportation within the city area, bus and taxi are very popular choices. The running time of the bus is normally from 4am to 7pm. The time may vary depending on the actual situation. You could go to the area outside of the city by taxi too. Please remember to discuss the price first before you take the taxi.

For transportation between cities, flight, boat and shuttle bus are all available. If you take our guided Nicaragua tour, the guide and driver will serve you throughout the trip.