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The edge of the arctic, the end of the earth, all within your reach.
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Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the cradle of Viking culture. The most famous are the meandering fjords,
picturesque towns and the unpredictable northern lights. From the capital city Oslo and colorful medieval Bergen in the south, to quiet and silvery Tromso in the north, train, flight, bus and cruise will take you into the perfect world, and the light from the small wooden house on the mountain can easily warm everyone who is taking a Norway vacation.
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What to See in Norway?

Norway, a country of ten thousand islands, is located in the western part of Scandinavia, with a tortuous coastline. Since 2001, Norway has been ranked as the most livable country by the United Nations for six consecutive years.

Compared with other destinations, Norway tours are always hot. The main scenic spots are concentrated in the south and central regions, and there are four famous fjords. The Hardangerfjord is the gentlest one, with fruit trees and blooming flowers on the hillside. The second is Songenfjord, which is the longest and deepest fjord in the world, with high mountains and deep valleys on both sides. The most beautiful and mysterious fjord is Geiranger, where the stunning waterfalls and lush countryside show the fairyland beauty, and it is the best place for photographers. The last one is Lysefjord, which is the nearest fjord to the sea and has huge rocks on both sides.

What cannot be missed is the Norway in a nutshell, which combines trains including famous Flam Railway, cruise ship and national road to maximize the beauty of Norway. If you come here during October to March, Tromso and Lofoten Islands in the north part are good destinations to see the northern light. Rich and colorful outdoor activities to the white world will also make your travel more enjoyable and meaningful. Our Norway tour packages can guide you to every corner of this charming country.
Geiranger Fjord
Atlantic Road, Norway

When is the Best Time to Visit Norway?

Due to its narrow and long territory from north to south, Norway's climate changes greatly. Northern Norway's climate is coniferous forest of sub cold zone, while the southern part belongs to temperate marine climate.

Spring (March to May): The day gets longer and the snow begins to melt.

Summer (June to August): The high season for Norway tours, the average temperature is 15-25°C (59-77°F), which makes people feel most comfortable. It is also a good time to enjoy the midnight sun.

Autumn (September to November): The day gets shorter and the color more dazzling. It is not the coldest time, but still have chance to see the northern lights and take part in the various outdoor activities.

Winter (December to February): Whales and Aurora Borealis are waiting for you in the Arctic, you may find a white world.

Do I Need a Visa to Norway?

Norway is a Schengen agreement country. A Schengen visa is required. If your itinerary covers several Schengen countries, you can apply for only one visa to the country where you will stay the longest. If your stay in each country is balanced, then apply for Schengen Visa to the first entry.

Visitors from the following countries or regions enjoy visa-free access to Norway:

For those who are citizens of EU/EEA countries. 
Citizens from the following countries or regions: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Guatemala, Vatican, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Kiribati, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Palau, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Ukraine, UAE, Uruguay, USA, Vanuatu, Venezuela.

But if a stay exceeds 90 days, please contact the local embassy for further indication.

How to Get to and Travel Around Norway?

Norway has a very developed public transport system including flights, trains, cruises and buses.

There are nearly 50 civil aviation airports in Norway, and flights are available in major cities and towns. Some big cities like the capital Oslo, Bergen and Tromso have direct flights to the capitals of some European countries.

Norway is characterized by its unique fjords and islands. We recommend taking trains, cruises and buses on the national highway to enjoy the scenery. Among those, the most famous is the Norway in a Nutshell, various transportation involved to show you the most beautiful part of the country. Moreover, our Norway tour packages and our professional tour guides will offer the best experience to you.

What to Pack for a Norway Vacation?

The weather in Norway is changeable. It is recommended that you take more clothes to make change according to the temperature. In addition to this, wear at least one pair of warm shoes, and a waterproof jacket.

If you come to Norway in winter, you will need to bring down jacket, scarf, gloves and warm shoes or boots. In spring and autumn, waterproof pants and boots are also necessary. It can be lighter in summer, but even in summer, the temperature in the evening is very low, especially in the mountain area.