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The pursuit of delicious food is always an essential part of travel for each tourist. Chinese cuisine has a long history and enjoys worldwide reputation. As the capital of China, Beijing will never let you down. Whether in the bustling business district or at the street alleys, restaurants and snacks can be seen everywhere. However, it is hard for travelers to find the authentic local food. Come on, follow our experienced gourmet guide, let's enjoy a Beijing food tour and satisfy your taste bud.

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FAQs on Beijing Food Tours

What are the food you think I should try in Beijing?

Some of the well-known Beijing food and desserts you shouldn't miss are Peking Duck (北京烤鸭) , Mutton in Hot Pot (涮羊肉), Dumpling (饺子), Noodles with Soybean Paste (炸酱面), Pancake(煎饼), Pease Pudding (豌豆黄), Green Bean Cake (绿豆糕), Sugar Coated Haws on a Stick (糖葫芦) and so on. If you take our Beijing food tours, your guide will introduce more food for you while travelling.

Is there any hygiene problem for the food tour in Beijing?

You do not need to worry about this. The restaurants we choose for our tours are all clean and reliable. Even for Beijing street food tour, the places we will go are very popular and have high reputations. If you go on your own, please choose restaurants that look clean and fancy, and at the food market, choose one that has more people waiting in line.

Is it easy to find good India food restaurants?

It's not everywhere but yes, you can find India restaurants easily. There are some of very good ones in Beijing like Ganges Indian Restaurant, Tandoor, Indian Kitchen, Taj Pavilion, Red Fort Indian Restaurant and more. The meal charge is usually CNY100 - CNY200 per person for an ordinary lunch or dinner.

I'm allergic to peanuts, is there any problem for me to take your Beijing food tour?

It is not a problem. No matter what food you are allergic to, please be sure to inform us in advance. We will let your guide know and choose food for you carefully. If you have meal on your own, please do write a note in Chinese and show to the restaurant waiter before you order any food.

How much does it cost for an ordinary meal in China?

The cost for a meal varies a lot based on the places you go. For the street snack food, CNY100 per person will be good enough to fill you up. For a small restaurant, around CNY50 – CNY80 per person is fine. If you have meal at a nice local Chinese restaurant, CNY100 - CNY150 per person is very common.

Do I need to tip at the restaurants?

No. There is no need to tip at the restaurant in China.

Do Chinese restaurants normally take credit card for payment?

It is not common to take international credit card for payment in most restaurants in China. Credit card is acceptable only in 4 or 5 star hotels, big shopping malls and some restaurants. For other places, you'd better prepare cashes in Chinese currency in advance.

Is it hard to understand the menu at the restaurant and order food on my own?

In most local Chinese restaurants, people normally do not understand English well and there are very few restaurants who could provide English menu. Most menus have pictures for food, but you may still find it hard to understand the raw materials of dishes and its taste. So the answer is yes, it is a bit challenge for you to order food on your own as a newcomer. Why not take a Beijing food tour with our experienced foodie guide? We are sure that you will love Chinese food if you get the right choice.
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