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2 Days Independent Beijing to Qinhuangdao Tour

Day 1 Beijing - Shanhaiguan Great Wall
Shanhaiguan Great Wall
First Pass under Heaven
Take the high speed train G387 08:25/10:28 from Beijing South Railway Station to Shanhaiguan Railway Station. After exiting, walk 10 minutes to Shanhaiguan Scenic Area. You can spend 1 to 1.5 hours to tour the ancient city, First Pass under Heaven. Then leave there and take bus line 25. After passing 9 stops, get off at Laolongtou stop. Walk 500 meters to go sightseeing around the Laolongtou Great Wall. The suggested visiting time is about 1 to 2 hours.

Afterwards, go to Beidaihe Scenic Area by public transportation or taxi. You may choose to accommodate near the Dove Nest Park. In the evening, you can go to the beach or enjoy a delicious feast at the seafood stall.

Scenic Spots

First Pass under Heaven: Shanhaiguan Great Wall is renowned as the First Pass under Heaven because before 1990 it was regarded as the first pass in the east of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Connecting with the Great Wall, this pass is a small ancient city with a perimeter of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). The main architecture is the Zhendong Tower in the east. The famous board with the Chinese characters "Tian Xia Di Yi Guan" is hanging under the eaves. Standing on the second floor, visitors are able to enjoy a whole view of this historical city. Around the tower are the Linlu Tower, Muying Tower, Jingbian Tower, Shanghaiguan Great Wall Museum, etc. If you want to have a deep understanding of the history, structure and other basic facts of the Great Wall, pay a visit to the museum.

Laolongtou Great Wall: Located 5 kilometers (3 miles) south to Shanhaiguan Great Wall, Laolongtou, also called Old Dragon's Head, looks like a dragon which drinks water from the sea. It is the only sea and land military defense system of the Great Wall, integrating the mountain, the sea, a pass, and an ancient city. It is composed of the Seaside Stone City, Sea God Temple, Jinglu Watchtower, Nanhaikou Pass, Chenghai Pavilion, Ninghai City, and Seaside Great Wall. Henghai Pavilion is the commanding height of the scenic area, thus the best place to watch the sea scenery. In the pavilion is an exhibition of the cultural relics unearthed there and the poems by national leaders. Ninghai City displays the style and features of the fortress in the Ming Dynasty.

Friendly Tips

· If you want more time for the Qinhuangdao tour from Beijing, there are also another two earlier trains from Beijing to Shanhaiguan. One departs at 06:39 and arrives at 09:19, while the other travels from 06:55 to 09:46.

· It is suggested to travel with a light package in the 2 days Beijing to Qinhuangdao tour. If you have some inconvenient luggage to take, you can deposit it in Shanhaiguan Railway Station when arriving and get it back after the tour.

· If taking bus from Laolongtou or the train station to Dove Nest Park, it needs a transfer and takes about 2.5 hours. If you go by taxi, you will spend about 1 hour and CNY 100.
Day 2 Beidaihe Scenic Area - Beijing
Beidaihe Scenic Area
Beidaihe Scenic Area
In the morning, you can appreciate the sunrise in the Dove Nest Park and then spend a leisure time to have fun in the Tiger Stone Park. Afterwards, return to the hotel and pack the luggage according to your train schedule. Finally, go to Beidaihe Railway Station by taxi and take the train back to Beijing.

Scenic Spots

Dove Nest Park: Dove Nest Park is one of the four main scenic spots in Beidaihe Scenic Area. The most attractive scenery should be the splendid sunrise from the sea and the thousands of various migratory birds in spring and autumn. The park also feeds more than 600 pigeons, so tourists can play and take photos with them. If you want to sail on the sea, the cruise port provides boats. In the scenic area, you can appreciate the traditional Eagle Horn Pavilion with glazed roof, the elegant seaside corridor with mural paintings themed on the Beidaihe Scenic Area, and the solemn statue of Chairman Mao.

Tiger Stone Park: Located in the center of Beidaihe Scenic Area, Tiger Stone Park is named after the huge stones on the beach like tigers. With soft sand, clear water and wide beach, it is the best place for enjoying a sunbath or sand bath and playing with water. Also, tourists can try motorboats, sail boarding and surf boarding. For kids, there is a children's playground for them to make sand sculptures and draw sand paintings. In the west of the park lies a small wharf where travelers can take tourism boats or go fishing.

Friendly Tips

· The most suitable travel time to Beidaihe Scenic Area is from May to October. If you are going to swim in the sea, August and September are the best time.

· Spring and autumn (March, April, May, September and October) are the seasons for watching the migratory birds and enjoying seafood.

· With temperate marine climate, Beidaihe Scenic Area is neither too hot in summer nor freezing cold in winter. The weather in summer is cool so a T-shirt is enough, but remember to protect yourself from the sun burn. Adding a thin coat is necessary if you take a walk along the seaside at night. From December to February the next year, it is relatively cold with an average low temperature of -6 ℃ (21 ℉) and the high temperature of 2 ℃ (35.6 ℉). It is necessary to wear the down jacket and sweater to keep warm.

· Trains from Beidaihe to Beijing for Your Reference:
G394 Beidaihe/Beijing South 18:00/20:34
D46 Beidaihe/Beijing 19:09/21:14
D22 Beidaihe/Beijing 20:32/22:42

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