BJ-T14: Red Leaves on Fragrant Hills & China National Botanical Garden

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  Itinerary Brief
Every autumn, a big event in Beijing is appreciating the red leaves on Fragrant Hills. If you happen to be in Beijing at that time, join us to enjoy the picturesque scenery. Besides, the guide will show you around in the adjacent China National Botanical Garden boasting various flowers and plants. 

 It is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.
  Stop 1: Fragrant Hills Park
Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Park) was originally a royal park, covered by dense woods. Every autumn, it is the most popular place in Beijing to appreciate red leaves of 140,000 trees. It seems the rolling mountains dotted by traditional Chinese architectures are covered by “huge red blanket”. 

 Admission fee: April - November 15: CNY 10;  November 16th to March: CNY 5
 Open time: April - November 15: 06:00 - 19:30; November 16th to March: 06:00 - 19:00
  Best Time to See Red Leaves in Beijing Fragrant Hills Park
Every middle October to early November is the best time to watch red leaves on Fragrant Hills Park. Correspondingly, it is the busiest time of the park. If possible, you are advised to go there in weekends to avoid crowds, hence enjoy a leisurely sightseeing tour. 
  How to Get to Fragrant Hills Park by Public Transport
The day before the tour, our guide will contact you to confirm the location of your hotel and figure out the best way to get there.

 Usually, subway is the best choice because of the long distance from downtown. The guide will accompany you to take subway Western Suburban Line to Xiangshan, then walk eastward for about 900 meters (990 yards) to reach the east gate of the park.
 If by bus, he or she will escort you to take bus no. 360, 563, or 698 to reach Xiangshan Stop, then walk for a couple minutes to reach the park. 
 In some years, special bus lines are operated to/from Fragrant Hills Park when the leaves turn red, usually starting from Beigongmen subway station of line 4. If it is in service, the guide may also choose that public transport. 
  Best Sites to Appreciate Red Leaves in Fragrant Hills Park
 Xianglu Peak: Offer a bird’s eye view of Fragrant Hills
 Liuqi Pavilion & Senyuhu: Immerse oneself among red leaves; wonderful sites to take charming photos
 Geyunzhong: The place to see panoramic view of southern hills at a distance
 Qingweiliao: Where one can see red leaves both closely and from a bird’s eye view
 Others: Yuhuaxiu Hall, Kanyunqi, Shuangqing Villa, Chanchu Peak, Jingcui Lake, Kanwu Cave, Heshun Gate, Xunlu Slope…
  Recommended Visit Routes in Fragrant Hills Park

Route 1: East Gate – Jingcui Lake – Shuangqing Villa – Xiangshan Temple – Langfeng Pavilion – Heshun Gate – Yutai Gate – Xianglu Peak

Time needed: about 2 hours
Suitable for: Young and energetic visitors; mountaineers

Combining ancient constructions and beautiful scenery, this visit route was once the sightseeing route of ancient emperors. 

Route 2: East Gate – Jingcui Lake – Yuhuaxiu Hall – Xiangwu Cave – Xianglu Peak

Time needed: about 40 minutes
Suitable for: Visitors with limited time; elders 

This route is not energy consuming, but covers one of the best sites to see red leaves in the Fragrant Hills Park, Jingcui Lake.

Route 3: North Gate - Cable Car – Xianglu Peak

Time needed: about 1 hour
Suitable for: All visitors

If your budget is enough, it's recommended take the cable car to reach the Xianglu Peak, the highest peak in the park, also one of the best sightseeing points. On the cable car, visitors can appreciate the red leaves from a bird’s eye view. The ride lasts for 17 minutes or so. 

Route 4: Circle the park by foot along the park wall 

Time needed: 2.5 hours
Suitable for: young visitors; hiking lovers

 The road between Jingcui Lake and Qingweiliao Ruins has been open. Many classic photos about red leaves of Fragrant Hills Park are shoot on the way from Qingweiliao Ruins to southern wall of the park. Standing on the Qingweiliao Ruins, one can also enjoy the full view of Fragrant Hills and overlook ancient attractions like Biyun Temple and Liuli Pagoda. 
  Lunch Break
Getting out of the Fragrant Hills Park from its east gate, the guide will give you some free time to feed your stomach and take a short break. The restaurants there mostly provide Chinese food. Choose one clean and meeting your preference. The guide could give you some recommendations. 
  Stop 2: China National Botanical Garden
It is right to the east of the Fragrant Hills Park. The guide will accompany you to take bus no. 563, 563 inter-zone line or others from the east gate of the Fragrant Hills Park to the Botanical Garden, which is only 2 stops away. 

China National Botanical Garden consists of Northern Garden, aka Beijing Botanical Garden and Southern Garden. Middle October to early November is the blooming period of chrysanthemums, so you will be amazed by various chrysanthemums inside, in addition to other rare plants and flowers from worldwide. 

 Admission fee: CNY10
 Open time: Northern Garden: March 16 – November 15: 6:00 – 20:00; November 16 – March 15: 6:30 – 18:00
Southern Garden: March 16 – November 15: 8:00 – 17:00; November 16 – March 15: 8:00 – 16:30
  Return Back to Hotel in Beijing Downtown
As the way you come, subway is preferred as well. The guide will escort you back to downtown by subway Western Suburban Line, which has a station right near the Botanical Garden. Then transfer to other subway lines or city buses to send you back to your hotel. 
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