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Beijing Layover Tours

The 144-hour visa-free transit has been carried out in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei since Dec. 28, 2017. It enables more people to take a layover tour in Beijing and its surrounding areas for up to 6 days. We have specially designed some hassle-free trip options to make your Beijing layover tour planning much easier.

What can I do during my visa-free transit in Beijing?

3 to 4 Days Layover in Beijing

Tailor Your Beijing Private Tour

How to Apply for 144-hour Visa-Free Transit?

FAQs on Visa-free Transit

My flight lands in Beijing at 08:00 from New York, and I'll connect a flight to Osaka at 19:00 later that day. Am I able to do your one day layover tour?

Yes, we can customize a layover tour for you according to your schedule. You will have enough time to visit the Great Wall of Beijing during the period.

Can I visit Xian from Beijing during my 144-hour layover?

Sorry. Tourists can move around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei freely within 144-hour visa-free transit. Visa is needed if you travel from Beijing to Xian.

I will fly from Los Angeles to Beijing and then fly back to New York. May I use the visa-free transit?

Sorry. The place of departure and destination should not be in the same country or region. If you fly from Los Angeles to a third country or region such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau and so on via Beijing, then you qualify for this policy.

What documents are required to apply for the free visa at the airport?

To apply for the free visa, you need to present your valid passport, visa for a third country or region if required, a full completed Arrival and Departure Card and an onward ticket with confirmed seat to the staff at the Transit Service Counter.

I will transit in Beijing on my way to Bangkok. However, I do not need a Thai visa according to the regulations, so I cannot present a visa for a third country or region. Am I still able to apply for the visa-free transit?

Yes, you can still apply for the transit permit in Beijing without a visa for the third country or region if you meet its visa exemption requirements.

I will arrive in Tianjin by an international cruise ship. Can I enjoy the 144-hour visa exemption?

Yes, Tianjin International Cruise Terminal is one of the ports that travelers can apply for the 144-hour visa-free transit. If the departure place and the terminal are not in the same country or region, clients can choose to arrive and depart by cruise, arrive by cruise and depart by flight, or arrive by flight and depart by cruise.

I will take a connecting flight from Detroit to Beijing via Hong Kong, and I will not go out of Hong Kong airport during the stopover. After visiting Beijing for 3 days, I'll fly to Hong Kong. Can I apply for the visa-free transit?

Sorry, your situation is not compliant with the visa-free transit policy since your arrival flight actually comes from Hong Kong. The place of departure and destination should not be in the same region or country. If you fly from Detroit directly to Beijing, and then visit Hong Kong later, you apply to this policy.
Questions & Answers
Asked by Il from USA | Nov. 07, 2018 17:25Reply

I'll be flying from the US to Hong Kong, then to Korea, then to Beijing and back to the US. The flight would all be on one itinerary, besides the Hong Kong to Korea segment. I am a US citizen. Do I qualify for the 144 hour visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Derek | Nov. 09, 2018 00:53

As far as I know, the visa is not required during your layover in Hong Kong, and you are qualified for the 144-hour visa free transit and can apply for the permit when you arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport.
Asked by N from NETHERLANDS | Nov. 06, 2018 12:12Reply
I am booking different tickets with different carriers, I can prove with the ticket that I will not stay longer than 144 hrs, but the booking is not at 1 carrier on 1 ticket, am I eligible for the 144 free VISA?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kristine | Nov. 07, 2018 00:31

As I know, it doesn't matter if you book different tickets with different carriers. You can apply for the 144-hour visa free transit at Beijing airport as long as you have the ticket to a third country with confirmed seat and date.
Asked by Colin Carr from ENGLAND | Nov. 05, 2018 13:11Reply
5 hours in beijing
1 have 5 hours in Beijing , can I get a train into Beijing city centre for a few hours
Answers (1)
Answered by Bruce | Nov. 07, 2018 00:29

If you transit at the Beijing Capital International Airport, I am afraid that it is impossible for you to take a city trip within 5 hours, so you are suggested to stay at the airport for transfer.
Asked by John Chang from USA | Oct. 27, 2018 22:31Reply
Visa requirements in Guangdong
I will be flying from New York to Singapore then hoping to fly to Shanghai for 3 day visa free stopover before flying to Japan and then back to New York. Would I be able get a 3 day visa free stay in Shanghai?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lirika | Oct. 28, 2018 23:51

As I know, it is no problem to apply for the visa-free transit based on your itinerary. But there are also two necessary conditions that you need to meet. One is that you have to be the citizen of 53 countries that are opened to apply for visa-free transit in China. The other one is you should take your valid passport and the flight ticket to the third country with confirmed dates and seats. If you get the 144-hour visa free transit in Shanghai, you can move around Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang but can not move to Guangdong.
Asked by Steff from USA | Oct. 23, 2018 11:23Reply
US Passport but traveling from Kuwait to Beijing
Hi, my husband and I have current US passports, but we will be in Kuwait & UAE on holiday in January. Can we fly from either Kuwait or UAE to Beijing with one airline, and use the 144 hour visa free transit to stay for 2 days (staying in a hotel and visiting the great wall of China)? Then fly with a different airline out of Beijing to Japan? Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Deja | Oct. 24, 2018 02:30

You are suggested buy the connecting flight ticket if you would like to apply for visa-free transit. It means that you only bought one ticket from Kuwait or UAE to Japan, but it will be divided into two segments, like transfers in Beijing. And it doesn't matter if the two segments are not the same airline for a connecting flight.
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