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2 Days Self-guided Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tour

Itinerary Suggestion:

Day 01: Beijing - Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Take public transport from downtown Beijing to Huanghuacheng Great Wall at first. Then check in at an argritainment. After a short break, go sightseeing to the Great Wall. Finally, return to have rest.

Day 02: Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tour - Bird's Nest - Beijing
After breakfast, go back to Beijing by public transportation. If you are interested, you can pay a visit to the Bird's Nest and Water Cube on the way back. Then go back to the downtown area and end the enjoyable journey.
Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Great Wall of water
Introduction to Huanghuacheng Great Wall:

It is located in Jiuduhe Town of Huairou District, 65 kilometers (40 miles) to the city center. It is a tourism resort combining the mountain, valley, water and ancient Great Wall. Huanghuacheng Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) with a length of 12.4 kilometers (7.7 miles) is built on the mountain ridges and surrounded by Haoming Lake. The most well-known and amazing are the Underwater Great Wall and the Chestnut Garden. April to October is the best time for travel.
Bird's Nest & Water Cube:

The Bird's Nest, also called the National Stadium, is the main stadium for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and also the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Now, it is a large professional site for international and domestic sports activities. Its appearance is like a nest made of steel. The Water Cube, the center of water sports in Beijing Olympic Games, is to the west of the Bird's Nest. Now, tourists can go swimming, exercise and take part in some leisure activities in the water park, Spa Zone and Waterdrop Theater, have a meal in the water-themed restaurants, or buy some souvenirs in the business section.
Bird's Nest
Water Cube
Transportation Tips:

Beijing to Huanghuacheng Great Wall:
Take Jingcheng Express Line 916 at Dongzhimen Bus Hub Station to Nanhuayuan Sanqu stop in Huairou District. Walk forwards for 100 meters (109 yards) and cross the road when seeing traffic lights. Then take the bus Huairou - Shuichangcheng Line h21 from Nanhuayuan Siqu stop to the final destination.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall to Beijing:
Following the route of arrival, you can take bus h21 and transfer to line 916 back to downtown.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall to Bird's Nest:
If you plan to go to the Olympic Park, please take bus line h21 from Xishuiyu stop at Huanghuacheng Great Wall and get off at Qingchunlu South via 46 stops. Walk 250 meters (273 yards) to Nanhuayuan Sanqu stop to take bus line 916. After passing 5 stops, when arriving at Taiyanggongqiao, transfer to bus line 419 to reach the National Stadium East. Or, you can get off at Xibahe stop of bus line 916, and then go to the Bird's Nest by taxi which takes about 20 minutes and costs CNY40.

Bird's Nest - Downtown Beijing:
There is subway line 8 near the Olympic Park. You can first take this line and then transfer to other subway lines to your destination in downtown Beijing.
Where to Live for a Huanghuacheng tour?

There is no nice hotels near Huanghuacheng Great Wall, but plenty of agritainments scatter at the entrance or around the scenic spot. You can experience the life and taste the food in farmyards, feel the natural taste in cottages and enjoy the leisure life in the mountain. Through the trip, you will know about the local life near the Great Wall and experience the strong rural atmosphere in northern China.
Hiking route on Huanghuacheng
Underwater Great Wall
How to Go Sightseeing?

Huanghuacheng Tour Route:
Enter from the west gate and go to the peninsula in the middle of the lake through the Great Wall Breach. The distance is 1.1 kilometers (0.7 miles) which takes about 20 minutes. Then visit the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty and the underwater sections. Continue westwards to the beach, Green Jade Pool and Black Dragon Pool. A single trip is about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) and the travel time is about 40 minutes. Then return to the peninsula and take the boat to the Reservoir Dam to end the trip. Or, you can walk 1 hour through the winding plank road to the exit. You would spend about 3 - 4 hours to finish the whole journey.

Ticket Price:
Adult: CNY45/person
Coupon Ticket A: CNY75 (including the entrance ticket and a round-trip tourism boat);
Coupon Ticket B: CNY60 (including the entrance ticket and a single-trip tourism boat)
Main Scenic Spots:

Ming Great Wall: With a history of more than 600 years, the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng is first built in 1404 in the Ming Dynasty. After the Emperor Yongle establish Beijing as the capital city, his mausoleum is built on the south side of Tianshou Mountain while Huanghuacheng is on the north side of the mountain. So this section has been the North Gate to guard the capital and also an important gateway to guard the Imperial Tombs of the Ming Dynasty. As the essence of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty, this section built with stone is majestic, steep, simple and unsophisticated.

Reservoir Dam: Reservoir Dam is located on the original site of Xishuiyu Pass. Before the dam was built, the pass had been impacted by the flood for many times so that it was almost ruined. So the pass was removed to build the dam. Now, it is 200 meters (219 yards) long and 48 meters (157 feet) high with five arches symbolizing the five elements and five cereals in China. Beneath the dam is a 50-meter-long (55-yard-long) gallery. In rainy summer, water gushes out from the five arches to the underlying pool, making a magnificent waterfall. Meanwhile the gallery behind the waterfall turns into a water curtain cave.
Reservoir Dam
Underwater Great Wall: Due to the construction of the Reservoir Dam, the water level rises, so the three sections of Great Wall in the lower valley are submerged. It is the only Underwater Great Wall in China and the most representative scenic spot there. Standing on the Kuaku Bridge on the Peninsula, tourists can see more clearly.

Peninsula: Located in the center of the scenic area, the Peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides and backed by the mountain. It is the best place to see the Underwater Great Wall. On the beautiful island grow various trees, flowers and grass. Also, there are a wharf for tourism boats, restaurants, tea houses and other recreational centers. So tourists prefer to camp there for a barbecue or bonfire party.

Plank Road: The plank board with a length of 2 kilometers is located on the mountainside, which is winding according to the terrain meanwhile circling around the lake. It is an ideal route to go hiking. Walking along the road, you can appreciate the fishes frolicking in the water, the wonderful lakes and mountains and the splendid landscape of the Great Wall. If tired, you can have a rest at the Fengshan Pavilion and Quli Pavilion.

Jade Green Pool: Jade Green Pool looks like a jasper in the mountain. There is a legend saying that the Seven Fairies lost it accidently when they toured here, so the pool was formed.

Black Dragon Pool: The pool is located in the westernmost of the scenic area. The clear pool is surrounded by the mountain with constant spring flowing into. Though the climate was quite hot in summer, it is cool around the pool, making it a good place to beat the summer heat. In the hillside to the north of the pool is a small Dragon King Temple for locals to pray for rain and wind.

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