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Pakistan is a multi-ethnic country, mainly Muslim society with a long history and prosperous Indian civilization and Buddhist culture.
It is the mountains and plateaus in the north and west of the country and the southeast is the Indus plain. The diverse landscape makes it rich in tourism resources from the gigantic icy peaks to the lush green valleys, from the historic heritage sites to the modern architecture. Our Pakistan tour packages will offer you the best choice to explore this dreamland.
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What to Visit in Pakistan for First Time Travelers?

Travelling to Pakistan is an ultimate experience and adventure. For the first time travelers, we suggest you plan the tour to the major cities, like the capital city of Islamabad, the culture center of Lahore and the northeast part of highland for different valleys with amazing natural scenery. Usually one week is enough to visit Islamabad and Lahore. If you prefer to include the incredible places in Kashmir area, another week will be required due to the long time transfer between the destinations.
Chaukhandi Tombs
Pakistan Monument

What is the Best Time for Pakistan Tours?

It is the best time to travel to the northeast of Pakistan in spring and autumn. Generally speaking, there are four seasons in Pakistan. It is spring from March to April, when it is neither too hot nor too cold, but a little bit dry. May to August is the summer season with the highest temperature in June and rainy season in July and August. The highest temperature may reach 45°C (113°F) sometimes. Autumn falls in September and October. It is winter from November to February, when the temperature changes greatly day and night. The temperature can reach 45°C (113°F) in the daytime and drop to freezing point at night sometimes.

Also, as it is a Muslim country, the local people celebrate the Ramadan every July and August (the specific time varies every year), when most of the restaurants and shops are only open for half day, so it is advised to avoid this period for travelling.

Do I Need a Visa to Pakistan?

Yes, most of the foreigners need a valid visa to enter Pakistan, except nationals from Iceland, Maldives, Zambia, Hong Kong (China), Nepal, Western Samoa, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago. To apply for the visa, you should prepare the valid passport, 2 passport-size photos, completed application form, confirmed onward air tickets and proof of sufficient amount of foreign currency. It takes about 7 to 10 working days to process the visa application and the visa fee varies from country to country. Tourists from 175 countries could apply for the Pakistan visa through their online visa system and tourists from 24 countries could get the visa on arrival.

How to Get to and Travel around Pakistan?

Most of the travelers go to Pakistan by air. There are international flights available to the major cities, like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Also some travelers choose to enter Pakistan through the Karakoram Highway from China, the highest and most beautiful highway in the world.

For the domestic transportation, you could choose to take the flight. The Pakistan airlines offer multiple daily flights between all the major cities from north to south. It is quite easy to find your preferred flight schedules. Also, Pakistan has an extensive network of roads and highways. Travelling by road is more convenient to visit the small towns, especially those in the northeast area with fascinating views. There are also trains available in Pakistan, but it takes a longer time than the bus, so it is not advised to take the train.

Is It Safe to Travel to Pakistan?

Yes, it is quite safe in Pakistan. Although Pakistan has a rough past and is in conflict in certain areas, we choose the safe regions for our clients. Also, our local guide will always accompany you during your Pakistan tour packages, who knows the local situation very well and is professional in tour arrangements to make sure of your safety.