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Panama is famous for the Panama Canal, but there are not only canal, but also charming islands, beaches, rainforests,
Indian villages, historic sites, skyscrapers and so on. In addition, Panama is an international financial center. Taking cruise on Panama Canal, surfing or swimming on beach, hiking in the rainforest, visiting indigenous villages, let us help you plan an extraordinary Panama trip!
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What are the Highlights for First Time Travelers to Panama?

As a coastal country in Central America, Panama is located in a tropical climate zone with rich natural landscape, including primitive tropical rainforest, beaches and Panama Canal. Also, as the most developed country in Central America, Panama has historic cities and prosperous international city. To be a first time traveler, if you have one week time, you may consider Panama City and the Pearl Islands or San Blas Islands; if you have 8-10 days, try to explore Panama City, the Pearl Islands and Bocas del Toro, or Panama City, Anton Valley, Chitre and Playa Bonita; if you have more than 10 days, plan panama tours to cover most of the highlights including Boquete and Santa Catalina.
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What Time are the High Season and Low Season to Travel Panama?

Panama is a great place to visit any time of the year! It has two seasons: dry season and rainy season. From December to next April, it is the dry season and also the best time for traveling, thus, many scuba divers and swimming lovers come to Panama for its beautiful beaches and rainforests. From May to November, it is rainy season, but the temperature is moderate and many tourists still choose to visit Panama during this time.

The busiest travel times (not related to weather) in Panama are Christmas and New Year's Holiday. If you travel at that time, you need to confirm the tours to Panama 4-6 months in advance so as to book hotels and air tickets.

Is Visa Required for Tours to Panama?

Visa requirements vary according to nationalities. For the citizens from United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, most European countries, and some other countries, it is visa-free to enter Panama. The travelers from most of countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia will need to apply for a visa.

How to Get to and Travel Around Panama?

To get to Panama, the most convenient way is to take flight to Tocumen International Airport in Panama City which is the main international airport. While travelling around Panama, taking flight, driving car and taking boat are the most common modes of transportation. If you take a Panama trip to Caribbean coast, taking train through Panama Canal Railway is a great experience, as you will pass through the rainforest and enjoy the beautiful views along the Panama Canal.

What is the Official Currency in Panama? Is It Easy to Exchange Money?

The Balboa coins and US dollars are the official currencies of Panama and they are of equal value. You can exchange a small amount of US dollars before leaving for Panama. As credit cards are widely accepted in most of the tourist destinations, we suggest you do not take too much cash. If you need to exchange money during your Panama tours, banks or ATMs are convenient.