Is It Safe to Travel in China Now?
Yes, nearly all places in China are reopening, the hotels and sightseeing spots are in good managements to receive the tourists. Many Chinese people and expat residents are making their travel plans now. With good precautions we are taking, you are traveling safe in China with us.

For foreign visitors traveling in China, it is required to fill in the 14-day dynamic trip record, show your valid passport and the green health code. It might be a bit different in some areas. Your travel consultant will provide you the most up-to-date information and help to make it easier for you.

There is no doubt that your safety is always our top priority, especially after such a severe global epidemic. We do all we could for the prevention works, and make sure everyone who travels with TravelChinaGuide will have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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What measures are we taking to ensure you a safe tour?
  • Your guides and drivers are safe from Covid-19.
    As for your tour guides and drivers, we pay great attention to their health conditions every day to ensure that they are in good health while working. They need to wear masks, have their body temperature monitored daily and receive nucleic acid detection regularly. You do not need to worry about the close contact with them.
  • Your vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected every day.
    Normally, we provide spacious licensed vehicles with comfortable seats and air conditioning. Drivers are required to clean the vehicles on daily basis. For current situations, drivers are required to clean and disinfect the vehicles thoroughly at least twice in a day, including doorknobs, seats, armrests, safety belts, and any other places you might touch.
  • Medical masks, 75% alcohol, hand sanitizer are provided for free use.
    During your tour, there will be 75% alcohol disinfectant and hand sanitizers prepared in the car for free use. And each day, we will provide every guest two free medical masks. These prevention products can also be easily purchased in the pharmacies. If you want to buy more, your guides will be glad to offer help.
  • Nice hotels assure you a safe and enjoyable stay.
    Most hotels we use in our package tours are international brand hotels, and some are good local ones. They are all well-managed and care for their guests' health and safety than anything else. They do good prevention works too, such as increasing the frequency of cleaning all hotel areas, especially the reception, hotel public areas and some high-touch items.
  • Nice restaurants with high quality food are selected for you.
    For meals included in tours, we always choose reliable restaurants with elegant environment and great atmosphere in the city. Restaurants have a strict food hygiene rules and the staff are well trained to serve the guests in good manners. You don't need to worry about their sanitation. For meals that are not included, your guides will be able to recommend you good local restaurants.
  • We will ensure you a pleasant travel experience.
    Although the epidemic has been under control in China, we still need to be cautious. Your tour guides have rich experiences on how to avoid the crowds, what to do in an emergency, what to recommend for your free time and so on. We will also offer suggestions on how to take flight and train. In any case, you can count on us for a carefree trip in China.
Even the epidemic may not stop you from seeing the world. If you travel, be sure to choose a safe country and a reliable travel agency. TravelChinaGuide team, with over 20 years' experiences, is committed to providing you with professional travel advice, top quality services and a memorable travel experience. We are always here for you!
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