The Meroe Pyramids, Sudan

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Uncover a wealth of hidden historical treasures in ancient desert cities.
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With our privately guided tours to Sudan, you will start a marvelous adventure that allows you to enjoy a relaxing Nile cruise, experience Sudanese hospitality in African bustling souks or traditional villages, venture north to explore the archaeological sites in ancient desert cities, and uncover abundant historic ruins, temples, pyramids as well as antique tombs beneath the sands of Sudan.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Sudan?

With erratic and sparse rainfall, Sudan’s north is full of sunshine throughout the year. As an uncomfortably dry and hot place, the summer temperatures in northern Sudan even exceed 43°C/ 109°F which makes it unbearably hot from April to September. Hence the best time for a Sudan tour is during the winter months from October to early April, when the temperature is usually between 26°C/ 79°F and 32°C/ 90°F.

What to See in Sudan for First Time Travelers?

The popular destinations are the vibrant capital Khartoum, Omdurman, Karima, Tombos, Sai Island, historical sites of the Old Dongola, the royal cities of Naga and Meroe. It is generally a good idea that first time visitors can spend a weeklong holiday to cover four top destinations in Sudan, such as exploring the famous Jebel Barkal in Karima, visiting the ancient architecture in Meroe, also known as the former capital of the ancient Kush Kingdom, discovering the spellbinding pyramids at sunset in Old Dongola, and relaxing on a Nile cruise in vibrant Khartoum together with a visit to the Sudan’s largest Omdurman souk. Along the way, visitors can admire incredible landscapes while driving through the Bayuda desert and the Western desert. For those who want an in-depth travel, 8 to 12 days Sudan tours will enable you to travel further north to Sai Island or more desert cities, experiencing firsthand the Nubian hospitality as guests in the traditional village of Soleb.
Downtown Khartoum, Sudan

Is Tourist Visa Required for Sudan Tours?

An entry visa to Sudan is required in advance for travelers from most nations like the USA, the UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and South Africa. The visa requirements can change at short notice, so please consult your nearest Sudan Embassy for up-to-date information or conditions. Be aware that visitors also need to hold a travel permit for trips outside Khartoum, and our specialist will help you issue a travel permit ahead.

How to Get to and Travel around Sudan?

The major city for international flights is the capital city Khartoum. Most visitors fly into the Khartoum International Airport (KRT) by air transfer from Cairo, Doha, Dubai or Addis Ababa. Travelers can also enter Sudan overland from Egypt or Ethiopia.

Domestic transport is pretty straightforward in Sudan. Local minivans with low prices depart every day from major cities heading to all directions. Moreover, as the asphalted roads are in good condition, it is very convenient to travel around by four wheel drive vehicles, thus, our Sudan tour packages will include an air-conditioned private car with an experienced driver, which escorts you smoothly to the desert cities to discover many ancient ruins.
Meroe Pyramids, Sudan

Is It Safe to Visit Sudan?

Thinking of Sudan, the first thing that comes to your mind may be civil conflict, however, it depends on where you plan your trip to. There are some safe areas in this vast country, and our passionate guide will travel with you during the trip. The Sudanese are said to be very warm and hospitable African people. Even though the local people are poor, they are free in their pure land showing visitors genuine smiles and legendary hospitality.

Do I Need to Get Vaccinations or Malaria Tablets for Sudan?

Definitely yes. Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for your entry to Sudan, so please remember to bring the vaccination card before departure. Meningitis and hepatitis are also necessary for those planning a journey to the field sites in northern Sudan.

Besides, there is no vaccination for malaria. We recommend you to talk to your doctor and get anti-malaria medication before your travel to Sudan, where malaria is a serious health problem.

Are There Any Requirements on Clothing for Sudan Trips?

The official religion of Sudan is the Islam. In this predominantly Muslim country, visitors must wear conservative clothes, particularly when they travel outside the capital Khartoum. Modest western clothes and traditional clothing are suitable in Sudan, except for shorts, sleeveless shirts and tight clothes. Short sleeves are generally acceptable in the city areas, but no shoulders can be exposed. Female travelers need to wear long trousers or loose skirts longer than mid-calf length. The hijab or headscarf is not required for female visitors.