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What's your impression of Sweden? The icy sea breeze, the simple style of IKEA's furniture, or the classical subway station in Stockholm? Actually, Sweden is not only rich in Nordic culture and beautiful pastoral scenery, but also has a variety of interesting foods. Come to plan your Sweden tour packages, feel the nature, embrace the sea, or enjoy the Aurora's light shining all over the night sky.

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What to See in Sweden?

Sweden is one of the five Nordic countries, and also the largest country in northern Europe. Its west is Norway, the northeast is connected with Finland, and the southwest is connected with Denmark by the Oresund Strait Bridge.

If you travel during the summer time, then the capital Stockholm and its surrounding areas are better choices. The Old Town Gamla Stan, Stockholm Slott, the City Hall, Drottninggatan, Vasa Museum, Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan), Nobel Museum, etc, are all highlights and worth visiting.

If it is winter time, then it will be more interesting to feel the icy world with white snow in Swedish Lapland area. Among those, Luleå, Kiruna and Abisko are ideal places to go, with various outdoor activities like dog sledding, reindeer farm visit at a Sami settlements, ice fishing, snowmobile safari, or forest adventure in a polar night. One or two nights' stay at the ICEHOTEL with traditional Nordic sauna will enhance your whole travel experience.

And why not connect more Nordic countries? All of our Sweden tour packages can be tailored to meet your demand.
Royal Palace, Stockholm
Icehotel, Kiruna

When is the Best Time to Take Sweden Tours?

It depends entirely on one's preference. The most beautiful months in northern Europe are May to September, during which the climate is mild and comfortable, with the days longer and the nights shorter. Nordic people enjoy the best time during this period. The music festivals, art festivals and sports festivals run through the whole summer. For them, what summer represents is not so much a scale on a thermometer but a state of mind: enjoying this very moment.

While, winter has another kind of beauty from November to March. It is an extreme white world with magic northern lights dancing in the sky. There is too much to be expected and experienced when taking the colorful and funny outdoor activities.

Do I Need a Visa to Sweden?

Yes. A Schengen visa is required to enter Sweden as a tourist.

As early as June 14, 1985, Sweden signed a treaty, which led most European countries to abolish national boundaries and establish a borderless Europe called "Schengen area".

If your destinations cover more than one European country in the Schengen area, then only one Schengen visa is enough to enter these countries. You can apply for a visa to the right country in which you are planning to stay for the longest time. If your stay in each country is balanced, then apply for a Schengen Visa to the country you will enter first.

How to Get to and Travel around Sweden?

Airports are available in several major cities and regions in Sweden. Most people fly to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, which is the largest airport in Sweden. If you travel to the north part in winter, you can fly to Kiruna directly.

If you take a guided Sweden trip, then the travel agency will arrange some of the transportation for you. If you have some free days arranged by yourself, it is generally recommended to give priority to trains or buses, as a number of lines have been opened between the major cities and surrounding towns. Contact us for more information.

Do I Need to Tip during a Sweden Trip?

Tipping is not customary in most of the Nordic countries. If you are quite satisfied with the service offered by restaurants or hotels, you can tip appropriately, but not too much. The room attendant would be happier if the guests take good care of the room. When taking a taxi, the bill already includes all the expenses, so there is no need to tip.