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Sharing borders with Austria, Italy, France and Germany, Switzerland is well-known for its Alpine peaks, glacial icefields,
crystalline lakes, historical cities and lip-smacking Swiss food. Whether taking a breathtaking train ride on the famous Golden Pass Line, enjoying the must-see sights in Swiss cities, or exploring some beautiful towns and villages, you will appreciate the most spectacular scenery and get a diverse European cultural experience. Our Switzerland tour packages provide you with different ways to explore Switzerland. So grab your camera and get ready for an amazing vacation.
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When is the Best Time to Visit Switzerland?

The seasons in Switzerland are spring from mid-March to mid-June, summer from mid-June to mid-September, autumn from mid-September to mid-December, and winter from mid-December to mid-March. May, June, September and October are good months to visit Switzerland, as weather is typically mild, and the mountain passes are still open. July and August are travel peak months and are always crowded in cities. March, April and November are rainy seasons and snow fall usually presents from December.

For those who have specific travel plans, the ‘best time’ may mainly depend on what particular events they want to participate. For example, snowing season is the perfect time for skiers and winter sports fans. For mountaineers, summer is the best time. Some of the Swiss panoramic trains including the Glacier Express and some of the mountain cableways cease running during winter months. So if you want to enjoy one of these rides, this should be taken into consideration. Anyway, if you can get time off work and are well prepared for your vacation, you will have a wonderful Switzerland tour regardless of the time of year.

What to See in Switzerland for First Time Travelers?

There are so many fabulous cities and towns worth visiting. Walking on the eternal snow, witnessing glistening glaciers, riding on the world-famous Glacier Express train, and visiting a Swiss cheese factory are all ideal activities in your Switzerland tours.

For a regular week-long trip, you could discover major Swiss cities and visit some natural wonders. If you have a longer vacation, you can include more interesting places like museums, medieval castles and fortresses, Swiss mountain peaks, and experience more scenic train rides throughout Switzerland.

Choose our Switzerland holiday packages, you will appreciate spectacular Switzerland in every aspect.
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How to Get to and Travel Around Switzerland?

The main entry points for international flights are Zurich and Geneva airports, and these two airports have train stations connecting to all over Switzerland. As it is centrally located in Europe, Switzerland can also be easily accessed by road or train from all neighboring countries.

Switzerland has the most comprehensive public transport system in the world. It’s easy and convenient to travel by trains and buses. Rail roads and highways are well maintained annually. Due to the excellent ground transportation, internal flights are not so popular among the visitors.

We can tailor make a Switzerland tour package for you according to your preferred transportation means.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Switzerland?

Travelers need a valid passport and visa to enter Switzerland, but it depends. Citizens from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Europe's Schengen countries, the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) do not require a visa and are allowed to stay up to 90 days. For more detailed information, please check with your local Swiss Embassy or Consulate.

Is Switzerland a Safe Country to Travel?

Switzerland is one of the safest countries throughout Europe. However, nothing is absolute. It is still necessary to keep an eye on your luggage and wallets in busy areas. Staying safe is always the top priority no matter where you are traveling.

The travel insurance is essential for a trip abroad, as you might not expect when unforeseen things happen, such as flights get cancelled, luggage gets lost or partner gets sick, etc. A good travel agency may not only offer you Switzerland holiday packages, but also solve all of your travel concerns.