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Beijing Daxing Airport – World’s Largest Single-terminal Airport Expected to Open since Sep. 30, 2019

Published: Sep. 10, 2019

China's another new capital aviation hub – Beijing Daxing Airport is slated to be open on September 30 this year. As the world’s largest aviation terminal housed in a single building, Daxing Airport targets to achieve 45 million passenger throughput by 2022 and 72 million passenger throughput by 2025. As it is open soon, here are some facts you should know before taking a flight from or to the new world-class airport.

Cheaper Flight Tickets than to/from Capital Airport

At present, the flight tickets of the airport have already been on sale. The domestic flight tickets will be about CNY200 less compared with the same route to/from the Capital Airport and the international ticket will be about CNY2, 000 cheaper. That’s a piece of good news for passengers and they can buy air tickets for a song.

Boarding Flights with No Paper Tickets

There will be no more paper tickets. Passengers can board the plane holding the passport.

Less Walking Inside

There are five convenient concourses connected to the main hall of the airport. What’s more, it reduces a lot of walking for passengers, as it is only about 600m (660 yd) from the check points at the terminal center to the remotest boarding gate. About 8 minutes' walking time saves a lot of time and brings great convenience.

Convenient Transfer between Flights

No matter the international – international flight transfer, domestic – domestic flight transfer, international – domestic flight transfer or domestic – international flight transfer, all the transfer procedures will be simplified and completed within 60 minutes.

Air Company

In 2019, there will be 7 domestic air companies setting down at Beijing Daxing Airport including Air China, China Southern, China Eastern and Xiamen Airlines. All the China Southern flights will move to the new airport and it will not use Capital Airport any more. The 8 international air companies include British Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Air Finland, and Malaysia Airlines.

This year, it is expected to open 116 air lines including 101 domestic ones and 15 international routes at this airport. For safety and smooth operation, there will not be too many flights at the beginning. But there will be more air companies settling down at Daxing Airport in the future.

Easy Transfer with Downtown Beijing and Surrounding Cities

New Airport Express

The new airport express will be put into use as the airport formally opens. Its total length is about 41.36 km (25.7 mi) and there are 3 stations along the way now including Caoqiao Station, Daxing New City Station and Daxing Airport station. The fastest speed reaches 160 km/h (99 mph) and only 20 minutes are needed between the airport and Caoqiao Station. The ticket between Caoqiao and Daxing Airport is CNY35 and it costs CNY25 between Daxing New City and Daxing Airport.

What's more, passengers can directly get your boarding pass and check in at Caoqiao Station, which is really convenient.

Beijing – Xiong'an Intercity Railway

Besides the New Airport Express, the Beijing – Xiong'an intercity railway will also open in the late September. The high speed trains with speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) direct to the -2F of the airport and passengers can take an escalator to the terminal directly. The train will be operated between Beijing West Railway Station and Daxing Airport and it takes around 20 minutes for a single way.

Airport Shuttle Bus

The airport shuttle bus will be one of the most important ways of airport transportation. There will be 6 shuttle bus lines and some are as follow:
Line 1 to Beijing Main Railway Station
Line 2 to West Railway Station
Line 3 to South Station
Line 4 to Tongzhou
Line 5 to Fangshan
Line 6 to Xuanwumen.  

In the future, more airport bus lines will be operated to direct to Baoding, Langfang, Sanhe, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, and Tianjin.

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