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Tunisia, located in the northernmost end of Africa, is a country with a concentration of beaches, deserts, mountain forests and ancient civilizations. The Kairouan city will bring you to the memory of ancient dynasties. The Tataouine, Chott El-Djerid and Matmata, which is the shooting locations of “Star Wars”, will offer you a personal experience of the scene in the film. The coastal city Sousse and appreciate the special architecture. There is no reason to turn down such an interesting country.

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Do I Need a Visa for Tunisia Holiday Packages?

People from many countries do not need a visa for a trip to Tunisia less than 90 days, like America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, all EU countries (except Cyprus), Argentina, Brazil, China, and Russia. If you come from Germany, you can stay in Tunisia for four months without visa. For people from Bulgaria, two months visa free is applicable. And for Greek, people can stay in Tunisia for one month without visa. For other countries, you may check the visa policy with your local Tunisian Embassy.

Are There any Special Customs I Should Follow in Tunisia?

Yes. Tunisia is an Islamic country, so please do not talk about pig or eat pork. When visiting mosques or museums, please do not wear backless tops, shorts and high-heeled shoes.
Sahara Desert in Tunisia
El Jem Amphitheatre

Is Tipping Customary in Tunisia?

In Tunisia, tipping is optional. When you eat at a restaurant, if you are satisfied with the dishes or the service, you may tip them one or two Dinars. When you meet a staff offering you hand towel at the toilet of the airport, you may tip him/her 1 Dinar. However, if you are not satisfied with the service, there is no need to tip.

What is the Climate like and When is the Best Time to Travel to Tunisia?

The climate in Tunisia is complicated. It is Subtropical Mediterranean climate in the north, tropical savanna climate in the middle part and tropical continental desert climate in the south. The hottest month is August and the coldest is January. If you want to travel to Tunisia, we would like to recommend late March to June and late September to November, when the temperature is mild. During this time, you will see the blooming flowers and feel the warm wind along the coast. Besides, it will not be too hot in the desert, either, which is suitable for a sightseeing trip.