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Travel to Thailand, North Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Pakistan and other regions and countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia to explore different Oriental cultures!

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    Are you ready for traveling? Go to Vietnam and take a cruise on the glorious Mekong River! Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum, the unique One Pillar Pagoda, the Temple of Literature and numerous highlights here await your coming!

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    Cambodia, a mysterious ancient oriental country, draws increasing holiday takers. Numerous amazing historical sites from 9th to 15th century, including the unparalleled Angkor Ruins, remind visitors of its glorious past.

  • 6 Itineraries

    Thailand is an ideal destination for vacation. Any corner here is appealing with fantastic sceneries. It is also a country with 2000 years old Buddhism culture. Welcome to visit the mysterious old temples and the majestic palaces.

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    Rich history, numerous historical and cultural heritage, and beautiful natural landscape have made Southeast Asian counties desirable tourist destinations. Now let us guide you to experience the great diversity and the different ways of life the area offers.

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    The inland Laos is just like a lost paradise in Southeast Asia. The dense virgin forests, the quaint temples, the unique traditional alms-giving ceremony and the friendly people, all are pristine and engaging, and are waiting here for your discovery.

  • 4 Itineraries

    Travel to Myanmar, a country with ancient civilization in Southeast Asia, will bring you a different experience and idea of pleasant surprises. Primitive natural scenery, peaceful Buddhist monasteries and unsophisticated folkways all remind us a pristine era.

  • 12 Itineraries

    Nestled in Himalaya Mountains, Nepal attracts travelers with breathtaking landscape, snow-capped peaks and fantastic eye-catching panoramic view. It is also an old pilgrim holy land with hundreds of temples and pagodas.

  • 12 Itineraries

    India, one of the Four Countries of Ancient Civilization, once created the brilliant Indian civilization. Come here for a boat ride on River Gangs, visiting the Taj Mahal by sunrise, and the City Palace of the Jaipur Maharaja …

  • 5 Itineraries

    Hailed as the "Tears of the Indian Ocean", Sri Lanka is a country boasting abundant heritage sites, stunning mountainous sceneries and beautiful beaches. The specially designed holiday tours take you to study the Buddhist culture and savor the natural beauty of this kingdom.

  • 5 Itineraries

    Bhutan is a tiny and isolated country, but also the happiest country in Asia. It has many surprises and a trip to the country is like stepping into a world that you thought existing only in storybooks or your imagination.

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    A tour to North Korea or DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) will unveil this famous but mysterious country. Go for a visit to the land with a different social system and explore the beautiful scenery in the northern Korean Peninsula.

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    With many beautiful islands, Indonesia becomes an ideal place for tropic and coastal sightseeing. The most popular island is Bali. With rich culture and charming sceneries, Bali is a heaven on land for joys and holiday.

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    Reputed as the holy land, Pakistan is a multiracial Islamic country full of various historical sites and cultural relics. Just follow us to experience the unique religious culture and make friends with friendly local people.

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    Both nomadic culture and urban civilizations exist in Mongolia. This miraculous land offers wonderful Naadam Festival, amazing Gobi desert, breathtaking nature beauty and special Buddhist culture. Join us to make your dream adventure happen!

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