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Quick Guide on China Train
Two methods: book with online agency indefinitely in advance (at least 20 days prior to departure); purchase at a railway Station with your original passport 18 days in advance.
Two ways: have the tickets delivered to a hotel you reserved in China; pick up by yourself at a railway station with your original passport and order number.
D and G types are recommended for a journey less than 8 hours; otherwise, take soft sleeper on other types.
First or second class? - First class seats are spacious and offer larger legroom, but of course are more expensive than second class seats.
Tickets can be refunded or changed both before and after the issuing of paper tickets. While a lost ticket can only be refunded after the train journey.
44 pounds (20 kg) per person, with the total length of each item cannot exceed 160 cm (63 inches).
Is the toilet on board squatted or seated? Do they broadcast in English? Can I deposit my luggage at the station?
  What's On
Bullet Trains Start Running Between Chengdu and Emeishan via Leshan
5 pairs of bullet trains have started running between Chengdu and Emeishan (famous for Mt. Emei) with a stop at Leshan (well known for Giant Buddha) since December 20th. The duration from Chengdu to Leshan has been shorted to about 70 minutes, from Chengdu to Emeishan to about 90 minutes, and from Leshan to Emeishan to 17 minutes. The second class ticket fare between Chengdu and Leshan is CNY 54, between Chengdu and Emeishan CNY 65, and between Leshan and Emeishan CNY 11.

China Plan to Build A High-speed Railway Connecting Western and Eastern Europe
Information from the meeting held in Belgrade on December 16th, China is planning to build a super-long high-speed railway line connecting Balkan and China to better use the ports and railway lines in Middle and Eastern Europe. The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2017.

In fact, China also plans to build high-speed railways in other parts of the world. In South Asia, the railway line connecting China and Thailand has been approved by Thai government and will start to be built in 2015; in future, this line will pass through Malaysia and run into Singapore. In Europe, the Romanian government has approved China to build a railway track in their country; China, Hungary and Serbia will cooperate to build a railway between Hungary and Serbia. In Africa, China and Nigeria have signed a contract to build the railway connecting Lagos and Calabar. In South America, China is trying its best to get the high-speed railway contract from Mexico; a railway from Peru to Brazil and connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic is under plan. The railway line to North America via Russia is also under preparation. Hope that China's advanced high-speed railway technology will make great contributions to the whole world.

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