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Quick Guide on Train Travel in China
  • How to buy tickets?Two methods: book with online agency indefinitely in advance (at least 60 days prior to departure); purchase at a railway Station with your original passport 58 days in advance.
  • How to collect tickets?Two ways: deliver to a hotel you reserved in China; pick up by yourself at a railway station with your original passport and order number.
  • Which type of train and which class to choose?High speed types are recommended, with second/first/business class seats for short-time journeys. Soft sleepers are first choice for an overnight trip.
  • How to read a ticket?Here are clear samples and explanations teaching passengers how to read the information on a ticket, including the station names and departure time.
  • How to take a train in China?Arrive at the right station an hour before departure, go through the security check, find your waiting room, and then wait for the check in.
  • What to do if refund, change or lose a ticket?Tickets can be refunded or changed both before and after issuing. While a lost one can only be refunded after the journey.
  • Tips on Travel during HolidaysDon't let the holiday crowd spoil your trip. Follow our guide to wisely avoid the travel peaks such as the Chinese New Year and National Holiday.
  • Weight & Size limit for carry-on luggage 44 pounds (20 kg) per person, with the total length of each item cannot exceed 63 inches(160cm).
What's On
High Speed Trains Running Between Zhuhai and Beijing/Guilin Put Into Operation
Guangzhou Railway Corporation declares that high speed trains D924/3 and D2368/7 will be put into operation since November 28, 2015. The tickets have been on sale from 15:00 on November 23.

D924/3 runs between Zhuhai and Beijing West Station at night, departing every Friday to next Monday, with a ride of 11 to 12 hours. The ticket for an upper berth is CNY 999, for a lower berth CNY 1190, and CNY 779 for a second-class seat.

D2368/7 operates daily between Zhuhai and Guilin North Station and the whole journey takes about four hours. The ticket is priced at CNY 207.5 for a second-class seat.
Train Tickets for 2016 Spring Festival Travel Rush to Be on Sale
Based on the past experience, it's estimated that the 2016 Chinese New Year travel rush will start from January 24th and end on March 3rd. As passengers can now book tickets 60 days ahead of time, the tickets for the travel rush will be available from November 26th, 2015. The high peak to snap the tickets up is predicted to arrive at the beginning of December. Passengers are advised to book a ticket as soon as possible if they intend to travel during the rush time.
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