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Quick Guide on Train Travel in China
  • How to buy tickets?Two methods: book with online agency indefinitely in advance (at least 60 days prior to departure); purchase at a railway Station with your original passport 58 days in advance.
  • How to collect tickets?Two ways: deliver to a hotel you reserved in China; pick up by yourself at a railway station with your original passport and order number.
  • Which class to choose?Hard sleeper VS Soft Sleeper, First Class VS Second Class, detailed introduction here will give you some hints on how to choose the proper one.
  • Which type of train to take, K, T, Z, D, or G?D and G types are recommended for a journey less than 8 hours; otherwise, take soft sleeper on other types.
  • How to read a ticket?Here are clear samples and explanations teaching passengers how to read the information on a ticket, including the station names and departure time.
  • What to do if refund, change or lose a ticket?Tickets can be refunded or changed both before and after issuing. While a lost one can only be refunded after the journey.
  • How to take a train in China?Arrive at the right station an hour before departure, go through the security check, find your waiting room, and then wait for the check in.
  • Weight & Size limit for carry-on luggage 44 pounds (20 kg) per person, with the total length of each item cannot exceed 63 inches(160cm).
What's On
Dezhou-Dajiawa Railway in Shandong Province Completed
On September 28th, 2015, Dezhou-Daijiawa segment along Dezhou-Longkou-Yantai Railway in Shandong Province has been completed. From then on, 17 cities in Shandong Province have been covered by railway network. The 159-mile (257-kilometer) segment starts from Huangheya Station, an intersection with Beijing-Shanghai Railway, running through Dezhou, Jinan, Binzhou, Dongying, and ends with Dajiawa Station in Weifang City. Three pairs of trains for passenger and six pairs for freight will be adopted on this rail.
Temporary Trains to Be Adopted During Mid-Autumn Day and National Day Holidays
Due to the travel rush caused by the upcoming Mid-Autumn Day (Sept. 27) and National Day Holiday (Oct. 1 to 7), seven pairs of temporary trains are to be adopted, including a pair between Beijing and Shanghai (Z4013/4), a pair between Beijing and Baotou (K4123/4), a pair between Beijing North and Chifeng (K4769/70), two pairs between Beijing and Qinhuangdao (D4519/20, D4521/2), a pair between Beijing and Tangshan North (K5245/6) and a pair between Beijing and Zhangjiakou South (K5251/2).

In addition, the departing time of D901/2, D903/4, D909/910 and D927/8 running between Beijing West and Shenzhen North, and D921/2 and D923/4 running between Beijing West and Guangzhou South is to be adjusted during the two holidays. For the most up-to-date schedule, please search our website.
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