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Travel China Guide - a leading China-based tour operator provides an up-to-date schedule, and a ticket book- ing service for most Chinese cities.

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Railway Ticket Identity Verification
Chinese railway ticketing website, carries out identity verification since March 1, 2014. Foreign passengers have to do the verification at railway stations by presenting their original passport before purchasing or collecting paper tickets. Read How the New Policy Brings Trouble to Foreign Travelers.

Buy: According to the verification policy, foreigners need to have their passport checked and buy tickets at stations. The official ticketing website and ticket offices in cities or airports do not provide verification service to foreign passengers. For foreign visitors who plan to book tickets before arriving in China, you can only book with travel agencies like TravelChinaGuide.

Collect: After booking with a travel agency, foreign passengers are still required to do identity verification at railway stations with their original passport before they get paper tickets. Thus, train tickets must be collected by passengers themselves at railway stations, delivery service is currently unavailable.

Cancel & Change: Tickets booked with the official website can be changed or cancelled online before passengers get paper tickets. Paper tickets can only be changed at railway stations by presenting passengers' original passports; original passport is not required for paper ticket cancellation at stations.