Shanghai - Hangzhou High Speed Train

Currently, there are about 130 pairs of high speed trains running daily between Shanghai and Hangzhou. With such a dense schedule and the shortest travel time of 45 minutes, it feels like traveling by metro within one city. These bullet trains are operated at different railway stations in both cities. Carefully choose the stations close to your staying places before booking a ticket. 

Basic Facts of Shanghai - Hangzhou High Speed Trains

 Open Date: October 26, 2010

 Distance: about 200 km (124 mi)

 Shortest Duration: 45 minutes

 Operated at: Shanghai / Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Hangzhou / Hangzhou East Railway Station

 Stations: Shanghai, Shanghai Hongqiao, Songjiang South, Jinshan North, Jiashan South, Jiaxing South, Tongxiang, Haining West, Yuhang, Hangzhou East, Hangzhou

Shanghai - Hangzhou High Speed Railway Map
Shanghai-Hangzhou High Speed Train
High Speed Locomotive

Shanghai to Hangzhou High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Feb 21, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G134107:32 - 08:310h59m
G750509:00 - 09:540h54m
G733512:30 - 13:290h59m
G753914:15 - 15:140h59m
G751915:52 - 16:510h59m
Around 130 departures in total: departure time from 06:00 to 21:30; duration from 49M to 1H42M.
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 (Last Update on Feb 21, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G753008:39 - 09:380h59m
G750811:31 - 12:270h56m
G734813:12 - 14:040h52m
G730814:48 - 15:470h59m
G751816:26 - 17:250h59m
Around 130 departures in total: departure time from 06:00 to 22:39; duration from 51M to 1H45M.
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Note: The timetable is for reference only. For real-time schedule, please search for it by the tool on top of the page.

Ticket Fare of Shanghai - Hangzhou High Speed Trains

(Last Update on Feb 21, 2019)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
G trainsCNY 219.5 - 278.5
USD 33 - 41
CNY 117 - 147.5
USD 17 - 22
CNY 73 - 92.5
USD 11 - 14
D trains---CNY 89
USD 13
CNY 46.5 - 56
USD 7 - 8


Entrance to Shanghai Railway Station
Entrance to Shanghai Station
Shanghai-Hangzhou High Speed Train
Platform at Hongqiao Station

Which station to choose / How to go

  Shanghai Hongqiao:
It is located far from the city center and close to Hongqiao Airport. If one arrives by flight at Hongqiao Airport, this station is a good choice to depart from or arrive at.
By Bus: 316, 320, 941; Hongqiao Lines 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; Airport line 1
By Subway: line 2

 Shanghai Railway Station:
If one lives in the urban area, it is more convenient and time-saving to use this station. However, there are only 2 pairs of high speed trains operated here each day.
By Bus: 13, 63, 64, 78, 95, 104, 106, 109, 113, 115, 117, 140, 301, 302, 305, 308, 310, 315, 322, 324, 328, 329, 744, 573, 723, 817, 823, 837, 845, 927, 929, 930, 941, 942, 948, 955, 962, 963, Xinchuan Special Line, Hutang Special Line, Nanxin Special Line, Shenchuan Special Line, Xinjia Special Line, Airport Line 5
By Subway: line 1, line 3, line 4

 Hangzhou Railway Station:
The station is located in the prosperous urban area, close to West Lake, Wulin Square and the clothes market. It is very convenient to get here, either by subway or bus.
By Bus: Y2, 3/K3, 7, 11, 21, 39, 49, 88, K156, 210, 222, 225, 276, 300, 528
By Subway: line 1

 Hangzhou East Station:
It is a little far from the city center, but it is connected by subway and city buses, too. Also, it has more bullet trains.
By Bus: B4, 9, 20, 28, 31, 33, 43, 48, 105, 106, 123, 179, 215, 224, 227, 228, 297M, 320
By Subway: line 1

 Yuhang Railway Station
It is located even further from city center. Although connected with subway line 1, it is not advisable to use this station unless one is going to or leaving from Yuhang District or its nearby areas.

Regular Trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou

In addition, there are 43 pairs of them running between Shanghai South Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station/ East Railway Station, even in late night. The duration is about 1.5 - 3.5 hours. The most expensive ticket fare for soft sleeper is CNY 157.5, for hard sleeper CNY119.5, and for hard seat CNY28.5; while the cheapest ticket fare is CNY153.5, CNY115.5, and CNY24.5 for soft sleeper, hard sleeper, and hard seat respectively.

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    Posted on Feb. 05, 2019
    Your service was excellent and the train journey is comfortable and a real pleasure. Thank you.
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    Thank you for your support and service in delivering train tickets to our hotel. All went very smoothly and tickets were delivered on time at the hotel.
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    My booking experience with TravelChinaGuide for high speed travel in China from Shanghai to Hangzhou and back could have not been better. When I arrived at my hotel, the tickets for my party were there waiting for me. There could not have been a more worry free experience through the entire process.
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    The tickets were delivered to the hotel in advance of my arrival. The tickets were as requested and everything went well. Good Job!
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    Everything was perfect, the train had 30min delay but that was not a problem. The business class seats were very comfortable and worth every penny...
    Getting the train ticket was also not a concern. I got it from a different train station than the one I was traveling from. But for non experienced travelers(non Chinese speaking) I would be better to have someone accompanying them until they board the train. Thx again.
    United Kingdom (Great Britain)
    Posted on Jan. 05, 2019
    This is the first time we have used the high speed trains in China (it's our fourth trip, and previously we used ordinary trains, including sleepers). We were very much impressed. For one return journey, Shanghai to Hangzhou and back, we booked on line with you, from the USA. The on line booking site was well designed and easy to use. We asked for the tickets to be delivered to our hotel, and were anxious that they should be, so we spoke to you about that. You reassured us, and indeed all the tickets were delivered as requested. Your service was excellent, thank you.
    As to the trains: We found the information board at Hongqiao station easy to understand (in both English and Chinese) when we arrived to board. With a ticket, you need only arrive about 30 minutes before departure (unless you like anxiety!). The relevant waiting area was clearly indicated, and there was no pushing or shoving to get on the train. The ticket clearly shows your carriage number and your seat number. The train stops at a precise point at the platform, where your carriage is located. So people line up in an orderly fashion for each carriage. The seats are comfortable, and there is ample room for carry-on baggage. And it covered the 100 miles in one hour! And they run every 15 minutes, roughly...and long trains can carry over 1000 passengers. The ones we rode on appeared to be full. It is an excellent system. We also went to Suzhou, booking this time at the office in Hongqiao station. We booked three days before our trip, as seemed to be necessary judging from the small number of seats remaining on your web site when we booked our Hangzhou trip from the USA, and from the absence of empty seats on the trains. No problem with booking (need to show passport). Again, a smooth journey, exactly on time. Conclusion: the system is moving very large numbers of people very efficiently, and in an orderly manner. It is far less polluting than using cars on roads. We repeat: very impressive indeed. By the way, the Shanghai Metro is really good too!
    Roberto Murayama
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    I booked a return ticket for the bullet train between Shanghai and Hangzhou. I was very satisfied by the overall services provided by travelchinaguide. I was impressed by professionalism and dedication by Ms. Josey Zhao. She sent link about how to take a train with pictures with some useful hints booked the ticket one week before, paid swiftly by pay pal, and received the tickets from the hotel staff when I checked in in Shanghai.
    Buying a bullet train ticket being a foreigner has many hurdles starting with communication. The bullet train itself was comfortable and departed and arrived on time. The services and trains have improved since I rode them some 7 years ago.
    I highly recommend using travelchinaguide services when buying a train ticket in China.
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    I had to make multiple reservations for trains: high-speed and a sleeper-train. Therefore I had several e-mail contacts with the agency, wich was always kind and very helpfull. Some trains weren't available and there was always a good advice for alternative train.
    - no problems with collecting tickets at trainstation at all.
    Very helpfull is the e-mail with tips How to board the train and the working of the stations. Also the trains are always on time! I agree that you should calculate some time for the security-checks.( every time you enter a station and some trainstations are very crowded)...More
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    The process of ordering and receiving the train tickets for transport in China was efficient, prompt, and enjoyable. The website was easy and clear to navigate in English. Email communication was always friendly and responsive. I received the real paper train tickets in an envelope on my day of arrival at my first hotel in Shanghai as promised. Thank you for the reliable service. It helped to make my journey in China hassle-free and pleasurable.
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