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Why travel in a small group with us?

1 We have decades of experience with operating China group tours and more than 20,000 happy clients to back our success.

2 Lowest price guarantee! We promise that no travel agency can compete with us on both price and service for our best small group tours. Due to the increasing number of travelers with us each year, we are able to maintain good relationships with our cooperating hotels and with the airlines that give us their best offers. These allow us to keep our prices low. In addition, we insist on cutting advertising costs to avoid them impinging on our prices, and we are offering holiday tours directly to clients, thus avoiding hidden 'middle-man' charges.

3 Top quality service guarantee! Our elite team of English-speaking guides is well trained and versed in Chinese culture and history, and is committed to revealing the genuine China to you. Our selected hotels ensure you have a comfortable stay and offer you convenient transportation. Our A La Carte meals will enable you to experience real Chinese food.

4 Group size of 2 to 18 persons provides a perfect combination of attention to detail coupled with flexibility. We keep them small to ensure authentic cultural experiences and a pleasant intimacy that exists in small-group travel. One can get more individual attention.

Book with us and you will travel with ease and have fun and that's a promise!

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We are never beaten on price and quality! Should another operator offer an identical itinerary at lower cost please contact our Sales Director and we will match it.
2017 & 2018 Small Group Tours (2 to 18 persons) 26 Itineraries
China Small Groups
FAQs on Small Groups
  • SG01
    8 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai from $829

    See the three most iconic Chinese cities with sweeping views of the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Shanghai Bund and many other highlights. This is the most popular and all-inclusive escorted China tour with the best deals for years of 2017 & 2018!

  • SG02
    11 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai  from $1159

    Besides the golden cities in the popular itinerary SG01, Guilin with its Li River cruise is another highlight of this itinerary. Driving around rural Yangshuo adds a different flavor. Both 2017 and 2018 departures and prices including domestic airfares are available.

  • SG03
    14 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Yangtze River Cruise - Shanghai from $1909

    What to plan on a 2-week-long first trip to China? Climb the Great Wall in Beijing, marvel at the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, indulge in the Li River scenery in Guilin, cruise along the Yangtze River, and see the old and the modern Shanghai. You will get more than you expect.

  • SG04
    11 Days Beijing - Xian - Yangtze River Cruise - Shanghai from $1509

    In addition to the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army, we also design the relaxing Yangtze cruise and metropolis Shanghai into this itinerary. What a value-added experience to enjoy the picturesque Three Gorges of Yangtze and the modernized cityscape in Shanghai.

  • SG05
    9 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin from $899

    Following visits to the historic sites, let's shift gears and enjoy the landscape scenery in Guilin. It will take you to escape from the bustling city when you cruise on the Li River. After Guilin, you will have the flexibility to plan individual visits to any of your preferred cities.

  • SG06
    6 Days Beijing - Xian from $599

    The ancient cities travel focuses on the capital Beijing and then the historic Xian. After traveling in Xian, we intend to leave enough time for you to deeply explore the city or plan the further trip to other cities.

  • SG07
    4 Days Beijing from $289

    Beijing Group package at the most competitive price! The famous and splendid historic attractions are just the essential part of the trip. Exploring the old Hutong by rickshaw and enjoying a brilliant Kungfu Show redound to your visit a cultural experience of a lifetime.

  • SG08
    9 Days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu from $1069

    After you admire a good selection of cultural heritage, your group travel continues to Chengdu, where you are able to see the lovely giant pandas up close. We design this itinerary as an open-ending in Chengdu so that you can choose an onward destination as you wish.

  • SG09
    16 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Chengdu - Yangtze Cruise - Shanghai from $2429

    A perfect vacation presenting the most amazing part of the country! Historical legacies, cultural treasures, picturesque landscape, lovely Giant Pandas and bustling metropolis are all showcased in this itinerary. It lives up to all your expectations of a great China holiday.

  • SG10
    14 Days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Yangtze Cruise - Shanghai from $2049

    You will learn the long history and rich culture of the ancient Beijing & Xian, have a close contact with giant pandas, soften and scent your body from head to toe on the Yangtze cruise and reach the last destination, Shanghai during this discounted China group tour.

  • SG11
    14 Days Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Yangtze Cruise - Shanghai from $2909

    The ancient holy land of Tibet and a relaxing Yangtze River cruise highlight a memorable vacation that also includes the golden triangle cities of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. A good deal covering all internal airfares is waiting for your participation.

  • SG12
    6 Days Beijing - Shanghai from $579

    Taking a high-speed train from the ancient capital Beijing to the international metropolis Shanghai is a new experience to travelers. This popular and economical way of traveling will add more joys and bring happy memories to your holiday.

  • SG13
    11 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Hong Kong from $1439

    Different from ancient capitals Beijing and Xian, Guilin boasts its breathtaking landscape along Li River and peaceful rural scenery in Yangshuo. The extension to diversified Hong Kong will make your China group tours more leisurely and freely.

  • SG14
    11 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Chengdu from $1359

    Beijing and Xian are two world renowned historic and cultural cities that should not be missed, but the most spellbinding point of this trip is to combine two dreaming destinations Guilin and Chengdu. No one can resist the charms of Li River and adorable pandas.

  • SG15
    11 Days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Shanghai from $1449

    With a perfect combination of the golden cities Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and the giant panda’s hometown Chengdu, this top quality 2017 China tour itinerary is specially designed for those who dream to see pandas at the closest distance.

  • SG16
    11 Days Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Shanghai from $2469

    Based on our best-selling group package SG01, we incorporate Tibet into this itinerary. You will explore the world’s most mystical and spiritually holy land, visit the majestic Potala Palace, and meet the hospitable Tibetan people with their unique folk customs.

  • SG17
    9 Days Beijing - Xian - Lhasa from $1789

    In all our escorted group packages, you will have a chance to visit a local family in Xian and learn how to cook some Chinese dishes at your choices. This trip ending in Lhasa is designed for your deep exploration of Tibet and Nepal.

  • SG18
    10 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Hong Kong from $1399

    A terrific holiday combination with discounted prices! Begin in the brilliant imperial capital Beijing, transit through historic Xian to the most prosperous metropolis Shanghai, and finish at Hong Kong, a city that makes everyone feel intoxicated.

  • SG19
    14 Days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Lhasa - Shanghai from $2899

    Pandas in Chengdu have a lot of fans. After visiting the significant sites in Beijing and Xian, you will come to Chengdu to see the lovely giant pandas. Then follow us on a Buddhist pilgrimage to Tibet, and conclude the trip in charming Shanghai.

  • SG20
    9 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai from $1079

    As you visit the three best cities of China, Suzhou is a great addition with an easy access from Shanghai. It is an ideal destination for relaxation. You will enjoy the cultural aura and charming landscape at the elegant classical gardens.

  • SG21
    10 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou from $1259

    On the basis of the route SG20, we extend the trip to Hangzhou by high speed train. Covering the historic landmarks and picturesque scenery, this discounted itinerary fulfills your holiday plan. Special Chinese food cooking class at a local family adds much pleasure to the trip.

  • SG22
    10 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Mt. Huangshan from $1389

    Not only can you admire the prized historical legacies like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army, but enjoy the great natural beauty of Mt. Huangshan. It is said that every bit of sceneries on Mt. Huangshan is worth painting.

  • SG23
    12 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Kunming - Lijiang from $1679

    This journey is filled with diverse traveling experiences. Explore the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army, enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Li River, and wander through the bewitching Lijiang Old Town as well as observing the lives of local ethnic minorities.

  • SG24
    16 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Hanoi - Halong - Danang - Hoian - Hue - Mekong Delta - Saigon from $2879

    We present the most outstanding tourist spectaculars from China to Vietnam: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Hanoi and Saigon. Each city is unique and full of cultural atmosphere. Join us in sampling a great mixture of diverse histories, culture and traditions.

  • SG25
    15 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Chiang Mai - Phuket - Bangkok from $2969

    Join the adventure that encompasses the highlights of China and Thailand. Experience the unforgettable imperial Forbidden City, majestic Great Wall and amazing Terracotta Warriors before going to tranquil Chiang Mai, tropical Phuket and bustling Bangkok.

  • SG26
    12 Days Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Guangzhou - Siem Reap from $2069

    Admiring some significant wonders of the world including the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, and the Li River in China, as well as the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, this affordable tour brings us memories forever.

  • Group Tours Starting from Shanghai

    Profound history and dynamic fresh appearance have won Shanghai a great number of travelers. Besides, as a busy global transportation hub, Shanghai links almost the major cities of all countries. Given that, let's make Shanghai the starting point of your escorted China group tour.

  • Group Tours Starting from Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, with its favorable geographical location, has long been a highly popular travel destination as well as one of the chief gateways to mainland China. We offer a selection of popular group packages starting from Hong Kong to help you experience the real China.

  • 2019 Small Group China Tours
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FAQ on China Small Group Tours
Why your prices are quite lower than other tour operators?
Here are some facts that we offer excellent services in tours while maintaining lower prices.

First and foremost, our website has long been in the top three hits on major search engines like Google since we offer comprehensive and useful content, as well as accurate and up-to-date travel information. The organic ranking has saved us huge advertising expense, thus enabling our products more competitive.

Secondly, we are offering tours directly to clients, not through the third party who builds the price up by 20% higher as customary. In this case, we can avoid the middle-man charge.

Thirdly, we have been in travel E-business for 19 years, due to the increasing number of travelers with us each year, we have set up good and long-term cooperation with the hotels, airlines and many other direct suppliers, so we could always get the best price.

With these advantages, we are able to offer the clients top quality tours with the most favorable prices, and that's exactly what we do right now.
Do I need a visa to China?
A visa is needed by most visitors to China (excluding visits to Hong Kong). These are easy to obtain from the local Chinese embassy or consulate in your countries or regions. Usually visitors should apply for tourist visas (L). As your travel agency we are pleased to offer a free invitation letter to help you obtain your visa. The visa application process usually takes 5 to 7 working days. For detailed information about a visa, please consult your local Chinese embassy or consulate.
What are the main differences between small group and private tours?
We are a reliable, highly respected and well-reputed China tour operator. We specialize in both escorted small group and private vacations.

Our small groups are best for those who are eager to see the most popular venues in China. We make every effort to make you feel like part of a friendly family and get the utmost enjoyment from your trip. Meeting like-minded people is exciting, but making lifelong friends is a great bonus of group travel.

A private trip is run exclusively for you, your family or friends and no other people. You may choose an ideal pre-made private itinerary on our website, or we can customize one in line with your specific wishes. All arrangements are flexible to fit your travel style.
How many people will there be on a small group?
Unlike those agencies catering for groups of 25 to 30 clients, our group size is 2 to 18 people. It is our belief these smaller groups ensure that members get maximum enjoyment from their trip and have a more meaningful interaction with the guide. In 2016, our average group size was 14 people.
What is the average age of people on your group?
According to our statistics in recent years, the average age of our group travelers is estimated at 45. 60% of our customers are middle-aged and senior people, and 40% are young people. You will never be disappointed with the chat with people at your age, or make some cross-age friends.
What if I arrive early or late for the scheduled departure?
No matter how early or late you arrive, we will arrange your airport pick-up without delay. The only thing you need to do is to give us advance notice of your arrival time.

If you arrive in China a few days earlier than our scheduled group package, we can book the extra night hotel accommodation and customize private activities for you before joining the group. Likewise, you can also extend your vacation to any of your interested destination after the end of whole group trip. We can take care of everything for you if you need.

Some people may worry about being late for the group trip due to an international flight delay or change. In such circumstances, please keep us informed with the updated flight schedule. We will make all necessary alternative arrangements. Rest assured that, whatever happens, our aim is to give visitors a trouble-free holiday experience.
Is Wi-Fi available in the hotels?
Yes, all the hotels we use have free Wi-Fi connections in the guestrooms and lobbies. However, if your trip covers a Yangtze River Cruise, the cruise company usually charges extra fees for using Wi-Fi onboard.
Can I bring my children and how do you charge for my children?
Sure, children are always welcome to join our top quality China tours. We quote prices for children according to their age. A child under 12 years old can enjoy great discount on the adult fare on the land service charge and domestic airfares. Travelers aged 12 and over will be charged as adults.

For infants under 2 years old, we only charge the necessary infant airfares. But if your trip includes a Yangtze River cruise, you need to pay an extra percentage of the cruise fee for the baby according to the cruise company's policy.
What airlines do you use during the trip?
In the main, we book internal air tickets from the four largest Chinese airlines including Air China, Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, all which have good safety records. Their service quality, competitive internal airfares and world-class aircraft have made reliable choices.
Can I book my own hotel if I travel with your group?
Sorry, this is not going to work. Our itineraries are all-inclusive escorted packages. There will be an experienced English-speaking guide and an experienced driver in each city to serve the whole group, so all group members need to stay in the same hotel to maximize the use of sightseeing time and also benefit from the hotel group room rate.
From which countries do many of your customers come from?
Our affordable small group tours have attracted participants from a wide range of nations, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, German, Brazil and many others. Among them, the US, UK, Australia and Canada travelers account for about 75% of the total.
What time does your group start and end every day?
The full day sightseeing activity usually starts at around 08:30 and ends at about 18:00, timing may change slightly according to the season. For days with evening shows included, we may finish the day at around 21:00.
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