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Our 37 China small group tours with the best deals all year round cater to the individual traveler, couples, seniors and small groups alike, allowing one and all to experience China in all its mystery and to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.
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Top 2019/2020 Small Group Tours

More 2019/2020 Small Group Itineraries

Small Group Escorted China Tours with International Airfare

Our best small group China tours of 2019/2020 from US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, German, Brazil and many others have attracted participants in a wide range of areas with its affordable prices. Among them travelers from US, UK, Australia and Canada account for about 75% of the total guests who join in our luxury China group tours.
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    FAQs on Small Groups

    Why your prices are quite lower than other China tour operators?

    Here are some facts that we offer excellent services in China small group tours while maintaining lower prices.

    First and foremost, our website has long been in the top three hits on major search engines like Google since we offer comprehensive and useful content, as well as accurate and up-to-date travel information. The organic ranking has saved us huge advertising expense, thus enabling our products more competitive.

    Secondly, we are offering tours directly to clients, not through the third party who builds the price up by 20% higher as customary. In this case, we can avoid the middle-man charge.

    Thirdly, we have been in travel E-business for 20 years, due to the increasing number of travelers with us each year, we have set up good and long-term cooperation with the hotels, airlines and many other direct suppliers, so we could always get the best price.

    With these advantages, we are able to offer the clients top quality China tours with the most favorable prices, and that's exactly what we do right now.

    Do I need a visa to China?

    A visa is needed by most visitors to China (excluding visits to Hong Kong). These are easy to obtain from the local Chinese embassy or consulate in your countries or regions. Usually visitors should apply for tourist visas (L). As your travel agency we are pleased to offer a free invitation letter to help you obtain your visa. The visa application process usually takes 5 to 7 working days. For detailed information about a visa, please consult your local Chinese embassy or consulate.

    What are the main differences between small group and private travel?

    We are a reliable, highly respected and well-reputed China tour operator. We specialize in both escorted group tours and private vacations.

    Our small group China tours are best for those who are eager to see the most popular venues in China. There is a wide choice of discounted itineraries with fixed departure dates in our comprehensive group tour list giving the best deals for the years of 2019 & 2020. We make every effort to make you feel like part of a friendly family and get the utmost enjoyment from your trip. Meeting like-minded people is exciting, but making lifelong friends is a great bonus of group travel.

    A private trip is run exclusively for you, your family with seniors or children, or friends and no other people. You may choose an ideal pre-made private itinerary on our website, or we can customize one in line with your specific wishes. All arrangements are flexible to fit your travel style.

    How many people will there be on a small group?

    Unlike those agencies catering for groups of 25 to 30 clients, our group size is 1 to 18 people. It is our belief these smaller groups ensure that members get maximum enjoyment from their trip and have a more meaningful interaction with the guide. In 2018, our average group size was 14 people.

    What is the average age of people on your group?

    According to our statistics in recent years, the average age of our group travelers is estimated at 45. 60% of our customers are middle-aged and senior people, and 40% are young people. You will never be disappointed with the chat with people at your age, or make some cross-age friends.

    What if I arrive early or late for a small group tour?

    No matter how early or late you arrive, we will arrange your airport pick-up without delay. The only thing you need to do is to give us advance notice of your arrival time.

    If you arrive a few days earlier than our scheduled group package, we can book the extra night hotel accommodation and customize private activities for you before joining the group. Likewise, you can also extend your vacation to any of your interested destination after the end of whole escorted group package. We can take care of everything for you if you need.

    Some people may worry about being late for the trip due to an international flight delay or change. In such circumstances, please keep us informed with the updated flight schedule. We will make all necessary alternative arrangements. Rest assured that, whatever happens, our aim is to give visitors a trouble-free holiday experience.

    Is Wi-Fi available in the hotels?

    Yes, all the hotels we use for 2019 and 2020 group tours have free Wi-Fi connections in the guestrooms and lobbies. However, if your China group tours covers a Yangtze River Cruise, the cruise company usually charges extra fees for using Wi-Fi onboard.

    Can I bring my children and how do you charge for my children?

    Sure, children are always welcome to join our top quality China group tours. We quote prices for children according to their age. A child under 12 years old can enjoy great discount on the adult fare on the land service charge and domestic airfares. Travelers aged 12 and over will be charged as adults.

    For infants under 2 years old, we only charge the necessary infant airfares during the guided China tour. But if your trip includes a Yangtze River cruise, you need to pay an extra percentage of the cruise fee for the baby according to the cruise company's policy.

    What airlines do you use during the trip?

    In the main, we book internal air tickets from the four largest Chinese airlines including Air China, Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, all which have good safety records. Their service quality, competitive airfares and world-class aircraft have made them reliable choices.

    Can I book my own hotel if I travel with your group?

    Sorry, this is not going to work. Our small groups are all-inclusive escorted China tours. There will be an experienced English-speaking guide and an experienced driver in each city to serve the whole group, so all group members need to stay in the same hotel to maximize the use of sightseeing time and also benefit from the hotel group room rate.

    What time does your group start and end every day?

    The full day sightseeing visit usually starts at around 08:30 and ends at about 18:00, timing may change slightly according to the season. For days with evening shows included, we may finish the day at around 21:00.
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      4.8658 Reviews
      Walter Schimmerling and Karen Handford
      Posted on September 24, 2019
      Travel China Guide provided a superb service that could not have been better, at a reasonable price. (The fact that they accept PayPal payment is an additional convenience we appreciated.) We would book another tour with them again or recommend them to any of our friends, enthusiastically and without hesitation.

      We started planning our trip about a year ahead, which allowed us to book our travel at favorable rates, qualify for trusted traveler programs, apply for visas, and learn as much as we could about the places we would visit without time pressure.

      Our group consisted of 11 people, all English-speaking, and highly compatible. All hotels provided superb service and all the restaurants chosen were equally excellent.

      From the beginning, Wendy Lee was a reliable point of contact, superbly professional and promptly responsive, despite the 12-hour time difference. She helped us adjust the itinerary to meet our requirements, and solved any issues before they became problems, for example, booking bullet train tickets from Yichang to Shanghai when airline schedules changed, leaving no afternoon flight. We were pleased to meet Wendy in Xi’an, where the travel agency is headquartered, and it was hard to believe that this charming young lady was also the seasoned professional travel consultant who had organized our tour so well.

      There was a tour guide at each stop in our tour, and the handoffs from one to the other were managed seamlessly. All tour guides were likable, friendly, and pleasant, but, at the same time, thoroughly professional and knowledgeable about their part of the tour. There was a spread in age and physical fitness in our group, and every tour guide made patiently sure that everyone was safe and comfortable enjoying each of our excursions.

      We appreciate the friendly care provided by our tour guides: Maggie in Beijing, Jacky in Xi’an, Tracy in Chongdu, Jeff in Chongqing, Nina on the Yangtze river cruise, Wendy at the Three Gorges Dam, Billy in Yichang, and Mulan in Shanghai and Suzhou. Each one of them contributed to making our experience, as they might say, very wonderful.
      ... More
      Robin Rodsumrit
      United Kingdom
      Posted on October 14, 2019
      We were deeply touched by the enthusiasm of the guides on our China tour. Candy, our Beijing guide, was outstanding and had a high sense of responsibility. She guided us to take Hutong rickshaw to visit Beijing. It was wonderful to see how the local people lived and worked. Her explanations were great! Our guides in Shanghai and Xi’an were also excellent, considerate and warm-hearted. Thank them for bringing me a wonderful trip!
      Talles Krieger
      Posted on October 09, 2019
      We were very happy with this China tour! All the itineraries and explanations were excellent and amazing! The guides were considerate and responsible and tried their best to meet our demand. We were extremely satisfied with their hard work and I would like to have another trip to China in the future!
      Diana Bear
      Posted on October 07, 2019
      Our China tour in Xi’an was extremely fantastic and we took our child to feel the origin of Chinese history. He liked China very much and had known some Chinese history. Xi’an was a city with a profound history and he was very happy and couldn’t wait but visit it. We were lucky to meet a brilliant and enthusiastic guide and his spoken English was very well. There was no obstacle for us to communicate. We were surprised at his rich knowledge reserve, from the ancient Silk Road and the ancient civilization to the policy of the Belt and Road. Our child was attracted and always asking him more questions and he answered in a patient manner. Our China tour was full of joy and we had much fun! Thank the guide for his kind and considerate support! ... More
      Lawrence Chow
      United States
      Posted on September 28, 2019
      This time I had a trip to China with my Mom and we met an excellent tour guide, Celine. We spent a great time in Xi’an and she brought us many good memories and great happiness! The itinerary she planned for us was very reasonable and considerate! Her explanations were profound and interesting! It was a really great experience to walk into this city and know about its past! During this trip to China, we had viewed many beautiful highlight spots and acquired much interesting knowledge about China! Thank Tina for her attention to detail! We really enjoyed our time! ... More
      Astrid Jenkins
      Posted on September 28, 2019
      The guide Celine on our China tour was professional and her explanations were in detail. On the bus, she had introduced some knowledge about the streets of Beijing to us. The way Chinese people to name a street was so interesting! What’s more, the schedule was well planned and we well missed the rush hour! It was a totally great trip!
      Posted on September 26, 2019
      We thought that all of our tour guides were very well-informed and did a very nice job of showing us the key highlights of each city (Beijing, Xian, and Guilin) that we visited. We never had to wait long to get into various attractions. They were also very helpful when someone had a problem (i.e. finding a pharmacy) and when others left the tour early to go to another destination (i.e. getting the transportation lined up). They also lent a personal touch to the tour by giving us more information about current daily life in China and an insight into their personal lives. The transportation from city to city went smoothly including having someone meet us when we came into Beijing's train station and having someone take us to the train station in Xian when we left for Hong Kong. The hotels we stayed in were good, but the rooms had a "tired look" to them, with worn carpeting, cracked bathroom floors, and woodwork that needed to be redone. However, we didn't spend much time in the rooms. The meals that were provided on the tour were adequate, and we certainly didn't walk away hungry. Overall, this was a very good tour for the money. ... More
      United States
      Posted on September 26, 2019
      We were lucky enough to meet such an excellent guide Linda on the China tour! It was our first trip to China and there would be a second trip, a third trip... Linda was brilliant, talkative and had a good character. And her spoken English was pretty good and we communicated with each other pleasantly. We had visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Both of them were must-see attractions in Beijing. They looked magnificent!!!
      Anthony Freestone
      Posted on September 24, 2019
      I booked a private China tour and my itinerary covered many famous views in Beijing, including Tiananmen Square, the Mutianyu Great Wall and the Forbidden City. I liked the Forbidden City very much and it was an epitome of Chinese imperial history. It was amazing! My guide also recommended some local specialties to me and they were delicious. The guide was very kind and warm-hearted and gave me much help. I was expected to have a trip to China again!
      Sanjay Dandia
      Posted on September 20, 2019
      I discovered TCG through web search. I started planning & negotiating our vacation with multiple agencies in USA. Also, since my parents from India were going to go with us & we had special food requirements, I was talking to some tour agencies in India as well. TCG was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and customizing our trip. We had special needs (strictly vegetarian food, wheel chair, group of 8 from 10 yr old to 80 yr old, etc). I was also very nervous about making a wire transfer to pay for the trip. I preferred credit card but eventually TCG convinced me to wire transfer. To my surprise, TCG confirmed the payment of funds within 24 hrs. We were extremely pleased with our guides in all cities. They spoke very good English & were knowledgeable about the places we visited. Each one of them had a unique and personal approach which gave us a good cultural experience. They were extremely helpful in meeting all our needs. They received us at the airport and were with us until we boarded the flight for the next city. Restaurant choice in each city was excellent and we enjoyed the food in each & every place. TCG delivered what they had promised. ... More
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