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Our 35 China small group tours with the best deals all year round cater for the individual traveler, couples, seniors and small groups alike, allowing one and all to experience China in all its mystery and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.

Top 2019/2020 Small Group Tours

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Small Group China Tours with International Airfare

Our best small group China tours from US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, German, Brazil and many others have attracted participants in a wide range of areas with its affordable prices. Among them travelers from US, UK, Australia and Canada account for about 75% of the total guests who join in our luxury China group tours.

FAQs on Small Groups

Why your prices are quite lower than other China tour operators?

Here are some facts that we offer excellent services in China small group tours while maintaining lower prices.

First and foremost, our website has long been in the top three hits on major search engines like Google since we offer comprehensive and useful content, as well as accurate and up-to-date travel information. The organic ranking has saved us huge advertising expense, thus enabling our products more competitive.

Secondly, we are offering tours directly to clients, not through the third party who builds the price up by 20% higher as customary. In this case, we can avoid the middle-man charge.

Thirdly, we have been in travel E-business for 20 years, due to the increasing number of travelers with us each year, we have set up good and long-term cooperation with the hotels, airlines and many other direct suppliers, so we could always get the best price.

With these advantages, we are able to offer the clients top quality China tours with the most favorable prices, and that's exactly what we do right now.

Do I need a visa to China?

A visa is needed by most visitors to China (excluding visits to Hong Kong). These are easy to obtain from the local Chinese embassy or consulate in your countries or regions. Usually visitors should apply for tourist visas (L). As your travel agency we are pleased to offer a free invitation letter to help you obtain your visa. The visa application process usually takes 5 to 7 working days. For detailed information about a visa, please consult your local Chinese embassy or consulate.

What are the main differences between small group and private travel?

We are a reliable, highly respected and well-reputed China tour operator. We specialize in both escorted group tours and private vacations.

Our small group China tours are best for those who are eager to see the most popular venues in China. There is a wide choice of discounted itineraries with fixed departure dates in our comprehensive group tour list giving the best deals for the years of 2019 & 2020. We make every effort to make you feel like part of a friendly family and get the utmost enjoyment from your trip. Meeting like-minded people is exciting, but making lifelong friends is a great bonus of group travel.

A private trip is run exclusively for you, your family with seniors or children, or friends and no other people. You may choose an ideal pre-made private itinerary on our website, or we can customize one in line with your specific wishes. All arrangements are flexible to fit your travel style.

How many people will there be on a small group?

Unlike those agencies catering for groups of 25 to 30 clients, our group size is 1 to 18 people. It is our belief these smaller groups ensure that members get maximum enjoyment from their trip and have a more meaningful interaction with the guide. In 2018, our average group size was 14 people.

What is the average age of people on your group?

According to our statistics in recent years, the average age of our group travelers is estimated at 45. 60% of our customers are middle-aged and senior people, and 40% are young people. You will never be disappointed with the chat with people at your age, or make some cross-age friends.

What if I arrive early or late for a small group tour?

No matter how early or late you arrive, we will arrange your airport pick-up without delay. The only thing you need to do is to give us advance notice of your arrival time.

If you arrive a few days earlier than our scheduled group package, we can book the extra night hotel accommodation and customize private activities for you before joining the group. Likewise, you can also extend your vacation to any of your interested destination after the end of whole escorted group package. We can take care of everything for you if you need.

Some people may worry about being late for the trip due to an international flight delay or change. In such circumstances, please keep us informed with the updated flight schedule. We will make all necessary alternative arrangements. Rest assured that, whatever happens, our aim is to give visitors a trouble-free holiday experience.

Is Wi-Fi available in the hotels?

Yes, all the hotels we use for 2019 and 2020 group tours have free Wi-Fi connections in the guestrooms and lobbies. However, if your China group tours covers a Yangtze River Cruise, the cruise company usually charges extra fees for using Wi-Fi onboard.

Can I bring my children and how do you charge for my children?

Sure, children are always welcome to join our top quality China group tours. We quote prices for children according to their age. A child under 12 years old can enjoy great discount on the adult fare on the land service charge and domestic airfares. Travelers aged 12 and over will be charged as adults.

For infants under 2 years old, we only charge the necessary infant airfares during the guided China tour. But if your trip includes a Yangtze River cruise, you need to pay an extra percentage of the cruise fee for the baby according to the cruise company's policy.

What airlines do you use during the trip?

In the main, we book internal air tickets from the four largest Chinese airlines including Air China, Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, all which have good safety records. Their service quality, competitive airfares and world-class aircraft have made them reliable choices.

Can I book my own hotel if I travel with your group?

Sorry, this is not going to work. Our small groups are all-inclusive escorted China tours. There will be an experienced English-speaking guide and an experienced driver in each city to serve the whole group, so all group members need to stay in the same hotel to maximize the use of sightseeing time and also benefit from the hotel group room rate.

What time does your group start and end every day?

The full day sightseeing visit usually starts at around 08:30 and ends at about 18:00, timing may change slightly according to the season. For days with evening shows included, we may finish the day at around 21:00.
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    5.016 Reivews
    Posted on January 17, 2019
    The trip was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. Everything went well and our guide was good. Thanks very much for Abbey’s help - we really appreciated her quick and professional arrangements.
    Trevor Matthews
    Posted on January 12, 2019
    Summing up -
    We are fairly experienced travelers. We consider TCG to be one of the most competent and experienced we have ever seen and we congratulate for their excellent services. We would certainly choose TCG again and recommend it to anyone.

    Specifically -
    1. The time spent in each of the cities and venues was well balanced. They had tried to introduce a Chinese home and the occupants to us and this was very different and interesting. A bit more in Shanghai would be useful - we added an extra day.

    We comment on the entertainment arranged - As you know we thought that an acrobatic show should be left out. Late in the piece they substituted Kung Fu dancing. We found this to be a world class presentation by highly skilled people and a very talented producer - it was a highlight.

    2. Meals were all excellent and we could not single any one place as better than another. Our recollection was that we had a smorgasbord style meal in Xian which was not so palatable and stood out because others were so good.

    3. Guides were very good and tried hard to please and worked long hours. All were knowledgable of their cities and language (English) was suitable - some were better than others. We rate Candy from Beijing as an outstanding employee.

    4. Generally drivers had little to do with us, but vehicles were clean and in good order, except for one vehicle which kept stalling perhaps due to driver mishandling. We cannot remember which city not Beijing or Shanghai. Candy's driver was also high on our list as a good ambassador.

    5. We consider that you have chosen excellent hotels for value. Breakfasts were universally good.

    6. The Yangtze tour was worth every penny and the trip would have been much lessened without it, especially the 3 gorges locks.

    Thanks for the great service and the photo frame gift.
    ... More
    Posted on January 07, 2019
    I really enjoyed the holiday - thank you Travel China Guide for making all the arrangements, and ensuring that everything went smoothly. I had asked for the holiday of a lifetime and that is what I received. The hotels chosen were very comfortable, the guides were helpful and friendly, especially Betty and Flora. The itinerary was not too overwhelming, and had a good variety of places of interest, and I had time to relax as well. Many thanks again. I will have to start saving up for a return visit. ... More
    Posted on January 04, 2019
    We were very satisfied with the tour. The guides,namely Selina and Lily are very expert.Very helpful both of them. The hotels were magnificient.We strongly recommend this tour!!!We will never forget this trip because of you guys!!!
    Stephanie M
    Posted on January 03, 2019
    How professional and thorough the service was from the first time I emailed our agent Ruby for information about a visit to China.

    After our vacation, it took us a few days to recover but we are now swapping photos over the internet with the friends we made during our wonderful journey. It was everything we expected and more! Travelchinagide must be one of the most organized, efficient and experienced companies in the world.

    Our family was quite worried about us because we arranged our route over the internet -- not through a Canadian group-- and because most people do not know enough about your country. (Even Jack was a little worried) But we both agree, it was the BEST tour we have ever been on. The accommodation, tour buses, inter-country flights, meals, the sites, guides and information was all 5-star in our estimation. Our guides spoke excellent English. They were knowledgeable, warm, energetic people clearly there to serve us. Candy, Lilly, Rebecca, Betty, Rachael, all smart, happy people. We were taken by the pride they had in their country, their tour town, their jobs and their families. We especially liked the bit of insight they gave into their own lives and background.

    Even though one glitch arose when our cruise was cut short, we enjoyed the alternative tour. Thank you to tcg for making 5 star memories!! We plan on returning to China.
    ... More
    Martin & Clement
    Posted on January 01, 2019
    Back to Paris, I owe this company and my travel consultant a lot of thanks for the outstanding service which was offered us during our journey in this exceptionally amazing country. I will not forget this and, most probably, when I come back (with my second grand-son) I will call upon their service again.
    Camille L
    Posted on December 29, 2018
    First of all, we congratulate Travel China Guide on an excellent, well organised and interesting trip. Their services have been super, from meeting us at the airport until our final destination.

    We were lucky to join a group of various nationalities, we became a big family. As everybody was on time, so we had enough time for the sightseing spots. Meals at all restaurants was with a wide selection of choices, so we never went hungry even if we don't like such kind of food. I enjoyed the Dumpling banquet in Xian. The hotels were very comfortable and had an excellent breakfast. The guides have been very knowledgeable and helpful. Drivers have been very kind and kept buses clean.

    Surely we recommend Travel China Guide to everybody who like to visit China. We are grateful for their kind assistance.
    ... More
    Carol O
    Posted on December 25, 2018
    We were extremely happy with the trip that the agency arranged for us, it was certainly one of the best holidays that we have had! All of the arrangements were great and all of the guides were very helpful, special mention to Carol in Xian (whose idiomatic English was great and her jokes better!!). While this was our first trip to Mainland China, we are already thinking of a return visit and our first choice would be the small group tour with Travel China Guide. We have many, many fond memories, and very few comments aimed at improvements. We loved the Chinese restaurants and the food, perhaps a few restaurants could be chosen that weren’t strictly for tourists. We will definitely be recommending Travel China Guide to our friends. The other people on our tour were a pleasure to be with as well. Thank you very much for the great job in organizing a holiday that we will never forget!!!!!!! ... More
    Danielle Oshiro
    Posted on December 23, 2018
    Em outubro viajei com minha mãe e uma amiga para a China com a Travel Guide e ficamos muito satisfeitas com todo o serviço prestado.
    Minha agente de viagem foi Abbey Cheng que mesmo com menos de 30 dias para a viagem, me atendeu sempre prontamente, respondendo sempre os meus e-mails com todas as informações solicitadas. Esclarecendo todas as dúvidas em detalhes. Agendou quarto triplo conforme solicitei. Respondeu minhas solicitações inclusive durante a viagem via WeChat. Providenciou uma comemoração de aniversário inesquecível para minha mãe (que completou 76 anos) e minha amiga, sendo esse o motivo da nossa viagem. Nunca esqueceremos! Agradeço imensamente à Abbey pelo atendimento prestado.
    Providenciaram excelentes hotéis com café da manhã farto, inclusive com opção de alimentos estilo ocidental.
    As refeições inclusas no pacote foram muito bem servidas, atendendo as restrições e preferências individuais.
    Voos internos devidamente agendados conforme prometido.
    Transporte para os passeios em van ou ônibus de boa qualidade conforme o número de turistas. Comprei uma passagem de trem com a empresa para um trecho não incluso no pacote e deu tudo certo. Recebi a passagem e viajei sem problemas.
    Visitamos os principais pontos turísticos em cada cidade, sempre com guias experientes de inglês fluente. Recebemos uma avalanche de informações sobre cultura, história e cotidiano de cada local que passamos. Uma aula em cada lugar!!! Maravilhoso!!
    Os guias foram muito solícitos, atenciosos, pacientes e sempre com muita informação e cuidado com os turistas. Deram dicas preciosas inclusive para o tempo livre. Um agradecimento especial à Linda Xie, nossa guia em Beijing, onde iniciou nossa viagem. Sempre com um sorriso no rosto, ela foi capaz de aproximar os participantes do grupo que eram de diferentes países, nos chamando de “Linda’s Family”! Linda tornou nossa viagem mais especial ainda. Mais do que uma guia, tornou-se uma amiga.
    Agradeço a Travel China Guide por essa viagem tão especial. Já avisei meus amigos que estão planejando conhecer a China para irem com essa empresa.

    I travelled to China in October with my mom and a friend to celebrate their birthdays and I’m glad I found Travel China Guide.
    My travel agent was Abbey Cheng who even with less than 30 days to go, always answered me promptly, responding to my emails with all the information requested. Clarifying all doubts. During the trip she was in contact through WeChat. She booked us a triple room as requested and provided an unforgettable birthday celebration for my mother (who turned 76) and my friend. We'll never forget! Thank you Abbey!
    The company provided us excellent hotels (5 stars) with good breakfasts, including some western-style food.
    The meals included in the package were very well served, catering to individual restrictions and preferences.
    Inside flights properly booked as promised.
    They provided van or bus according to the number of tourists and were clean and comfortable. I bought a train ticket with the company and everything went well. I received the ticket and traveled without problems.
    We visited the main sights in each city, always with experienced guides of fluent English. We received an avalanche of information about culture, history and daily life of each place we went. A lesson everywhere!!! Wonderful!!
    The guides were very helpful, attentive, patient and always with lots of information. They gave precious tips even for free time. Special thanks to Linda Xie, our guide in Beijing, where we started our trip. Always with a smile on her face, she was able to approach the participants of the group that were from different countries, calling us "Linda's Family"! Linda made our trip even more special. More than a guide, she became a friend.
    Thanks to Travel China Guide for such a special trip!
    ... More
    Barbara B
    Posted on December 21, 2018
    Had a great time. Wonderful staff and good time of the year to go.
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