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Comprehensive China travel information on destinations, attractions, transportation, weather, maps to help you achieve an unforgettable trip!
Follow us to explore the popular attractions and discover the essence of the heritage left by nature and history to this ancient oriental realm.
Over 5,000 years of fascinating history endows China with a profound culture, penetrating in every aspect of people's life…
Real time weather forecast and detailed climate data by month of major Chinese cities.
What is the normal procedure upon arrival in Beijing International Airport?
Transfer procedures → pass through the Transit Inspection in special passage → go to International Departure Level at 2F of T3-E → accept Security Inspection → go through the customs sample check of hand baggage if necessary → Waiting & Boarding.
The New York Times Travel Supplement has named our company as being in their opinion a large and reliable Chinese travel agency.

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Dear all,

We could not be happier with your travel consultant Wendy, she has taken great care of my family and friends for almost three years now, I haven't counted them all but maybe a dozen trips or more. She is fantastic, I won't work with anybody else, she does great work. She is a real asset to your team. 


Nov 11, 2019