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Comprehensive China travel information on destinations, attractions, transportation, weather, maps to help you achieve an unforgettable trip!
Follow us to explore the popular attractions and discover the essence of the heritage left by nature and history to this ancient oriental realm.
Over 5,000 years of fascinating history endows China with a profound culture, penetrating in every aspect of people's life…
Real time weather forecast and detailed climate data by month of major Chinese cities.
I am planning to go to the Yellow Mountain in April, is it a good time to visit?
Yes, it is. In April, the temperature is comfortable and all scenic areas there are open to the public. You can have a good time. However, you'd better check the weather in advance in case it rains or showers.
The New York Times Travel Supplement has named our company as being in their opinion a large and reliable Chinese travel agency.

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Feb 20, 2017

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