China Visa

China Visa

China Visa Types

  • Tourist (L) Issued to aliens who are going to PRC for tourism.
  • Business (M) Issued to aliens who are going to PRC for business and trade activities.
  • Student (X) Issued to aliens who are going for study, furthering studies.
  • Work (Z) Issued to aliens who are going for a post or employment.
  • Transit (G) Issued to aliens who are going to a third country in transit of PRC.
  • Private Visit (S) Issued to family members of foreigners residing in China for work, study, etc.
  • Family Reunion (Q) Issued to relatives of Chinese citizens or foreigners with permanent residence permit residing in PRC.
  • Noncommercial Visit (F) Issued to aliens who are invited to a lecture, scientific-technological & cultural exchanges, study tours, etc.
  • Talent (R) Issued to high-level personnel and much-needed highly talented people.
  • Crew (C) Issued to crewmembers involving international-based transportation by trains, airway and ships and their accompanying family members.
  • Resident (D) Issued to aliens who are going to reside permanently in PRC.
  • Journalist (J-1, J-2) Issued to foreign journalists for the purpose of reporting from PRC.


Do you need a visa to travel to China?

If holding an ordinary passport, you need to apply for a visa for China unless you are covered by China’s visa exemption policy, such as the 24/72/144 hours visa free transit schemes, Hainan 30-day visa-free access, visa exemption for tour groups meeting certain requirements, and visa-free entry for holders of APEC Business Travel Card. It’s worth mention that nationals of countries which have reached mutual visa-exemption agreements with China, like Singapore, Brunei, Japan, Qatar and Armenia, can also enjoy free entry to China. Those who hold a Chinese Temporary Residence Permit don’t need a visa for China either within the Residence Permit’s validity.

How to apply a visa for China?

 Step 1: Read the application requirements carefully and collect all required documents.

 Step 2: Visit the Chinese embassy or consulate in charge of your residence district and submit the application documents. In countries where there are Chinese Visa Application Centers (CVASC), you may need to go to the CVASC. Mail service in some countries is available.

 Step 3: Pay the fee and collect your passport and visa on the date shown on the pick-up slip. If you use mail service, just wait for your mail.

China Embassies

Chinese Embassy in Washington DC, USA
Chinese Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
Chinese Embassy in London, UK
Chinese Embassy in Canberra, Australia
Chinese Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand
 More Chinese Embassies and Consulates
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Questions & Answers on China Visa
Asked by Angelina from RWANDA | Mar. 29, 2021 02:06Reply
Anyone overstayed
Hello guys
So if u overstayed your Chinese visa for one year and surrendered, the officers at the local psb gave you t visa receipt and told you they will contact later for jail punishment because of the long period. Ps. No fine was required.
Would like to know if they were actually serious and did someone face similar situation? Thank you for your answers
Answers (1)
Answered by Fiona from CHINA | Apr. 06, 2021 02:15

I think they are serious...
Asked by Diego from ITALY | Mar. 21, 2021 23:14Reply
Married to a chinese citizen. Can I get an M visa within China?

I am married to a Chinese citizen.
Can I apply for a Q1/Q2 visa from within China? Can I then convert the Q1/Q2 visa to an M visa from within China? My customers don't allow me to sign agreements on a non-business visa because of legal reasons.
Answers (2)
Answered by Pauline | Mar. 29, 2021 01:41

Yes, it's possible to convert the Q1/Q2 visa to an M visa from within China.
Answered by Diego | Mar. 30, 2021 07:56

The Police told me it's not possible to get an M visa from within the country.
Asked by Susan Bradley from CHINA | Mar. 17, 2021 21:46Reply
Expat Retirement/Permanent Resident Status
I have been in China for over 5 years, and plan to be here at least till 2024. I am currently 58 (63 when my 5yr residency permit expires)... due to my age, will I be limited for how long I can remain here? Also, how can I earn, apply for Permanent Resident status here? I am beginning to plan for my eventual retirement in my 70's and am planning accordingly for my investments/retirement accounts. is it possible for an expat to retire here in China?
Answers (1)
Answered by Leona | Mar. 29, 2021 01:54

If you can get a permanent residency, it's possible to retire here in China. You can contact the local exit and entry administration to see if you are eligible.
Asked by SM from SM | Mar. 02, 2021 20:25Reply
Visa Overstay
Hi I have overstay by 63 days and I will turn myself in om March 10. I am a student due graduation 2022. I want to ask if it possible to be made to pay a fine and given a second chance to finish school/I will be deported right away without given any chance to appeal.
My reason for overstay is irrelevant to the authorities because I am told that they are ruthless.
Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards
Answers (2)
Answered by ZALA | Mar. 04, 2021 13:40

Answered by Larry | Mar. 07, 2021 23:47

I think you will be asked to leave the country within 10 days if there are flights.
Asked by Bryan from MEXICO | Mar. 01, 2021 03:34Reply
Change visa from X2 student to z work
Hi I'm currently living in china to study chinese in this semester, but I received some job offers to work in summer, Can I change my visa without leaving the country? I'm in Shanghai
Answers (1)
Answered by Elena | Mar. 07, 2021 23:46

Yes, it is possible.
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