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China Tour Packages

China City Packages
  • Beijing Tours
    44 Itineraries

    Beijing, symbolizing the great country, is the best place that can not be missed when planning your China tour packages.

  • Xian Tours
    37 Itineraries

    Xian, the home of the world renowned Terracotta Warriors and Horses, becomes one of the best China tour destinations for travelers.

  • Shanghai Tours
    39 Itineraries

    Shanghai, "Paris of the Orient", is the largest metropolis city. You can experience a perfect combination of ancient and modern here.

  • Guilin Tours
    16 Itineraries

    Guilin, a city with the best scenery under heaven, presents to you its elegant mountains and waters like the fairy Li River.

  • Chengdu
    12 Itineraries

    A private China travel package in Chengdu, the hometown of the giant pandas, will endow you with the chance of a close contact to these cutest creatures.

  • 12 Itineraries

    Visit Kunming and Lijiang, covering the highlights of the Stone Forest, Tiger Leaping Gorge and the ethnic minorities.

  • Hong Kong
    29 Itineraries

    Hong Kong is an international metropolis featured with world-class architecture, a quick pace of life and modern entertainment style.

  • Lhasa
    5 Itineraries

    Lhasa is the political and spiritual center of Tibet. It has numerous heritage sites telling history, culture & art of this region.

  • Chongqing
    8 Itineraries

    Featured with Dazu Grottos, Zoo with pandas, Chongqing is the starting port of the Yangtze River Cruise.

  • Dunhuang
    1 Itinerary

    Go to Dunhuang, a city encircled by desert to visit the Mogao Grottoes and experience the camel riding.

  • Guangzhou
    4 Itineraries

    Guangzhou offers marvelous scenes and entertainment paradise, as Pearl River and Chimelong Resort.

  • Haikou
    4 Itineraries

    With beautiful sunshine, coastal water, coconut trees and soft sand, Haikou abounds in natural seaside beauty.

  • Hangzhou
    5 Itineraries

    Hangzhou is called the world's most beautiful and splendid city by Marco Polo. It deserves its reputation as "the heaven on the earth."

  • Harbin
    5 Itineraries

    Harbin, a city in northern region, is renowned as the "Ice City." It provides spectacular views of the ice lanterns and snow sculpture.

  • Hohhot
    3 Itineraries

    Hohhot is full of ethnic flavor. Enjoy the local minority's singing and dancing on the vast grassland and stay at Mongolian tents here.

  • Huangshan
    4 Itineraries

    Featured with the elegant Mt. Huangshan and picturesque Hongcun and Xidi Villages, Huangshan is an appealing destination.

  • Jinan
    2 Itineraries

    A "City of Springs," Jinan is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. 72 springs are scattered throughout the city.

  • Lanzhou
    3 Itineraries

    As a city along the ancient Silk Road through which the Yellow River passes, Lanzhou boasts historic relics and a brilliant culture.

  • Luoyang
    2 Itineraries

    Luoyang is proud of its long history and ancient culture with the famous Longmen Caves and Shaolin Temple here.

  • Pingyao
    1 Itinerary

    As a world cultural heritage site, Pingyao is a typical example of Chinese ancient cities in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

  • Suzhou
    1 Itinerary

    Suzhou becomes visitors' new lover for holiday featuring by its elegant gardens, nearby water towns and the brilliant embroideries.

  • Qingdao
    2 Itineraries

    Surrounded with red tiles, verdant trees, and architecture of different countries, Qingdao is an appealing seaside city for relaxing.

  • Shenzhen
    3 Itineraries

    Due to its unique location, Shenzhen is regarded as the back garden of Hong Kong.

  • Urumqi
    4 Itineraries

    Urumqi is a treasure land in the northwest. The hospitable ethnic people usually welcome guests with dancing and singing.

  • Taiwan
    4 Itineraries

    Taiwan is advancing rapidly, but it never loses its traditional culture. Join our private Taiwan tours to experience all the diversity of the region.

  • Independent Travelers
    23 Itineraries

    For travelers with adventure spirits, we design the independent China travel routes for them to explore more hidden treasures at their own pace.

As most of the direct international flights from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, India, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries will land in Beijing and Shanghai, we'll be glad to arrange your transfer to where you'd like to take a private city package.
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