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Three days in this Lijiang vacation package are sufficient for an in-depth exploration to Lijiang old town and should include attending a Naxi musical performance and observance of the Naxi life style highlighted by their hard working women.
In this 5-day Lijiang tour to Shangri-La, you can catch sight of both the humanistic landscape of Lijiang Old Town and Songzanlin Monastery, and the natural scenery of Tiger Leaping Gorge.
This hiking tour not only provides you the natural landscape of lofty mountains and high ranges covered with lush verdant trees, but also shows the spectacular panorama of the precipitous Tiger Leaping Gorge.
Take this Lijiang day trip to see the significant scenery of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as well as its plateau meadows and deep valleys; you will also be astonished by the Impression Lijiang Show performed by a cast of local peasants against the snow mountain.
Following this leisure 5-day itinerary, you will not only have a glimpse of local lifestyle at Lijiang Old City, Baisha Village and Shaxi Ancient Town, but also feel the solemnity of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, appreciate sculptures and carvings at Shizhongshan Grottoes, and drift on Erhai Lake by boat.
Follow our guide to set out for an exciting hiking tour to the upper part of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, to feel the power of the turbulent Jinsha River when it roars through the deep valley.
The picturesque Lugu Lake has attracted numerous visitors from home and abroad every year. Here, please follow our guide to have a boat ride on the lucid lake and also get to know the unique customs of the local Mosuo people.
Follow the guide in this Lijiang tour itinerary to explore plateau meadows, glacierss and a few Tibetan villages. You can also immerse yourself in the charming views of Lijiang Old Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkey Nature Reserve…
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    4.910 Reviews
    Posted on October 14, 2019
    I was able to remain in direct contact with the tour company and be sure of our plans for the day. The tour guide picked us up right at our door and spoke amazing English. The driver was also very kind. We had a great time, and the lunch was phenomenal! Would definitely recommend.
    Posted on October 08, 2019
    During the whole trip, I enjoyed myself very much! The Lijiang Ancient Town surrounded by the river and mountain is a perfect vacation destination for us with colorful local ethnic customs and many kinds of entertainment activities. It has a history of almost a thousand years. I had fallen in love with this beautiful place! The tour guide was humorous and the driver was responsible. They all afforded us a comfortable and pleasant trip! There was no compulsory shopping for the whole trip. All in all, my family had a good time and was very satisfied with this Lijiang tour! ... More
    Sophy Lind
    United States
    Posted on September 16, 2019
    The tour guide had a good attitude and took good care of every tourist. I took my two sons for this tour. They had a good time and I felt very happy. China is really beautiful and we will visit it again!!!
    Posted on September 11, 2019
    It was the first trip to China and Lijiang was the first stop of my trip. I was pleased I chose TravelChinaGuide. The overall arrangement of the 5 Days Lijiang to Shangri-La Tour was thoughtful and in place. The tour guide was responsible and considerate to the tourists. Besides, the food, accommodation and transportation were also satisfactory!
    Posted on September 02, 2019
    The guide thoughtfully provided some hot water, portable oxygen cylinders and some medicine for us when we climbed the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It was a pity that I had an altitude reaction and felt uncomfortable, but she gave me special care all the way. I was deeply grateful for her help!
    United States
    Posted on August 28, 2019
    Fascinating folk customs and historical culture of Lijiang had been introduced by the professional guide all the way. It was really interesting and meaningful! I wanna say that every scenic spot was beautiful and deserved a deep visit! Really worthy of this trip! Very recommended!!! The next stop I am going to Xi'an and TravelChinaguide will still be my choice!
    Shelby Dauner
    Posted on August 19, 2019
    The guide was so gracious for every visitor to extend such warm hospitality! She did a perfect job on this trip! Besides, the scenery was so attractive that I would like to have a visit again!
    Laura Hiti
    Posted on August 14, 2019
    Lijiang was a beautiful and amazing city with rich ethnic customs. This Lijiang trip was definitely worthwhile!
    Audrey Manley
    Posted on August 06, 2019
    The 3 days Lijiang Tour was very satisfying. I had to say that I chose a perfect travel company, TravelChinaGuide. The customer service, the tour guide, and the driver were all pretty enthusiastic and patient. Vera provided efficient customer service before my trip. The driver did a pick-up on time. The hotel was very comfortable and the meal was delicious. The reasonable itinerary was also provided. Overall, this trip was very cost-effective and I was really enjoying it!
    Marie Vargas
    Posted on July 31, 2019
    The guide gave us an introduction to local customs and culture, which was very interesting and expanded my view to a great extent. All in all, the whole trip was satisfactory and meaningful! The scenery of Lijiang is so beautiful that I will visit it again. Of course, I will continue to choose TCG!!!