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Being the largest Continent on earth, Asia offers a variety of destinations. All our Asia tours contains sample itineraries for your trip inspiration. However, if they are not to your liking, simply tell us your plan and let our specialists customize an Asia trip to your heart's desire.
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Asia Travel Tips
Is language barrier a serious problem when traveling in Asian countries? Under the premise that the language impediment is avoided by taking a guided tour, can tourist still gain the original and authentic travel experience?
To some extent, language barrier will not become your first concern when traveling in Asian countries as long as the places you visit are modern metropolis or hot travel destinations but not some remote areas. Taking guided Asia tours will make your holiday less trouble, especially for the first-time visitors. Well, you can still get the most authentic and original travel experience. Most travel routes collect the essence of tourism products. Besides, the historical, cultural and religious spots are quite dense, so an Asia vacation package with a brilliant guide always enables tourists to learn more behind the sightseeing.
Are there dress codes when visiting the temples or mosques in Asian countries?
Proper dress code is really important when visiting religious sites, and most of them have specific rules about the dressing. Tourists are not expected to dress officially or decently, but they are not allowed to enter with too much exposure. Clothes like vest, sun-top, shorts, skirts, see-throughs and slippers should be avoided. In some temples or mosques, visitors need to take off shoes or put on turbans. Usually there will be cloaks or turbans for free-picking or rental near the entrance.
Can I pay US dollars on what I want to buy? Where can I exchange money?
US dollars cannot be used for all Asian countries, but the credit card can be accepted in shopping malls, and the money will be deducted in local currency according to the intraday exchange rate. You are advised to exchange small amount cash in your local bank before entry if you take an Asia tour itinerary. And after your arrival, you can find ATMs and currency exchange sites at the airport and hotels. You can also go to banks for money exchange.
Malaria is transmitted by mosquito bites, should I pay extra attention when traveling to Southeast Asia?
In Southeast Asia, Malaria occurs not as frequently as that in some African countries. You do not need to be overly sensitive about that. Tourist may get affected by mosquito bite, so just prepare some mosquito repellent liquid and rub it on your exposed body parts. Meanwhile, pay attention to your dinning safety and personal hygiene.
Can I find western-style washroom easily when traveling in Asia?
Well, it depends. In most public places of the Asia countries, the washrooms with squatting pots are still kept and served, but the western-style washrooms are more widely used now. In most shopping malls, star hotels and fancy restaurants, you can have access to the western-style washroom, but in places like parks, bus stations, scenic spots, more squat are utilized. As for densely populated countries, washrooms with squatting pots are more sanitary than western-style ones in crowded places. In addition, we suggest you take a roll of toilet paper or a pack of handkerchief tissue with you as local people get used to carrying toilet paper along in their pocket or handbags.
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