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From archaeological sites to stunning coastline, Turkey never disappoints you!
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Straddling two continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a richly historical land with mixed cultures of Islamic and European.
Planning your perfect Turkey tours to popular destinations including Istanbul, rural Cappadocia region, Gallipoli, Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale and amazing Aegean coast. Professional services provided by local guides and drivers will surely enhance your travel experience.
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What to See in Turkey for My First Time Turkey Tour?

Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya and Cappadocia are major tourist cities and regions in Turkey. Istanbul is a great city with impressive architecture, historical sites and exotic foods. Izmir will present you with the best reserved ancient wonder Ephesus and the fantastic nature's masterpiece, Pamukkale. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. Antalya is a beach holiday paradise with Turkey's turquoise coast. Cappadocia has much more to discover beyond a hot air balloon ride. Usually, a Turkey Tour of 9 to 14 days is recommended if you would like to cover the most highlights.
Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Goreme Village, Cappadocia

When is the Best Time to Travel Turkey?

Western area is the main tourist region of Turkey. It has the typical mild Mediterranean climate, and the average temperatures are 9°C (48.2°F) in winter from December to next March and 29°C (84°F) in summer from June to August. April, May, September and October are the best time for Turkey tours.

Do I Need a Visa for My Turkey Trip?

Yes, most foreign visitors including American, British, Canadian, Australian must be in possession of a valid visa before entering Turkey, It is easy to obtain an E-visa online with an ordinary passport valid for at least 6 months after arrival.

But for citizens from European countries including Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal and etc. are allowed to enter Turkey without a visa.

How to Get to and Travel Around Turkey?

Airplane is the most convenient way to get to Turkey. Istanbul is the main city for international flights, and there are three airports in Istanbul: New International Airport (IST), Ataturk International Airport (ISL), and Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW). Both IST and ISL are the main airports for international flights in Istanbul. Besides Istanbul, various international airlines have regular flights to Ankara (Esenboga Airport), Izmir (Adnan Menderes Airport) and Antalya (Antalya International Airport).

Once you are in Turkey, domestic flights are the most popular way with frequent flights and at very reasonable prices. It is a good way to take the local ferry when you travel between coastal cities along Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean of Turkey. Also there are high speed trains running between Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Eskisehir for your choice.

What is Turkish Food Like?

Turkish food combines both middle-east and western flavors, it is famous throughout the world. Trying some authentic local food will make your Turkey tours perfect and unforgettable: the juicy kebabs, maybe the most famous Turkish food; Manti, a kind of Turkish Ravioli, with garlic yoghurt sauce and spices; Lahmacun, local pizza with thin crispy crust; Baklava, a popular dessert with honey since Age of Ottoman. Get started with these and learn about Turkish food culture. It will be an interesting and special part of your Turkey vacation.