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In this tour, you will fully taste the best natural beauty of Taiwan. In addition to the world-famous Sun Moon Lake, you can also be fulfilled with fascinating views by taking sightseeing train through Alishan Mountain and driving along mountain ridge and coast.
This round city tour will give you a brief introduction to the breathtaking sceneries and colorful culture of Taiwan, including Taroko National Park, Sun Moon Lake, Fo Guang Shan with its Buddhist temples, Lugang Old Town, etc. Join us and enjoy a pleasant holiday in Taiwan.
This private classic itinerary includes the most famous cities and must-see sights of Taiwan: National Palace Museum, Sun Moon Lake, Chihkan Tower, Kenting National Park, East Coast and Taroko National Park. Come and experience the variety of wonders that Taiwan has to offer.
The itinerary will take you to the most popular sites around Taipei. You will see the spectacular Yehliu Geopark, the amazing Jiufen old town, the famous Taroko National Park and the peaceful Sun Moon Lake. By taking this private tour you will make full use of your precious time to see highlights of Taiwan.
Take a journey through the heart of Taiwan including the historical Lukang, the peaceful Sun Moon Lake, the traditional Tainan, the tropical Kenting, the spectacular Taroko, the quaint Jiufen and the modern Taipei. Discovering the sensational cuisine at bustling night markets will make this Taiwan tour package more enjoyable.
On this private package tour you will see highlights of Taipei. The old Lungshan Temple, the bustling night markets, the stunning National Palace Museum, the well-know Taipei 101 Building and the traditional old streets, all could be found in this tour.
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    4.816 Reviews
    Ilan Logan
    Posted on January 16, 2021
    Conscientious tour guides and responsible drivers. Everything in this Taiwan tour went smoothly.
    Posted on August 03, 2020
    Good hotels, great meals, excellent experience of Taiwan!
    Posted on July 05, 2020
    The travel consultant Vera’s timely answers were very detailed and helped us solve many problems. We had pleasant communication. The tour guides were professional and the Taiwan scenery was super beautiful! The remainder of the first day we arrived in Taiwan was free for us to explore its charm, which was wonderful!
    Posted on June 09, 2020
    This Taiwan tour was booked on TCG for my parents. Originally I had all kinds of worries about the old people visiting to a foreign country on their own. But it turned out that the travel agency was quite a trustworthy one! My parents thought the 6 days Taiwan trip was very comfortable and leisure. They were very satisfied! The accommodations were really great, and the food was delicious as well. In addition, there were many night markets in Taiwan providing a variety of local snacks. My parents like them very much! Finally, I would like to thank TCG for elaborately planning the trip for my old parents. I will definitely use your company again! ... More
    Posted on May 11, 2020
    The itinerary was easy and not tiring! The tour guides and attractions were great! We also went to bustling night markets and go shopping in Xin Yi District. A greatly different atmosphere of the two places. The hotels were comfortable and the meals were varied and adequate. Overall, it was pretty good. Quite a fun trip!
    Posted on April 13, 2020
    Travel China Guide held a responsible attitude for our 6-day Taiwan tour itinerary! It was absolutely an interesting and enriching trip! The local driver was quite courteous and amicable, skilled in driving steadily. Our hotels were well-selected and all of them were comfortable and up to my needs.

    The guide was super professional and explained to us interesting stories of the Fisherman’s Wharf and Sun Moon Lake. We had an enjoyable time at the Sun Moon Lake where we found lovely fireflies and admired a variety of colorful fishes... so relaxing!

    All in all, we got an unforgettable trip with Travel China Guide and we would like to rate this tour as 5 out of 5.
    ... More
    Posted on March 01, 2020
    Great tours to Taiwan with conscientious guides and helpful driver! Our tour car was in good condition and the driver was very warm to drive us to any places we wanted. We had more free sightseeing time and it was really a leisurely Taiwan trip!
    Noemi Gronbech
    Posted on January 19, 2020
    Both seeing the scenery and learning about the culture and customs of Taiwan was well worth it! The tour guide was responsible and her explanations were very outstanding. She was the best guide I had ever had in China! Professional and detailed explanations both in history and natural landscapes. Overall, I was very satisfied with my memorable Taiwan tour!
    Gautam Ortner
    Posted on December 24, 2019
    We had a fun time during this tour! The tour guides were dedicated to explaining and were responsible. Here also thank the travel consultant Emily for her patient attitude to our requirements before the Taiwan trip.
    Laurie Edouard
    Posted on November 26, 2019
    The guide was really excellent with detailed and professional explanations of the famous scenic spots like the National Palace Museum and Sun Moon Lake. Our driver kept the car super clean every day. We had a nice Taiwan trip!
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